Reasons why Amazon is not working properly in Pakistan

Reasons why Amazon is not working properly in Pakistan
  • In the summer of 1994, Jeff Bezos started Amazon from his garage. The worldwide best-seller E-commerce model sold only books at that time.

    After delivering books to 50 states in the US, Bezo discovered the potential his newly launched business had. With the passing of time, Amazon started offering everything from “A to Z”. After Amazon became successful, there was a popular question on everyone’s mind. Is it true Jeff Bezos Amazon chairman top the richest man in the world? And obviously, the news headlines confirmed the fact that he is one of the richest men in the world. In today’s time, there's no hidden factor that Amazon is one of the biggest direct-to-consumer marketplaces. It won’t be wrong to identify it as an unofficial king of the E-commerce marketplace.

    Not only does it offer goods and services but it also operates warehouses in order to provide error-free products to the consumer.It allows sellers to sell new and used items. Currently, Amazon has over 9.7 million sellers worldwide located in different countries.After a very long wait, Amazon has added Pakistan to the countries allowed to sell on its marketplace in 2021. To the joy of the sellers who were desperately waiting for the country to be added to the list so they can export their products internationally.

    Right after earning the spot on the list, Pakistan became one of the top sellers on Amazon followed by China.

    One fine day I was at work, happily typing away quirky yet creative words for my blog when I received a Whatsapp message on my phone that stated in big bold letters “Amazon has blocked over 13000 seller accounts “ I was quite surprised at first. After a very long time, our hard-working nation was getting a golden opportunity to earn more profit and get their products recognized globally. The next thought that came to my mind was why amazon banned Pakistani accounts recently, what went wrong?

    After digging into the news available online and on social media, I came to know that some of the dishonest sellers were accused of committing fraud. Along with losing their seller accounts they also tarnished the fellow authentic sellers to make a living for themselves. As it has created doubts in consumers’ minds in order to make a purchase from Amazon, which led honest sellers to wonder “how can I earn from amazon in Pakistan?

    Most of these sellers belong to the cities Mian Channu and Sahiwal located in Punjab and sadly the E-commerce giant has added these two places to the fraudulent red zone. They scammed the consumers in numerous ways. These scammers can put notorious German con artist Anna Sorokin to shame.

    The Kabootar Trick

    The name may sound funny but the outcome is not. This is one of the most common ways fraudsters use to scam their consumers.They would provide fake tracking details when a customer would place an order.

    Then they would inform the customers about the delivery time to be around 2 weeks, which buys them enough time to receive their payment from Amazon in the same time frame. On the other hand, the customer is left empty-handed with no order received at their doorstep and ends up losing their hard-earned money.


    This is one of the most popular tricks across the E-commerce platform. People make accounts on dark websites in order to buy hacked credit/debit cards. When they purchase the card, all the sensitive information such as card number, expiry date, and Card Verification Number is available to misuse the hacked card. The seller then uses the card to make the purchases and resell the prepaid gift cards. This method has less chance of them getting caught by the authorities.


    The trick is somewhat complicated and difficult to understand so try to keep up with me. Only a devil’s mind has the potential to put the trick to work and gain successful results.

    Sellers get orders on their amazon accounts then they make a purchase of the things ordered by amazon’s consumers on another account like Walmart and then ship it to the original buyer using their delivery address. Orders shipped to Amazon’s consumers are returned because the same buyer receives the delivery from another seller. The clever scammers gain a buyer as well as the reimbursements from the second vendor. These were the most popular scams that fraudsters disguised as sellers pulled on amazon which led to the blockage of 13 thousand accounts in Pakistan.

    How to check if a Seller is legit on Amazon

    Amazon has a very strong security system but regardless many sellers manage to slip the crack and end up scamming thousands of consumers on Amazon. The number of scams rising with every passing day may make you wonder if Amazon is a reality or a fraud business and how effective Amazon fraud reporting is.Let us graze through a few tips and tricks that can prevent you from falling victim to a potential scam.

    Always make sure the Order is fulfilled by Amazon

    Whenever you place an order on the E-commerce giant, always make sure the product page says “fulfilled by Amazon”.As the products which have a tag of FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) have higher chances to be genuine and defect less.

    As the tag reads, the product is shipped to the amazon distribution center, where the product is checked thoroughly before dispatching to the rightful customer. If anything goes wrong, Amazon will be quick to respond and resolve the issue instantly. If the product is sold and shipped by the vendor itself, there might be a chance of receiving a defective item or an incomplete delivery.

    If the Price is too good to be True, Do not add it to the Cart

    Learn How to check if a Seller is legit on Amazon by reading about the most obvious attempted scam by the sellers. Amazon is filled with genuine sellers but unfortunately, there are clever scammers hidden among them. They are always on the hunt for naïve customers who are attracted to a discounted price.

    Amazon does put on some good discounted offers on its products. But if you spot a 50% discount on a non-amazon product, then the chances are it is a scam, and you should not add it to your cart. It is definitely a red flag that is not worth the risk.

    Look out for new accounts and Odd Spellings

    Amazon is quite strict when it comes to managing its policies for the seller. They try their best to eliminate all shady sellers so that consumers can have a safe shopping experience on the website.

    When a seller account is reported too many times, Amazon snatches away its account in order to operate further.  To avoid this from happening, such sellers don’t keep their accounts running for a long time. They keep switching accounts after every 2 to 4 weeks. Not all new accounts are dubious but they have the highest chance of being under the control of a scammer. Just like a new account, some odd spellings can be a threat too. Dishonest sellers try their best to fill their account names with weird special characters to get through Amazon’s security channel without a hassle. If you come across an account that looks like it has been written by a drunken monk then that’s your cue not to order any products from that account.

    How to Start a Business on Amazon in Pakistan without Investment

    Amazon Affiliate marketing is your savior if you are looking for a way to make money with zero investment. The process is quite simple and easy. First of all, you need to visit the website of Amazon Affiliate Marketing and sign up.

    The second step is to create pages on social media such as Facebook and Instagram and upload all your social media links to the amazon affiliate website along with the amazon products that you want to promote while working towards improving the website’s traffic.Your efforts will be rewarded with a 10% commission from the seller.This is the most effective way to learn how to start a business on amazon in Pakistan without investment.

    How Can I Earn from Amazon In Pakistan?

    The golden question springs up again, you can earn from amazon in multiple ways while living in Pakistan. With so many accounts suspended you might be concerned if Amazon is a reality or a fraud business.

    The E-commerce giant offers the most reliable Amazon fraud reporting procedure, due to which you can easily earn money from Amazon without putting much burden of investment on yourself. Here are some quick and flexible ways of earning money from Amazon

    •       Drop shipping- to create an online store without the hassle of maintaining an inventory.
    •       Amazon Handmade- for artisans worldwide who can craft beautiful handicrafts.
    •       Amazon Affiliate Marketing- Earn commission by promoting Amazon’s products.
    •       Mechanical Turk- A perfect opportunity to earn for part-timers.

    Last but not the least, I hope this blog answers all your curious questions such as why amazon banned Pakistani accounts recently or Is it true Jeff Bezos amazon chairman top the richest man in the world?

    I hope this piece of writing also helped you to understand how Amazon works worldwide and how you can prevent yourself from getting scammed by fraudsters out there.