Reliable washing machine price in Pakistan

Reliable washing machine price in Pakistan
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    Aug 21, 2020

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  • As machines and technology bring well-being and comfort in all areas of life, household chores through home appliances have become more in demand and people are more dependent on them to perform daily tasks better in less time. Washing machines are, among other household appliances are more important for effortless washing of clothes.

    Washing clothes is certainly a difficult job if it is done often manually. No matter how much one tries to escape from there, the need for clean and beautiful clothing for daily use or occasionally tends to keep one engaged in these activities. Given the need for the hour, washing machines in Pakistan have become the first choice of all housewives to facilitate the provision of uncleaned household laundry, enabling them to perform this household chore quickly and fatigue-free.

    There are numerous fully and semi-automatic washing machines available in the market. If you are going to buy a new automatic washing machine but confused which washing machine best suits your needs at home? Well, there is a large collection of washing machines, ranging from front-loading to top-loading washing machines that are available in the market. Different companies produce different types of automatic washing machines; each has its own design and features.

    We at have a good selection of high-quality washing machines that are very durable and ensure maximum results in all conditions.

    Although you find washing machines from all famous brands quite expensive, we guarantee that you will get the best reliable washing machine price in Pakistan so that you can take care of the laundry work in an efficient way.

    Automatic washing machine famous brand in Pakistan

    At present, the automatic washing machines of the following companies are available in Pakistan.





    Super Asia






    Top-5 Fully Automatic Washing Machines under Rs.45,000

    We have prepared a list of top-5 fully automatic washing machines under Rs.45,000 and it is based on our market research and gathering information over the internet. We are sure after going through these machines, your confusion will clear and you will be able to make a wise decision.

    1. Haier HWM 90-1789 Automatic Washing Machine

     (Price: 34,000 ~ 36500)

    After considering various aspects, This is the best washing machine in this budget. It has the following features:

    • 9 kg capacity
    • Quick wash
    • One-Touch Solution
    • Digital display
    • Memory function
    • Child lock
    • Fuzzy Logic
    • Spin speed (1300 rpm)
    • Anti-Bacterial Gasket
    • 10 years motor warranty
    1. Haier HWM 85-1708 Automatic Washing Machine

    (Price: 32,500 ~ 35,300)

    This washing machine stands at the second position in this list. It is a new model. It looks stunning and also has a lot of features e.g .:

    • 8.5 kg capacity
    • Quick wash
    • One-Touch Solution
    • Digital display
    • Memory function
    • Spin speed (1330 rpm)
    • Anti Bacterial Gasket
    • 10 years motor warranty
    1. Dawlance automatic washing machine (DWT-235 TB W ES)

     (Price: 34,500 ~ 37,000)

    This washing machine is equipped with OneTouch Solution and Dawlance's i-Novate Technology which selects a wash cycle, water, and detergent automatically. It has the following main features:

    • Automatic Energy Saving up to 38 percent
    • Pro Fabric Drum Design
    • Simulates motion of waves and enhance fabric life
    • Dual Water Fall boost detergent penetration even at low water levels
    • Effective Stain Removal
    • Extreme Dryer
    • 10 years motor warranty


    1. Kenwood KWM-10100 FAT Automatic Washing Machine

    (Price: 44,000 ~ 45,000)

    It is also a very feature-rich washing machine in the 10 kg category. It is comparatively costlier than the aforementioned all 3 models. It has the following features.

    • 10 kg capacity
    • LED display
    • 3D waterfall
    • With pump and 2 water inlets


    1. Super Asia SA-708 APG Automatic Washing Machine

    (Price: 30,000 ~ 31,500)

     Super Asia is a Pakistani brand that has made its place on this list. This is a very good automatic washing machine with the following specifications:

    • 8.5 kg of load capacity
    • Fuzzy logic
    • Shower wash technology
    • Energy Saver

    Large Assortment of Automatic & Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Available at Affordable Price in Pakistan

    Automatic washing machines are easy to run & come with many innovative features such as program choice, rinse mode, magic cleaning filter, wash mode, child lock, delay start, power-off memory, self-diagnostic, auto balance and much more. Owing to these high tech features & built-in sensors, these washing machines can provide a one-time stain free wash while keeping the quality of the fabric in its unique state. The electronic controls fixed in washing machines allow them to give the user a smooth washing experience every time and helping families and individuals to work with ease and comfort for clean laundry.

    The washing machines available at come in different colors, designs sizes, and set of functions to enable the user to save energy while expending a limited amount of water & detergent. In our online store, you will find numerous quantities helping you choose your machine easily by keeping your requirements in front. While buying online home appliances through, you can be very sure about the prices as our offerings have very fine rates in comparison to other physical & online stores in Pakistan.

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    Final Word 

    So, if you want to add convenience in your life then browse through our collection to check out our washing machine assortment. All machines available at come with brand warranty and perfect product information to ensure reliability to every customer.

    To catch our latest washing machines, place your order today to enjoy the best semi-automatic & automatic reliable washing machine price in Pakistan.

    Say no to dirty laundry and get your order delivered directly to your doorstep!