Revealed: Hacks to Make Your Videos Viral Online

Revealed: Hacks to Make Your Videos Viral Online
  • By now, each one of us is familiar with various videos viral online but still, we are unaware about how to make it happen. While you may browse different strategies to get your content on the top of the line, the truth is no one knows, how videos go viral. We see a lot of influencers, tiktokers, and vloggers struggling daily, as they create competitive content to achieve ONE GOAL- making their videos go viral! If you are among those, who want to gain fame on Tiktok overnight, then you must stay and read this blog. In today’s blog, we will finally reveal the top 5 hacks, that you can put into action, whether you are trying to go viral with Youtube Shorts or some other platform. But first, let’s learn what really qualifies as a viral video.
    What is a Viral Video?

    A viral video has become a common term around the household these days. Whenever you open Tiktok or Instagram, you must come across videos viral online, that have more than a million likes. But this is exactly where we are wrong. Videos that have a huge number of likes is not viral video. Actually, a viral video is one that spreads rapidly via sharing to a new audience. To sum it up,

    · A video that has maximum share
    · And is shown to a larger audience

    is known as a viral video. Here is a quick example:

    Let’s suppose you posted a video as reels on Instagram to showcase it to your 5000 followers. One of your followers, repost it as a story, exposing it to their 50,000 followers. Soon, one of their followers shares it with their 1 million followers. With such actions, Instagram detects that your video is getting more engagement than usual, and it starts serving it in Explore tab. After acquiring the place in the Explore tab, you start gaining excessive views and engagement. Congratulations, you have gone viral.
    But it isn’t that easy to discover how to make a video viral on social media. However, social media experts have discovered some quick tips which can help you achieve viral content online. Let’s explore these, shall we?

    Unique Secret Strategies Behind Viral Videos

    Content that has positive emotions is shared more

    This is sort of a cliché. Video that depicts, something funny, inspiring, or pleasantly surprising, gains more views and gets shared for the maximum of times. But sadly, in an attempt to go viral, content creators often fail to achieve this requirement.

    Content that has negative emotions should be avoided

    You can always reuse your content. It is harmless, especially if it has an optimistic approach. Whatever you do, ensure not to promote negative content, as it may harm your brand or your digital image.

    Content that has catchy music, is your ticket to the top

    Uploading content with no music is a rookie mistake. You must at all times, add trending music to make sure, that your video gains more views. If you have no idea which soundtrack is ideal, it is better to choose the one that has been used a large number of times.

    What types of videos go viral on Youtube?

    One of the most popular platforms for videos viral online is YouTube. Often people search high and low to learn how one can make their videos go viral, on Youtube. Here is a quick look at the list of types of videos, that are most likely to go viral on the popular video-sharing platform:

    · Funny video
    · Challenge video
    · Prank video
    · Educational video
    · Music video

    And here are some helpful tips to curate viral videos online on YouTube:

    Be Consistent with high-quality videos

    This is the number one rule in the world of vlogging. You need to be consistent. If you fail to be regular, then that will result in losing the audience rapidly and you certainly don’t want that. Being regular will expose you to your target audience and their preference. Another factor, that you can’t compromise on, is the quality of your video. Make sure the picture quality is top-notch, as it will motivate your users to stay connected with your channel.

    Create videos on controversial topics

    Since Youtube is a social platform, people like to raise awareness about social issues that are important to the world. Whether it’s rape, drugs, or child abuse, find a topic that is important to be talked about and make a video on it. Raising awareness will not only get you brownie points for being a good human but also increases the reach of your channel to a wider audience.

    Be aware of the trends online

    This is an obvious one. Know about the trends and follow them. Observe what your competitors are curating and how their audience is reacting to it. Keeping that in mind, follow the trends and achieve a higher chance of being viral online.

    How to make a Video viral on Tiktok and Reels?

    After YouTube, these two are the most popular social networks, where people try harder to make their videos viral. Here are some quick tips you can follow to gain a large following on these platforms:

    Create authentic content

    None of the platforms, specially Tiktok, approves of copied content. Make sure your content is 100% original and you don’t owe credit to anyone.

    Timing is a crucial aspect

    On apps like Instagram and Tiktok, timing is a crucial bit. You need to test and see when your audience is more active. Once you have discovered the right time slot, stick to it and post regularly in that slot only.

    Always follow the trends

    The core strategy to make a viral video on Tiktok and Instagram is to stick to trends. They are there for a reason, at any cost, don’t ignore them. Following Tiktok challenges is another great way of making your content super popular.

    Wrapping up with a Viral Thought

    Being viral isn’t easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of effort and research to understand what kind of content will receive more attention. Looking at the list of videos viral online, it is evident, how focused you have to be in order to gain a wider audience. Apart from the points mentioned above, it is also important, to encourage your followers to repost and save your post. As such actions encourage more likes, shares, and mentions from your audience, and that is exactly your chances of going viral are higher.