The Best Social Media Activities to perform for Brand Awareness

The Best Social Media Activities to perform for Brand Awareness
  • Your small business is naïve and delicate just like a toddler. Its sources of nourishment are awareness, marketing, and customer engagement. Having a social media account is a must these days to work on different types of ideas for brand awareness. Gone are the days, when organic marketing was enough to sustain a business’s growth. Handing out brochures, putting up billboards, and broadcasting a TV AD isn’t enough to increase sales as the competition is quite high and demanding these days.

    With the help of social media, it is easier to reach out to your audience. Social media allows you to save time and invest less effort while making a good profit for your business. To have a successful outcome from the social network, you should be aware of the techniques used to achieve the goal. Using ingenious digital marketing tools like SEO, Content Marketing and Google Ads plays an essential role in boosting customer engagement and helps you to execute brand awareness strategy as well.

    Using only marketing tools is not sufficient to provide promising results, especially for a small business. For a minor venture, you need to apply extra efforts to gain strength and a place in the market. While entering into the marketplace you should keep in mind that there are already various brands and companies that have already created their stable place by using intellectual ideas for brand awareness and are now labeled as Giants. Once you have arrived on social media, you need to generate different kinds of social media activities for brand awareness that will help you understand brand awareness facts that can act as a savior to flourish your potential million-dollar baby.

    How to Increase Brand Awareness for Small Businesses

    Without much further ado let’s talk about the most effective 5 ways of increasing brand awareness for your small business so that your endeavor is strong enough to “swim with the sharks”. The easiest ways of spreading awareness of your company are as follows:

    •       Running Advertisements on Social Media

    •       Organizing a Fun Contest

    •       Using Golden Rules of SEO

    •       Writing strong and Original Content

    •       Posting Creative Posts

    Running Advertisements on Social Media

    Starting with the most common and successful technique that not only helps you to generate sales but encourages customer interaction as well. Running an AD on social media can be the best type of investment you can ever make for your venture. Before you decide to run an AD you should decide on the platform that suits your niche in the best way possible. Remember, one of the most important brand awareness facts is that the idea is not to only create awareness, but create mindfulness for the right set of audiences.

    Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube hold different kinds of users. You need to decide which one of these has your targeted audience. Once you have decided on the network, you can start running Ads by making some important selections like geographical locations, consumer behaviors, and so on. A digital AD will not only reach your targeted customers but also will create alertness about your products and services too.


    Organizing a Fun Contest

    This is one of the most promising types of brand awareness that will increase customer interaction and bring in potential customers who are willing to purchase your business. People these days browse across social media to blow off some steam and relax. After heavy working hours, all they want to do is scroll over fun yet informative news feeds that help them to reduce the stress of their workload.

    In such situations, people love interacting with quirky yet challenging kinds of contests only. The concept of organizing a fun contest is beneficial for two reasons,

    1.     It allows your customer to relax emotionally

    2.     People love free giveaways

    So, when your page announces a contest, most likely your followers will participate and forward your link to their family and friends for them to take part in it as well. With such a brand awareness strategy, you will be receiving customer engagements by word of mouth from the sharing of the contest post and direct response from your existing followers.


    Using Golden Rules of SEO

     One of the most favorable Social Media Activities for Brand awareness is following the golden rules of SEO. This is the perfect solution to the problem of “how to increase brand awareness for small businesses”. SEO is a tried and tested formula that helps business pages to land on the first page of a Search Engine, preferably Google. It is also a marketing tool that doesn’t require you to invest much. There are millions of lectures, videos, and other content available online, through which you can self-learn its set of guidelines.

    After learning them, you can apply them to the content available on your and third-party websites to drive traffic to your business. Out of all the 5 ways of increasing brand awareness, SEO generates high traffic that provides definite results. The only slight drawback is you need to be patient while using the techniques of the digital tool as its results take time off at least 3 to 6 months to show results. Nonetheless, once the results are out, your Emails and live chats will be flooding with queries and potential conversions.


    Writing Strong & Original Content

    Words act as stronger gameplay to create awareness of your brand to the focused audience. Hiring a freelance content writer is the most affordable option for a small business. The content posted on your website or social media page acts as a major communicator between your products and the customers. The words used should be engaging, free from grammar mistakes, and narrate a story to induce a response from the consumer’s end.

    SEO and content writing go hand in hand.  While producing brand awareness content ideas you need to make sure the matter is strong and 100% original. The original bit cannot be ignored if you expect Google to rank your page and send traffic towards it. Once the content is created, you need to make sure it includes SEO-based keywords to receive satisfactory results. Apart from the digital use, the content used in Paper Ads and other kinds of commercials should be interactive, quirky, and should include a problem-solving answer to the consumer.


    Posting Creative Posts

    Try to come up with interesting and communicative topics on which you can make posts for your social media account.  Customers enjoy reading trending topics on the pages that they follow. By posting different kinds of stories on your social network, you will be able to raise the number of customer interactions and their views on your posts. Adding much-talked-about or popular hashtags in the captions is one of the types of brand awareness that boosts your posts drastically across the digital platform and allows customers to interact with them.

    While creating a post try to be creative as much as possible. Use words that hold the capability to evoke a strong discussion in the comments and encourage a lot of shares. Run Ads on the posts that are most descriptive and hold answers to common questions asked by your audience. Acquiring the right kind of brand awareness content ideas is also important for your post to get reactions from probable customers.


    A Quick Glance at other Helpful Ideas for Brand awareness

    •       Try to get Influencers on board by providing them with free products since people follow them religiously and they will most likely follow their advice too.

    •       Give freebies to customers with every purchase such as key chains or a notepad.

    •       Provide exceptional customer service, and remember the motto “Customer is always right”.

    •       Add your logo to promotional products which have proven to be the most effective brand awareness strategy of all times.

    Ending it With A Fruitful Thought

    Deciding on starting a business is an easy job, but the challenging part comes in later when you officially bring your products to the marketplace, digital or otherwise. Without alerting the audience, you can never generate profit or make a focused clientele for your newly launched venture. With these social media activities, you can increase communication and reach the right set of people who are most likely to invest in your product or services.