The Future of SEO: How RankBrain by Google is Revolutionizing Search

The Future of SEO: How RankBrain by Google is Revolutionizing Search
  • Rankbrain by Google plays an important part in SEO. A lot of companies battle each day to rank their websites higher on the popular search engine. But a lot of us, don’t realize the importance of it. In fact, according to Google, it is the third most ranking essential. Many of you must be wondering what is Rankbrain, you don’t need to worry, as we will give you a detailed guide on it and how you can use it to improvise SEO strategies for your website. First and foremost, Rankbrain is a machine-learning algorithm designed by Google to filter out search results.
    Before it came into existence, Google’s algorithm was hand-coded, which was a challenge in itself. The Rankbrain ensures it soothes the process of understanding search queries. Meaning, if a searcher adds a certain keyword, it is able to identify relevant content to it in minimum time and present it to the searcher instantly. To be honest, it is one of the prime reasons, why Google is the most trusted search engine on the planet. Keep reading to learn, how it works and helps your website to rank better.

    Why Did Rankbrain by Google Came into Existence?

    So, your mind must be wondering, why Google needed to invent an AI algorithm as their team is known to be exclusive and whatnot. The truth is at the time when Google used a hand-coded algorithm, it faced a severe issue. More than 10% of the keywords that people searched for, on Google failed to identify them. Even though, scanning the pages thoroughly, led the search engine to present irrelevant information on the SERPs. Identifying it as a grave problem, the company decided to create a smart algorithm, now known as RankBrain. The core difference between Google’s earlier algorithm and the latest one is that Google simply matched the content with the keywords, while RankBrain AI, tries to understand what you actually mean before like a human will, and find you the exact information. Creepy yet helpful! Also, depending on the keyword, the AI system will increase or decrease the importance of the following:

    · Backlinks
    · Content Freshness
    · Content-Length
    · Domain Authority

    If the searcher is satisfied with the search results, it keeps it on the top, but if the user isn’t then it devalues such content.

    What is Rankbrain in SEO?

    The importance of Rankbrain in SEO is similar to what backlinks are to a website. It plays a very crucial role when it comes to ranking content on Google. It has two main purposes when it comes to SEO, firstly, it reads and understands each search query. Secondly, it observes how people interact with the search results. To acquire a strong system, Rankbrain takes the following factors under consideration:

    · Organic click-through-rate
    · Dwell time
    · Pogo Sticking

    Organic click-through-rate

    If you are new to online marketing or business, then you must not be familiar with what organic CTR is. An organic click-through rate is the number of clicks your website’s search results receive. Having a good click-through rate indicates RankBrain that your website is worthy of a high rank, which results in escalating it. To receive better CTR, you should add a focus keyword in the headings and copy. Furthermore, you can add visuals to make your CTR more compelling.

    Dwell Time

    Dwell time is the time, that a visitor spends on your website while browsing your content. A lot of people confuse it with bounce rate, although there is a difference between the two. A bounce rate is when a person leaves instantly after visiting a webpage. The more time a person spends on your website, it makes your dwell time longer and your website stronger in the eye of Rankbrain. To increase your dwell time, you need to make sure that your content is valuable and exactly what the user is searching for.


    As funny as the word sounds, it is another crucial factor, that Rankbrain takes into consideration before it dethrones your content. Things will get slightly technical here. Let’s suppose you are looking for a recipe for Matcha cupcakes. The first website you visit doesn’t contain the information you want and is full of gibberish. You revisit the SERPs and click on the second option. The second one does provide you with a recipe but it doesn’t have a proper list of ingredients, which makes it difficult for you to understand and execute the recipe. You go back to the search result page once again and click on the third option. The third website has exactly what you were looking for. A well-detailed Matcha cupcake recipe! Life has never been happier. The act of going back and forth in order to find relevant content to what you are looking for is known as Pogo-sticking. When you spend more time on the third website, it gives signals to Rankbrain that the user finds this website’s content more relevant to the keyword entered in the search bar. Following the signal, the Rankbrain update dethrones the first two websites and places the third one on the top. This also means you need to ensure that the content is relevant to what people are searching on Google. It’s that simple!

    Coming to an End

    An SEO update is crucial as any other update rolled out by Google. As an online entrepreneur, you need to make sure that your strategies are up-to-date, so you can rank higher on the competitive search engine. Since, Rankbrain, is plays an important role in SEO, updates about it can’t be ignored as well. People often wonder, how they can optimize their content in order to get good rankings from the AI system. The reality is you can try to optimize the content, such as adding long-tail keywords and other strategies mentioned above, but Rankbrain is smarter than you think. This also means you need to ensure that you stick to White hat SEO and don’t even think about applying black or grey hat SEO tactics. With this valuable advice, the blog has reached an end! Hopefully, you make the most of the tips and tricks shared about Rankbrain by Google and earn the spot your website deserves.