Tips and Tricks to Improve your Online Shopping Experience

Tips and Tricks to Improve your Online Shopping Experience
  • Shopping online is the new norm these days, but it isn’t as much fun as browsing the stores in the mall. The cheerful experience of hopping from one store to another, while touching and embracing the quality of the product without any digital screen in between, is missed. Even though online shopping in Pakistan does have numerous benefits but it doesn’t set the right vibe nor include the joy of having your favorite cup of Mocca at the end of the shopping trip. However, if you are a working person or a mother of 4 toddlers then E-commerce websites are your savior. You have no choice but to embrace the change, rather than sulk about it. Many online shoppers have concerns about receiving the wrong product which discourages them from making purchases in the digital world.


    Often many complain about facing a huge variation in color compared to what was displayed on the site, which is again a deal breaker. In today’s blog, I decided to share tips and treats that help you in improving your online shopping experience and evoke a love for it more than shopping in malls. Before I jump on the bandwagon of how to achieve an exclusive online shopping experience, it is important to add here, that choosing a reliable website plays a major role. Websites such as Farosh works harder to enhance a customer’s shopping experience. Farosh’s online shopping platform not only displays genuine products but also offers secure and easy checkouts for its customers. So, coming back to the topic,What are Tips and Tricks that follow in Online Shopping?” you should shop online from websites that have:


       =>  Free Shipping

       =>  Honest Customer Reviews

       =>  Easy and Secure Checkout

       =>  Easy Navigation

       =>  Good Detailed Product Description

        => High-Quality Photos and Variants


    Free Shipping

    I know, it sounds like a dream but often online shopping platforms do offer free delivery on selected products. As a buyer, you must be familiar with the joy of receiving products free of shipping charges. Online businesses usually charge a fee for delivery of your purchases as they need to cover the cost of logistics. However, this often results in you abandoning the cart, as the additional charges surge the actual price of the product and it discourages you from going through with the transaction. Choosing a website or a product that is applicable for free shipping will relieve you from the stress of paying extra and make online shopping in Pakistan more enjoyable for you.


    Honest Customer Reviews

    To eliminate unwanted surprises while unboxing your order, try shopping from a platform that provides genuine customer reviews. For instance, Farosh Customer’s reviews in online shopping Experience play a vital role in establishing the brand as a trustworthy one. I understand it can be challenging to identify the authenticity of a customer review, but there are tactics that you can apply to filter out the right ones. While browsing the shopping site, try to eliminate the fake ones, by closely noticing the use of cliché review titles such as “Nice Product” or “Awesome Quality”. You can also eliminate the chances of getting scammed by checking out if the reviews on the site has constantly five-star rating. Lastly, feedback containing grammar and spelling errors is definitely not to be trusted. An online store that doesn’t exhibit such reviews is a reliable source to shop your heart out. Following this tip will definitely aid you in improving your online shopping experience.


    Easy and Secure Checkout

    Websites that don’t provide a secure portal for digital payments are a complete downer. This also holds a chance for you to get scammed very easily. When you land on a shopping store, pay close to its URL in the browser, if you see a small grey lock before the URL, it means the website is certified to maintain security between the exchange of sensitive data. Mostly, businesses online need to adhere to strict policies of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) but it’s better to take no chances if the checkout page doesn’t seem secure. If you log on to Farosh.Pk then you would notice that the website is secured with SSL lock which makes the online shopping experience in Farosh reliable and stress-free.


    Easy Navigation

    A malfunctioning site is not your best option to shop from. When you log on to a website, the whole idea is to get what you want while saving time. A site that makes it difficult for you to land from the homepage to the category of your choice isn’t the right pick for you. Especially, when you want to continue browsing from the point you left off and it takes you to the top of the page again, then such websites are just time wasters. Eliminating them from shopping online would be a wise decision. For an exclusive online shopping experience, the site should not have glitches such as refreshing itself neither it should redirect you to an unknown page. The worse part of browsing such online stores is the checkout carts, which keep disappearing your chosen items – which is frustrating. Choose websites that don’t do that, such as Farosh’s online shopping platform.


    Good Detailed Product Description

    Similar to customer reviews, a good detailed product description is your life savior when it comes to shopping online. While you can visually see the product, it is important to know the special features it holds. Apart from features, it is essential to understand a product’s specifications too. For instance, you cannot buy a washing machine online, without knowing its load capacity or the material of its drum. A photo will surely inform you if it has a front-load or top-load but it won’t inform you about its spin cycle. Choose shopping portals that display good and in-depth descriptions of the product. A precise definition of the products is one of the reasons why the online shopping experience in Farosh is truthful.


    High-Quality Photos and Variants

    We live in a digital era, and not displaying photos is out of the question. All the websites out there do provide a digital representation of the product. However, not many provide genuine or good-quality pictures. Photos with poor resolution can make it hard for you to judge if the product is worth the money you are paying for. If you happen to land in a shopping store, that provides blurred images then shopping from it won’t be recommendable. Buying from such platforms will not give you an exclusive online shopping experience and waste your money too. Apart from choosing a site with high-definition pictures, it is important to opt for ones that display variants too. Variants help you to analyze the product from different angles and it plays a major role in influencing your final decision. To have as safe online shopping in Pakistan, it is highly advisable to opt for platforms that display their products from different angles.


    Enhance Your Shopping Experience Cleverly

    Improving your online shopping experience is relatively easy. All you need to do is apply the tip and tricks I mentioned above. These are clever ways of making your digital shopping better and more fruitful. To be honest, going to malls for every little thing isn’t a practical choice, keeping the abnormal surge in the prices of fuel these days. Although, nothing can beat purchasing a product in person as you can feel the quality much better than looking at some photos. But since the world is changing, it’s high time that we should blend in with the new norms too. A wise piece of advice, the online shopping experience in Farosh might convince you to shop more online and bless you with the best deals in town.