What is Remarketing in Digital Marketing and Why Is It Important?

What is Remarketing in Digital Marketing and Why Is It Important?
  • Remarketing in digital marketing holds a very important space. It allows you to regain a potential customer’s attention and increases conversions. If you are someone new to the corporate world and have no idea what we are talking about, then you don’t need to worry. As we are here to explain in detail how a successful marketing strategy can benefit your small business. Have you ever noticed that the same website keeps popping up on your social media channels when you leave a website without purchasing anything? Creepy right? Well not really. That, right there is remarketing. So, how does it work? When you visit a certain website, the pixel or a tag is placed in your web browser by the company. When you are signed in with your Google or Facebook account, it gives them a chance to serve ads to you while you are online. This same strategy can apply to your customers too. Without much further ado, let’s talk business!

    Remarketing Vs Retargeting: What is the Difference?

    Before we explain different types of remarketing, we want to answer a common question that often entrepreneurs ask. What is the difference between remarketing and retargeting? Well, there isn’t much of a difference, except for one thing. Remarketing is done without involving a third party in between and retargeting is applied through paid Ads such as Facebook and Google Ads. The reason these two terms are mixed up by people is that in the digital world, both words are used as synonyms, which they are not. Also, remarketing is often done via emails, whereas retargeting is done via a cookie that helps advertising platforms create a specific audience for their AD campaigns.

    3 Types of Remarketing Ads

    Similar to other marketing strategies for businesses, remarketing has three kinds of Ads that businesses can choose to reproach their potential customers. The popular kinds are:

    · Pixel Remarketing
    · List-based Remarketing
    · Video Remarketing

    Pixel Remarketing

    Let’s say you run a pet store online. You offer various things that are essential for a pet owner. Such as pet food, pet food bowls, toys, and so on. To reach out again to the possible customer, you can use pixel remarketing ads, which include, showing them a display Ad. A display ad is a graphical ad that you normally spot on newspaper websites. These ads are very effective in the following scenarios:

    · If someone didn’t add a product to their shopping cart
    · If they added the product but didn’t complete their purchase
    · If they did complete the purchase, you can simply showcase them more options

    List-Based Remarketing

    List-based ads are easy to apply compared to pixel remarketing ads. They allow you to reach out to the customer through their emails and other relatable information. You can also run search ads for your past website visitors, with the help of Google Ads. Remarketing in Google Ads is simple to quite effective and brings your conversion rate higher quickly.

    Video Remarketing

    Video remarketing also known as video retargeting allows you to target the audience through your contact list exclusively. It is a type of PPC advertising that allows you to capture the audience that watched a video or any content related to your business. Video remarketing in digital marketing is popular among platforms like YouTube.

    Helpful Tools for Remarketing

    Applying the remarketing strategy can be slightly complicated if you are new to the corporate world. To make the process easy for you, here are some helpful tools that you can rely on conveniently.

    Google AdWords

    Perfect for those who run small businesses, Google AdWords helps you run ads such as Search ads, email remarketing, and static and dynamic ads. It comes with an easy set-up and basic services such as PPC and Google Ads campaigns.


    Another convenient option is ADRoll does not only allows you to run a remarketing campaign but also lets you manage all your social campaigns from one place. Whether you are running an Ad campaign on Facebook, Google, or Bing, it covers a lot of advertising platforms.

    Facebook Retargeting

    Facebook is another easy tool to use to accomplish your retargeting goals. Not only the platform allows you to design a specific audience group but also, gives you a brief explanation of types and strategies.

    Some Successful Stories

    To give you a more concise image of what is remarketing and greatly it can affect your business, here are some quick case studies for you to analyze:


    A popular insect repellent Italian brand, known as Vape produced remarketing strategies through Amazon Ads. They wanted to retarget ecologists, sports lovers, and parents. Through their Amazon campaign, they were able to receive 50 Million impressions and 422k audience engagement, which resulted in selling a total of 51% of retail units. Talk about the magic of remarketing huh?

    Noble House Home Furnishings

    With a desperate attempt to achieve brand awareness, the newly launched furniture and home goods company turned to retargeting advertisements. By running a paid retarget Ad they were able to reach new customers as well as the ones that visited earlier.

    Farosh Mall

    One of the subcategories of Farosh, a budget-friendly shopping mall, Farosh mall has been able to increase its conversion by retargeting customers who abandoned their carts. Customers, who left their purchases incomplete, were the prime target of Farosh’s online campaign which lead them to increase their conversion rate efficiently.

    Last Words About Remarketing

    Hopefully, by now you have understood clearly the difference between remarketing and retargeting. Also, we hope today’s blog has made you realize the importance of the popular marketing strategy and how to apply it to increase your conversions. To have a positive impact, ensure you keep reviewing your audience and what they are interested in. Having a clear idea about what your audience needs, can always help you to create a refined remarketing strategy.