What is the secret behind large enterprises gravitating towards success?

What is the secret behind large enterprises gravitating towards success?
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    Mar 24, 2020

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  • When we think of successful organizations and how they got so far we tend to believe in hard work, which is true but hard work and “smart work” comes hand in hand. Smart working can be deconstructed in two sections which is time saving and competing. As time passes by new innovations and technologies are introduced and if we don’t make use out of them then it is no one else’s fault but our own lack of intellect. 

    Online shopping or E-commerce platform is an epitome of smart work; it is time-saving and one of the best competitive strategies for selling and purchasing of goods and other monetary transactions. The rise in Pakistan’s population can be witnessed in our malls, marts and bazaar’s; it can be very frustrating and exhausting in this dog eat dog world, going to different shops for different products especially in rush hours causing chaos. Such discomfort! According to a recent survey; as of April 2019; 33.14% which approximately translates into 70 million of Pakistan’s population the rise of access to the internet and these people can easily avail online shopping facility which can save them a lot of time and energy that is wasted in regards to physically going and purchasing the product. 

    Online shopping is a diversified platform that provides a variety of brands; buyers are given multiple options. One can order them any time of the day according to their feasibility, regardless of where they are, an individual’s physical presence isn’t required.

    Is Ecommerce solution for our country’s economic crisis?

    Ecommerce requires a minimum investment and has proven itself to be a solution for unemployment; it is a great platform for web designers, digital marketers, content writers, graphic designers, video editors, web application developers, web analytics specialists, and even photographers. Ecommerce has provided job opportunities for inexperienced fresh students which will be beneficial for them in order to enhance and hone their skills. It provides multiple marketing and selling options which help in breaking the monopoly of capitalist organizations.

    Ecommerce plays a responsible role and keep all the transactions transparent; the buyer can keep check and balance by tracking their order. On the other hand, as each individual provides their personal and banking details which are retained as records and could be used if anyone gets engaged in unlawful or doubtful activities. Income and expenditures, especially of an individual that could help the law firms of the country for better performance.

    Is online shopping eco-friendly?

    Online shopping is an eco-friendly platform for trading as it is one of the best ways of reducing wastage by avoiding plastic bags, people can order online and will receive their package in the specific time without using their its automobiles which would be beneficial for the mother nature and help in order to reduce pollution and traffic jams. Paper billing can be avoided which would minimize the paper usage and save trees. Moreover, online businesses require comparatively somewhat lesser investment than other businesses that means minimized infrastructure leading to deduction in cost of production and also low maintenance cost which ultimately means a reduction in environmental damages.

    Farosh.pk brings advancement in hectic routines with a hassle-free solution; it provides a platform for online shopping which is not only time saving but also way easier than facing such turmoil as such; standing in queues, waiting for the cashier to get free, then finally getting the desired product that would ultimately steal the charm out of shopping. Farosh is all in one business, providing a verity of products in a short span of time. Unlike street shops, online shopping ensures the availability of the product and in-depth details regarding the chosen item. 

    Ecommerce platform such as Farosh provides great deals and sales on most of their items; “daily deals” are updated every day just to keep their buyers cheerful and motivated, they give away vouchers to their loyal customers which are known to be pocket-friendly. In order to send gifts to family and friends without sacrificing a huge chunk of savings for the delivery services, online shopping is the solution as they provide relatively cheap delivery packages at minimum rates.

    Farosh cares for their buyers due to which there is an option of saving desired items in the “wishlist” which helps the consumers to safe keep the item without feeling obligated to purchase it within the moment and can easily avail the product whenever it is feasible for them this is proven to be helpful and they can avoid the entire process of searching for wanted product all over again. The best part about this store is that “happy buyers” stories are published which helps the buyer make a prompt and wise decision regarding the order. After the purchase and experience with the online store, feedback/reviews can be given on the website, whether the package was delivered in the given time, if the product was up to the costumer’s requirement, if the customer care department was helpful or not; everything can be posted on digital platforms due to which online stores are very keen towards keeping their services up to the level in order to get positive reviews. Farosh doesn’t trick their buyers with any hidden charges their complete “contact information” including their multiple email addresses and contact numbers with their office address is provided for any further questions. A form is also available in case someone wants to directly message them. 

    Online records of purchases are stored in the database as a backup and security for the buyers, apart from that consumers can “track their order” and can easily make changes in their orders within the given period of time which ensures there is almost no chance of fraud. Farosh is famous for its unique policies, unlike other online shopping portals that do not handover packages without receiving payments, Farosh provides complete customer satisfaction; they let their customers check their order first and then request their payments, even after the transaction there is an entire “buyer support” column where they resolve their happy buyer’s queries and keep in touch with them if needed.

    Keeping consumer’s up to date is one of the prime concerns that is why “news & updates” and “press” sections are dedicated for the readers to stay updated with Farosh’s current activities and their exciting offers. SEO “search engine optimization” is one of their ultimate strength; as it allows all the buyer to type a few keywords and a list of their wants appears on the screen in a very efficient  and smooth manner, variety of goods are displayed which assists the buyer in order to select according to their own choice and affordability.

    Ecommerce platforms in Pakistan have a long way to go, there are many unexplored options where the websites can expand their horizons. Farosh is one of the few online shopping platforms in Pakistan that has opened its gates for new startups by letting them “sell their products” at farosh, however as they are striving to provide better services and customer’s satisfaction, they keep complete check and balance over the authenticity and availability of the commodity. An entire team is dedicated to provide “seller’s training” and help them in order to meet Farosh’s standards.

    Final Word 

    Farosh is just a click away, whether it is  Makeover items for skin or hair, Toys for kids, Appliances for kitchen, Decor for home, Gadgets for health and fitness, Fashion accessories for men and women both and even electronics for customer’s comfort; be it Smartphones, Computers, Audio & Cameras and multiple other tools for Automobiles. They have it ALL! Because Farosh cares! This online shopping platform is an all in one complete package at The rise door step.