7 Stylish Shirts that Every Man Should Have

7 Stylish Shirts that Every Man Should Have
  • Men are beautiful creatures created by God, but the minute term “ Fashion” or “Stylish” is thrown around, they jumble up (in a cute way) which is appalling. Imagine a grown man crying in a corner because he can’t match the white shirt with any of the pants in his wardrobe. If you take a tour of our desi men’s closet, you will find an OCBD, also known as Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt, particularly in blacks, whites, and greys. If you get lucky, you might find an off-white one, but nothing that you can perceive as a color. Imagine telling our desi men there are other colors available in dress shirts in Pakistan, and they are most likely to go into a coma. Along with having an achromatic wardrobe, the clothing lacks style and charisma. Now, when they don't react well to new colors, what do you think their reaction will be to new styles of shirts?

     It will make them feel like aliens, but that is life, sometimes you need to face the bitter truth. And to make it simple, owning at least 7 different styles of shirts is a desideratum. I understand that shopping for Men's Shirts Online Shopping in Pakistan can be daunting, and it is a hassle to decide what to wear every day but you need to add variety to your wardrobe. A classic white is essential for a masculine closet but a Hawaiian shirt is a must-have for weekend getaways. Similarly, an OCBD ( Oxford Cloth Button Down) is mandatory for the office, but so is wearing a polo shirt when a person has plans to golf with friends. Choosing accessories such as non-slip locking clips for men's shirts might be a breeze though. Keeping such styles in mind, I prepared the following guide to seven kinds of shirts each man should own.


    1. Polo Shirt

    2. Hawaiian Shirt

    3. Lumberjack Shirt

    4. Overshirt

    5. Dress Shirt

    6. Linen Shirt

    7. Crisp White Shirt


    Polo Shirt

    Also known as the golf shirt, the semi-formal clothing piece can be worn for multiple kinds of occasions. It is the best fit for wearing at weddings compared to the cliche dress shirts in Pakistan. Polo shirts are also suitable to be worn at a picnic, and for a nice golf game. The fun part about having a polo shirt is styling it with various kinds of pants, chinos, jackets, and semi-formal coats. One can experiment and the outcome will be stylish. Even pairing it up with a pair of shorts, will make it look chic and the wearer as eye candy for many ladies out there.


    Hawaiian Shirt 

    To own such a style of shirt, the person doesn't need to fly to Hawaii, as mentioned above, it is an ideal pick for long weekend getaways. Even if no vacations are coming up, a person can always, make himself a Pina Colada and have a casual Friday. Another attractive feature about this shirt is, that it is loosely fit, which gives relief from the tight-fitted Oxford Button Downs. Ideal for summers, the holiday shirt, can be easily washed and dry too. Having a variety of shirts always makes an individual well-prepared for any kind of occasion or getaway. When men have such commands on dressing, it impresses the people around them, especially the ladies.


    Lumberjack Shirt

    No, a person doesn't need to work in the mils to wear this shirt. A Lumberjack shirt is the kind that has large checks on it. It is also popularly known as a Flannel shirt. The flannels are famous for having long durability since they are made from wool. They are extra comfy and warm to be worn in cold weather. Not to exaggerate but the piece of clothing goes with any kind of jacket. Let it be Parka or Puffer jacket, the Lumberjack shirt is matched exceptionally well with casual coordinates. Overall, it is an ideal selection to plan out casual attire in contrast to formal shirts in Pakistan.


    An Overshirt

    Wore over a T-shirt, this shirt might remind you of the unforgettable ’90s. But it is a must-have as it is super comfortable and preferable for outdoor activities such as camping or fishing. The shirt comes with long pockets, that can easily carry the required gadgets or tools for the activities. It is well-paired with jeans, along with boots. However, it is more advisable to be worn in Winter. For Men's Shirts Online Shopping in Pakistan, you can visit Farosh and find yourself some affordable and stylish shirts. 


    Dress Shirt

    A wardrobe cannot be marked as complete if it doesn't own a formal or a dress shirt. A dress shirt is mandatory when it comes to special occasions such as Weddings, Engagements, Graduation parties, and so on. A polo or Hawaiian shirt cannot be worn with a bow tie, it will be a gruesome murder of Fashion. Needless to say, the formal shirt is meant to be only worn with tuxedos and formal dinner jackets. The shirt enhances the personality of the wearer with sophistication and charisma. Adding accessories like a pocket square makes the persona more modish. It can be worn, semi-formally too without adding formal accessories. Pairing it with check pants and rolled-up sleeves is another way to be in the limelight of the party. You can also purchase a non-slip locking clip For Men Shirts from online stores such as Farosh and receive it in a minimum of working days at your doorstep.


    Linen Shirt

    Hanging out on a hot summer day can be exhausting. it is ideally suggested to wear a fabric that is breathable and doesn't suffocate the wearer. A linen shirt is the best selection to be worn in summer, as it allows a healthier whiff of air all over the body. Since the fabric is light and airy, it can be worn to casual daytime hangouts. Linen shirts are the best choice to invest the money in, as it doesn't stick to the body and is durable for a longer period. Lastly, wearing an overshirt for a lunch date, won't be a wise idea.


     Crisp White Shirt

    I did not want to add this one but then, it is a classic. The plain old crisp white shirt. Nothing can beat this and it is essential for men’s closets as it goes with everything. Jeans, Chinos, DInner jackets, Overalls, Casual coats, and Shorts, put it next to any clothing article and it will match up with it well. Having a simple white shirt is ideal for times when a person doesn't want to invest time in planning an outfit, which is the majority of men today. It is a wise investment as it can be worn with more than hundreds of combinations and on multiple occasions. If you are hunting for some chic branded shirts online in Pakistan, then visiting Farosh is your best bet. As the brand offers various unique styles of formal shirts in Pakistan.


    The Styling Guide Ends Here

    I hope today’s blog was informative for MEN and it will help them to adopt the latest styles of shirts,  Fashion is not tricky, all men need to do is educate themselves about the latest trends in online shirts in  Pakistan and choose the ones they are comfortable with. But things like having different variations of shirts for multiple uses is an essential rule rather than a choice. To make oneself more appealing, one can browse magazines, and branded shirts online in Pakistan or find inspiration from movies. However, no matter what efforts are made, no one can have an impeccable style like Kim Taehyung. I mean, You can try ( Sarcasm) and on that note, it is a wrap, Gentlemen!