Beard Grooming Tips and Tricks

Beard Grooming Tips and Tricks
  • How to grow a good mustache and beard is not trending on social media due to religious values only but also because it is revised as a style statement in the west. Following the nostalgic pattern that suggests that a man looks masculine enough when he has facial hair, many around the world opted for growing one. However, there are still some men who struggle with how to grow the best beard and cancel out the idea of having one because of it. While those who can support the beardy look easily, opt for different styles, trims, and whatnot. To be honest, apart from religious values and being a style statement, many men keep it to impress the ladies, which always works. However, keeping a beard comes with many obligations and rules to follow. For instance, washing it regularly is a must, for hygienic reasons, trimming while carefully considering how to adjust your beard according to your face, or else you will end up looking like Hagrid.

     And lastly, use a beard balm, so the facial hair stays moisturized. If you want to get one, then it is advisable to learn how to maintain it all the time, or else you will be a mess, LITERALLY! and not a hot one.  Before I dive into the important tips and tricks one should follow to keep the beard healthy and shiny, there are some Dos and Don't that you should take care of. Before you shape your beard, try to wait at least up to four weeks. Let it grow out entirely. While choosing the shape of the beard, always keep in mind it has to complement your face cut. Trim your facial hair regularly and wash always with a beard shampoo and not a soap, as it needs moisture to stay healthy. Last but not least, forgetting about beard balm is the worse decision you can ever make if you are trying how to grow a beard fast. Maintaining a beard is not tough if you do as the following tips and tricks say:


    • Rinse Your Beard Routinely

    • Beard Oil is your Secret to Shine

    • Trimming Your Beard Makes You look Neater

    • Beard Balm is your Personalized Stylist

    • Using a Beard Brush is the Secret to a Tidy Beard


    Rinse Your Beard  Routinely

    The first and foremost rule about keeping a beard is to keep it clean and healthy. Washing your beard should not be a weekly practice, in fact, you should clean it regularly with fresh water and towel dry it. The hair placed on your head is different than the one growing on your face. So you want to keep it free from food particles and dust. Although it is highly recommendable to use gentle products, as the skin is sensitive beneath the facial hair. Always wash your precious facial hair with beard shampoo and not soap. If you feel like the facial hair has split ends or is curling and lost its hydration, then adding a beard conditioner is the accurate way how to make your beard look good as it will make it more tamed and moisturized. 


    Beard Oil is your Secret to Shine

    Whatever the secret to how to grow the best beard is, I got beans to spill for how to make your facial hair shine.  If you have tried all the remedies and still feel the bristles are shriveled, then purchasing a bottle of miraculous oil is the solution you are looking for. A beard looks attractive only when it is correctly cleansed and shines. No one likes a withered Van Dyke styled beard. Nor you will attract the ladies. The use of oil for your beard will not only tame your bristles but increase hair growth which will make your beard look healthier. Choose the right kind that comes with a pleasing aroma and keeps your beard looking rich and soft.


    Trimming Your Beard Makes You look Neater

    Keeping a beard comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of the most important things you need to take care of is trimming. Remember, you want to look like a gentleman and not an ape from some lost planet. Now, this may sound technical to you but it is really not. You can watch some tutorials online and learn efficient ways to adjust your beard according to your face. Learning how to trim, will reduce your dependency on the barber, and you can spruce the shape whenever it is required. Try to watch videos, that covers the basic such as clipping the neckline and cheek line, going slowly with the process while using the right kind of gadgets. 


    Beard Balm is your Personalized Stylist

    Once you have figured out how to grow a good beard then styling it is another conundrum. When you have a wedding or a formal dinner to attend, you need to stylize the beard in a pleasant way. Many people run to overpriced saloons and leave the premises with an unsatisfactory look. Buy yourself a beard balm and thank me later. It not only saves your money, time, and energy, it styles your whiskers and bristles in the most convenient way possible. Beard balms are also a better moisturizer compared to beard oil as they are way dense. It is easy to apply and maintain compared to other products in the market. Beard balm gives your beard extra shine and removes dandruff too. It's a magic potion for how to make your beard look good.


    Using a Beard Brush is the Secret to a Tidy Beard

    As much as a hairbrush is important for detangling the hair, similarly, a beard brush plays the same role. It detangles the bristles of your beard and makes it look neater. Most importantly, it helps in spreading grooming products in equal quantity. Brushing your beard, makes it look tidier and frees it from any dust particles while adding volume. Needless to say, brushing your whiskers is as mandatory as the rest of your beard. The best time to do this is in the morning or after a bath. However, too much brushing can cause irritation and split ends.


    A Happy Beard  is Equal to a Happy Man

    Following the information I provided, you must have understood, how to grow a good beard or how to grow a good mustache is not the real challenge here but maintaining it is. If you are someone who is too lazy to care about hygiene or trimming the beard regularly, then growing one is not the right style statement for you. Facial hair on men is supposed to add more charisma to their personality, not the other way around. If you decide to keep the beard, then ensure that you follow the tips and tricks, or else, people will label you as an ape and that is not a response you are looking for.