Best Clothing Brand In Pakistan

Best Clothing Brand In Pakistan
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    Sep 06, 2022

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  • Some people like to invest their hard-earned money into buying a real estate property, while some want to invest in stocks, and then some divas like to spend their hard-earned cash on well-embellished and fashionable attire. You know that moment when you are passing by a store in the mall and all of a sudden the mannequins in the store’s window seem to have a life of their own and they try to lure you inside so you can spend all of the pretty money and then cry at the end of the month while wondering where did your salary disappear?

    No? Okay, so it happens to me only I guess.

    With so many famous clothing brands in Pakistan, it is difficult to control the forbidden urges. To be honest Pakistani brands list is too long to explore, if you decide to visit each one you may never return home.

    Some of the famous designer brands in Pakistan create masterpieces that it gets difficult to control your “Nafs” and you end up being a proud owner of a beautifully hand-crafted designer lehenga and you don’t even have a wedding coming up in the family. Our brands are at their peak with a level of creativity and such a strong color palette, that even if you want, you still cannot steal the glance away.  The country owns some of the best top lawn designers in Pakistan

    Without wasting much of your time let’s discuss some of the famous brands that deserve a spot on the list of top 10 clothing brands in Pakistan and which have made our nights sleepless whenever we passed by their store’s window.



    Khaadi opened its stores in the winter of 1998 and little did we know that it will become one of the brands that have plans to stay in for a very long time in the market.  One of the most famous clothing brands in Pakistan gained fame when it brought Indian and Persian-inspired motifs to light in its ready-to-wear collection.

    Shamoon Sultan launched Khaadi with a passion to reintroduce Indus Valley culture to the youth. Soon, he understood his brand needed some unique element that other brands in the market were not offering. He brought Indian and Persian motifs to his exclusive lawn ready-made shirts and Khaadi took off like an eagle. It created a rave of excitement for those who craved something fresh and unique to wear.

    Initially, the happiest and most dedicated clients were the working women who saved their time by purchasing chic and already stitched attire at a reasonable price. Soon the brand earned recognition throughout the nation and turned into a lifestyle. 

    And now the brand has some of the top lawn designers in Pakistan.

    Following the success, no woman was seen leaving the mall without Khaadi shopping bags. Its clothing line includes funky, Anarkali, and even anghrakha-style lawn shirts. Apart from typical lawn Kurtis, the fashion giant also offers a huge variety of formal attire under their tag Khaadi Khass. After being a roaring success the brand has also added a line of western clothes. Along with exceptionally fashionable styled clothing, Pakistan’s no 1 clothing brand also rules the area of Home textiles, with different styles of bedsheets, table runners, bedcovers, and much more to offer.

    Sana Safinaz

    When you want to purchase a chiffon shirt with some chic cuts with just the right amount of embellishment for a formal dinner then Sana Safinaz has to be your ideal shopping stop.

    The luxury brand is senior to Khaadi as it launched in 1989. The proud owners of the brand are Sana Hashwani and Safinaaz Muneer who celebrated their baby venture’s 25th anniversary in 2014. You can spot Sana Safinaz in nearly all the malls nationwide. The store is known to hold the most exclusive and unique collection of formal, semi-formal, and casual shirts.

    When you enter the store you are awestruck with the best formal dresses in Pakistan. The price tag might not be for the faint-hearted but then, exclusivity and affordability don’t go hand in hand. For people with budget restrictions, the label also offers casual lawn shirts which are a big hit among today’s crowd. Its unstitched fabric owns top-notch quality as its colors do not fade away even after numerous washes which makes it the best-unstitched fabric brand in Pakistan to invest in. Their dupattas with Chantilly lace are the pride of their collections.

    Sana Safinaz also owns a bridal studio and they make sure to curate wedding dresses with much love and care that allows a bride to look like a Queen with the most luxurious and intricate stonework which deserves a spot on the list of best designer dresses in Pakistan.

    Beech Tree

    If you are someone like me who enjoys wearing shirts with abstract prints, funny faces, or humorous quotes, Beech Tree is the perfect choice for you.

    The brand screams young and carefree in its every collection. Let it be formal or casual. The brand was launched in 2010 keeping in mind to target young, inspirational girls of our nation. And needless to say, they are doing an excellent job. They also follow the rule of being a minimalist as a lot of their articles include minimum design elements but add a lot more value by adding unique solid colors.

    Since they target a younger audience, they make sure their price tags are justified according to their budget allowance which allows them to own the award of best garments brands in Pakistan. Their collection often includes trendy pieces like jumpsuits, simple checkered kurtas, Long tunics, and much more.

    The youthful brand also offers a variety in Luxury Pret which holds the collection of the best formal dresses in Pakistan, with just a tad of adornment, that is neither too over the top nor too less to flaunt. BeechTree holds a very respectable position on the Pakistani brand’s list as it has huge demand in the market due to its minimal work on its products.

    Ethnic by Outfitters

    The brand sells exactly what its name suggests. Ethnic is a brand close to its roots and proves to be one of the best garment brands in Pakistan. The brand makes sure to make Pakistan proud in the best way possible with a hint of variation of Anarkali frocks and harem pants.

    Ethnic opened its stores in 2013, bringing a fresh air of creativity that the fashion market of Pakistan craved the most. It was the perfect solution for all the teens out there who hated tagging along to tailors with their mothers in the unbearable heat. They can now easily step into the store and purchase a nice trendy shirt for as low as PKR 2500. Ethnic somewhat has the same approach as BeechTree as it focuses on young and carefree teens but instead of modern and minimal designs, they like to provide their exclusive crafts with an ethnic touch.

    Although their store does offer unstitched fabric to meet the requirements of the other part of the marketplace, you can also find tasteful and unique designs for kids too at reasonable prices. With its western line, the brand is racing to be labeled as Pakistan’s no 1 clothing brand with 44 stores nationwide.

    The Shopping Spree Continues

    With so many tempting options out in the mall, it is quite understandable why one would not want to just window shop and buys these priceless creations.

    Most of the popular famous designer brands in Pakistan try to charge you an arm and a leg with a promise to deliver a creative clothing piece while they not only fail to deliver on time but also have zero creativity which is a rip-off. With new and trendy stores like BeechTree and Ethnic, we don’t have to burden our wallets and we get the chicest wardrobe in return. Even old gems like Khaadi still manage to produce something exclusively for our daily wear while keeping all the latest trends in mind.