Best Jackets For Men In Winter in Pakistan

Best Jackets For Men In Winter in Pakistan
  • Winters are here, and so is the stylish men’s winter wear collection. Apart from keeping you cozy, warm clothing adds more value to your personality. With so many varieties of men's cool winter jackets to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. Gone are the days when winter was limited to leather jackets only. Apart from purchasing a traditional leather jacket, you can enhance your winter wardrobe by choosing fancy options like pea coats, trench coats, and duffle coats. The whole idea is to select the style that compliments your personality.

    You don’t need to buy one from the Armani winter jacket men’s collection to look chic. Jackets for men in winter, this year has revised their look and is more suitable to be worn on formal dinners as well. Men often face issues with pairing up jackets with formal shirts. And cardigans aren’t suitable enough neither is a polo winter jacket. Wearing a double-breasted pea coat would solve this problem, while you look dapper. Well, ladies do like neatly groomed men. If you are struggling to decide which western winter jacket is right for you, then it is highly recommended, that you read the blog to the end because this is what you will find:


    •       Puffer Jacket
    •       Trench Coat
    •       Parka Jacket
    •       Duffle Coat
    •       Pea Coat


    Puffer Jacket

    Ideally worn with T-shirts, the puffer jacket is one of the popular jackets for men in winter. Having insulated layers, that protect you from cold air, the quilted jacket keeps you warm efficiently. Being light-weighted makes it a perfect choice to wear outdoors compared to a heavy jacket. Although vertical and horizontal puffers are common, diamonds and other shapes are said to be more close-fitting and work longer throughout the day. Along with keeping you warm, puffer jackets also keep you dry. However, it isn’t a suitable option for skiing, compared to the articles from the snow jackets men category.


    Trench Coat

    Time to learn a fun fact about trench coats that tells us why they are so popular these days. Trench coats were originally invented to protect soldiers from wind and rain. It wasn’t technically designed as a barrier between cold and the human body, unlike the polo winter jacket. However, the coat became a fashion statement and people often wear it in the mild cold season. The coat can be worn with jeans and is more sufficient to be used in snowfalls and rain. Some of these windbreakers come with removable wool liners which can provide you the warm protection. A trench wool-blended coat works smartly as a woolen jacket for men and comes in various styles. You can find the windbreaker in leather as well as in wool. The variations may include big collars, notch lapels, and flap pockets. Lastly, it is not your typical heavy jacket, as it is lightweight.


    Parka Jacket

    Parka is the most famous western winter jacket in modern times. It is meant to be worn exclusively to keep the cold air away from the fragile human body. Back in the day, the jacket was manufactured by seal and reindeer skin. But as the modern time created awareness about animal cruelty, winter wear is now made with materials such as wool, fleece, polyester, and nylon. Made with polyester and nylon, the fur-lined jacket keeps you safe from soaking in water while wool and fleece are more suitable for making a fashion statement. Having the sole purpose of blocking out the icy winds, it comes with a hoodie that wraps around your delicate face, protecting it like a blanket. Parka jackets are very versatile as they can be worn with formal and informal attire smartly. It is an ideal pick for winter from the long winter jacket men’s category and provides efficient protection similar to the collection of snow jackets for men.


    Duffle Coat

    If you want to look sophisticated and keep yourself warm at the same time, then a Duffle coat is a must-addition to your wardrobe. Similar to other popular and stylish winter jackets for men, it was originally designed for Royal Navy but later became a fashionable attire. The word “Duffle” in English stands for rough woolen fabric and that is exactly what a duffle coat is. It is a strong and thick coat that guarantees protection from brutally cold weather. Apart from protecting from cold, the woolen jacket for men can transform a boring outfit into a stylish one. While buying one, you should ensure that it is aligned from the shoulders and isn’t too fitted to achieve the perfect look. To glorify it with your formal attire, you can add a beret and live life as a Parisian.


    Pea Coat

    Made from 100% wool, the Pea coat is one of the most stylish winter jackets for men in the market currently. The chic winter wear is not only flame resistant but is immune to water and odor as well. Pea coats are known to be breathable and have strong insulation that even works while damp. It is a smart selection to be worn with formal clothing. You can easily purchase it from affordable stores in Pakistan and don’t need to spend on one from the Armani winter jacket men’s collection. It is not a typical long winter jacket man, as it consists of huge buttons on the front, although there have been many alterations in the design according to modern times. You may find fur attached to lapels or collars as a sign of interpretation of the modern era. Initially, black was the standard color but with the change of times, you will find pea coats in green, brown, and grey colors too.


    The Astounding Evolution of Jackets

    You don’t need to be a fashion expert, to notice how jackets have changed over time. Surprisingly many popular styles today, came from sailors and the navy force. Needless to say, the tough conditions they worked under required them to stay protected from chilly winds. They didn’t have the luxury to shop for one from Gucci winter jacket men’s collection. If anything, the evolution of the jackets is quite surprising and makes you wonder how creatively a human mind works. For instance, who could have thought that a trench coat designed for soldiers, would have so many variations such as flap pockets and notch lapels? 

    Despite being an old clothing idea, trench coats are now popularly worn by celebrities all over the world. Similarly, Parka Jackets was made for a different audience and received an upgrade according to the latest era. Only time can tell what other alterations will be made to the jackets of our time and how creatively they will receive new elements in their designs. With that said, hopefully, the collection of jackets from today’s blog helps you in picking up the right style for you. For more variety, browse and find some exclusive articles at affordable prices.