Get summer-proof beauty with simple tricks

Get summer-proof beauty with simple tricks
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    Feb 24, 2020

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  • After an unexpected extend in pleasant weather till mid of March, it has finally become warmer since the last two weeks. The sudden yet intensive warmth drained all. They are saying that the temperature has to touch the new peaks this summer. From Peshawar to Lahore to Karachi all the nooks and corners are facing scorching tides. Where all were enjoying pleasant breeze a few days back, and now blistering, suffocating and thirsting in blazing summer.  

    People are actively shopping online for lighter clothes, and cool colors to meet the need for summers. Girls and beauty-hooked guys are looking to update their beauty products according to changing the weather.

    We have observed a boost in the demand of sunblocks, dewy makeup products in the world of online shopping in Pakistan. Shoppers are spending thousands of rupees to attain summer beauty essentials and skin nourishment products. The trend shows youth concerns about their appearance and beauty.

    Farosh understands your beauty obsession, offering you high-quality products to satisfy your online shopping craze. We not only focus on providing products, but also ensure your fitness, satisfaction, and well-being through all possible manners. So, if you are also passionate about your look, we got some handy tips for you to prevent severeness of sun season.

    Summer Problem #1 Frizzy Hair

    Oh, nothing can be too worst in summer for hair than frizziness. The rise in temperatures increases humidity leading to frizz affecting your mood. You do not need to avoid wearing up hairstyle of your choice and have to go with ponytail throughout the hot climate. You can successfully deal up with your puffy, frizzy hair by adopting simple habits.


    Increase conditioner quantity. Condition your hair thoroughly and significantly increase its load, because the drier your hair is more likely it will allow moisture to absorb in. Whereas, the hair conditioner will create lock against moisture preventing you from puffy frizz cloud. Our choice is Tresemme Smooth and Silky Conditioner for moderate frizz hair or Tresemme Salon Silk for overly dry and messy hair.

    Alternate Solution:

    Are you looking for something other than a conditioner or want to take your frizzy hair treatment to another level? We have another solution for you to get sleek and shiny layers. Blow dry your hair correctly to get the maximum security against frizziness. Remember that damp attracts moistness so quickly than any other thing. Dry your hair in cold A/C room by pointing dryer nozzle to the end of your hair in a way treating the air to pass from bottom to top.

    Summer Problem #2 Hair fading

    Don’t know whether you notice it or not, but sun heat damages your hair color. Most of our team members face fade hair color during the summer season. To startle you, science also proves that spending excess time under sun causes gray hair quickly. And, we are sure that you don't want to look older at your the peak of your youth. Worry not; you can keep your hair color intact with minimum effort.


    Massage your hair with coconut oil. Coconut oil does not only help to bring shine to your hair but also escalates its growth and prevent from fading. It contains SPF to fight against sun damage, i.e., burns and color fade and also useful for your hair and scalp. You can also create your coconut oil hair conditioner by mixing up coconut oil with vitamin E oil.

    Alternate Solution:

    There are some who dislike coconut oil fragrance, we wonder why, yet they hate. If you are one of those people falling in this group, you may adopt other alternatives. You can search for a chemical solution, i.e., hair screen. We also recommend you to keep shampoo usage minimum during summer bath. Also, take a shower from cold water avoiding excess heat to the hair. If you don’t want to go with any solution among these, don’t go outside at all. Neither your hair will expose to the sun, nor it will fade.

    Summer Problem #3 Breakouts

    Not specific to a specific season, yet acne is more common in sun love weather as compared to the cold season. Summertime is severe on your skin creating many problems including a breakout that is far more irritating than constant sweats and body odor. Hot and humidity increases oil production, clogged pores leading to acne in this season ruining your look. However, you can avoid the problem through simple habits.


    Wash your face more and more and cleanly through it at least twice a day to avoid blemish. Use a toner to clear clogged pores but avoid over-exfoliating your skin. Bring some changes in your makeup essentials, look for products that absorb oil containing sulfur. From primer to powders and creams there is an ample range of oil controlling and oil-free makeup products available in the market.

    Alternate Solution:

    In the case, breakout erupts, go for handy products at your home. Apply honey, aloe vera or toothpaste to it and leave it there for some 30 minutes. Repeat it over time. You may make a solution by blending 5tb spoons aloe vera with one large lemon. Store it in a bottle. Spray the solution twice a day on your skin and necessarily after removing your makeup.

    Beside summer styling problems and cures above-mentioned, we also have some tips for glowing healthy skin during summer.

    Additional Tip #1

    You know that summers drain you quickly affecting your skin by seizing its glow and freshness. The scorching sun makes you dehydrated snatching your entire energy. To fight summer problems, it's suggested staying hydrated. Consume tons of water and take an excess of fresh fruits and juices. Try drinking at least 16 glass of water. Water will not only help you to get a glowy, fresh skin but will also limit summer breakouts.

    Additional Tip #2

    We know that you drool over makeup, but please let your skin glow in naturally during summertime. Keep makeup minimal or at least wearing over heavy makeup daily. Don’t forget to remove earlier with good wipes. To express your love with your skin, you can also use organic coconut oil to wipe off makeup.

    Additional Tip #3

    Consume skin-soothing food like tomatoes, broccoli, watermelon, cucumber, and spinach. Most of them contain 90% water keeping your hydration level fittest. You can also make skin packs with these ingredients to apply to your skin for freshness.

    Final word

    For more fashion-related tips, keep visiting Farosh Blog. Farosh is the platform offering a high-end online shopping experience to its consumers across Pakistan. Whether, you are looking for appraisals, decor, electronics, jewelry, or beauty products, we offer you all. Quench your online shopping crave with the ultimate experience you have never had before.