Why BTS deserves Fame ?

Why BTS deserves Fame ?
  • “Purple is the last color of the rainbow, Purple means I will trust and love you forever” Since the time  V of BTS had given a new meaning to the secondary color, the fans of K-pop Band BTS (Bangtan sonyeondan) have been using the phrase “I Purple You” to express love. Everyone these days is familiar with the k-pop boy band and most likely has listened to their songs at least once. But many don’t know the story about their struggle in the early years or how they worked hard to achieve the position they are in today. Before moving forward, a quick explanation, BTS doesn’t stand for Behind the Scenes BTS in Korean stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan and in English, the full form for BTS is Bangtan Boys. Last but not the least, their fandom is known as Army. The band consists of the following 7 members.

    •       Kim Namjoon ( RM)
    •       Min Yoongi ( Suga)
    •       Jung Ho-seok ( J-Hope)
    •       Kim-Seok-Jin (Jin)
    •       Jeon Jungkook ( Jungkook)
    •       Park Jimin (Jimin)
    •       Kim Taehyung (V)

    With that cleared out, let’s go through a quick intro to the formation years of the world-famous band.

    In 2010, the CEO of the South Korean company Big Hit Entertainment Bang Si-hyuk had an aim to form a hip hop group but since the company failed to generate sales, he decided to market his idea differently. The audition was held in 2010 and the RM was the first one to be selected out of the 7 members, followed by Suga, Jhope, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin and V. Taehyung was the last one to join the band and Bang si-hyuk kept him hidden for a reason. The CEO of the agency decided to reveal him in the end as he believed he had a great persona and appearance. He also thought his surprise revelation can increase their fan following dramatically.

    Many people don’t know the following untold information about BTS. There was supposed to be an 8th member known as Kim Ji-Hoon but he was cut from the group in the last few days since the company didn’t see potential in him to move forward. Nevertheless, the 7 members lived together and used to practice for up to 15 hours a day. The South Korean band which has made history by having 113,040 attendees for their concert at Rose Bowl Stadium in California, used to perform in front of an audience of 300 to 400 people in their earlier years. In 2011 the company opened the official BTS Twitter account to communicate with its growing audience and BTS made its official debut in 2013.

    BTS and Their Accomplishments

     People who are not familiar with the hard-working boy band often ask why they are famous. The core reason behind their fame is the lyrics of their record-breaking songs which discuss issues such as mental health, coming of age, self-love, and individualism. Their first single album 2 Cool 4 Skool didn’t do well enough but their 2nd album ‘Wings’ was the first one to sell 30 million copies in South Korea. Soon, in 2017 the band made their name in the Global Music Market while breaking several records and became one of the groups with four albums ranked number one in the US.

    With overwhelming success, fans couldn’t stop searching for the latest BTS news and updates. In 2020, when Covid had taken over the world, they were the only dedicated music artists who worked around the clock to create masterpieces like “Dynamite” for people stuck in lockdown at their homes. Dynamite was their first English single which topped not only on Billboard 100 but also on Billboard Global 200.  As described by Min Yoongi the song is a disco pop with a fun and cherry vibe which earned the group their first Grammy nomination. After the success of Dynamite, the other popular releases were Butter, Life Goes On, and Permission to Dance.

    In 2017 BTS’s latest news made Armies love them more as they joined hands with UNICEF to build an anti-violence campaign. The campaign played an important role in making their fans fall in love with them more passionately than ever before, as it signified the importance of self-love. Despite being popular celebrities, each of them opened up with the fact that they also suffered hardship in their lives and have battled mental illnesses such as Depression. The leader of the group RM aka Kim Namjoon addressed the public by saying BTS wants to deliver the message of self-love through their music and wants fans to tell them their story. The speech was watched by millions and was one of the most trending pieces of BTS news.

    The K-pop band was featured on Time’s international cover as “Next Generation leader” and also appeared on Time’s list of most influential people on the internet along with the 100 most influential people in the world. Moreover, in 2018, the boys were honored with the Order of Cultural Merit from the South Korean President for their contribution to the culture and language of South Korea. Last but not least, BTS’s latest news made the Armies jump with joy when the current President of South Korea presented them with a special Envoy for future generations and culture which was followed by their visit to the United Nations for the third time and a mind-blowing performance on their latest single Permission to Dance.

    The band recently decided to take a break from their busy schedules and decided to focus on their solo projects. The band broadcasted a Vlive where RM, Kim Seok-Jin, V of BTS, BTS Jungkook, BTS Jimin, Suga, and J-hope expressed how badly they want to show their personalities to their fans and want to focus solely on their solo projects apart from the work assigned by Big Hit Entertainment. The BTS video spread like wildfire among the fans but Armies were extremely supportive of the idols. Over 10 years, the idols have achieved a lot of accolades and played a significant role in creating awareness of mental illnesses such as depression and other social issues. There is unlimited information about BTS all over the internet which makes it difficult to fit it all in one piece of article.

    BTS and their Online Presence

    The members often like to connect and communicate with armies from all over the world. Weverse the Korean application is quite popular among the fans, as the idols post on it actively. The members make sure to connect with their audience by coming live, which they did via VLIVE earlier, but since Weverse has bought the streaming app the idols come live through the latter platform. BTS lives are one of the most watched and liked BTS videos on YouTube. Live sessions of Jeon Jungkook, BTS Jimin, and V are the most popular ones among the others.

    Fans create lots of posts in the hope to get a comment or a reaction from their bias, and many are lucky to earn a response from the members. Taehyung is said to be the SNS king as he is more active on social networks compared to other members and tends to reply to questions and humorous posts by his fans. In December 2021 K-pop artists broke the internet by unveiling their latest Instagram handles, sending their fans into a state of euphoria. The BTS Twitter account also remains informed with announcements and the latest updates by the company.

    BTS and their Solo Careers

    Each of the members is a hard-working individual and has invested their time and energy not only towards the development of BTS but in their solo career too. Over time, members have done various collaborations independently along with releasing singles and albums. Rm was the first one to release a mixtape back in 2015. BTS Jungkook is quite popular for tracks like Euphoria and Still with You. His recent collaboration with Charlie Puth left his fans swooning over the catchy beats and his melodious vocals.

    V of BTS smooth like velvet vocals have been crooner of the most popular singles such as snow flower, winter bear, singularity, and much more. With the recent break, members such as J-hope, Suga, Jimin, and Jin are trying to invest more time into their solo projects than ever before. BTS in the Korean pop industry has held a respectable place for more than 8 years because they have proved to be dedicated and focused on their goals.

    BTS Doesn’t Only Entertain through Music

    The K-pop group is always trending under the hashtag BTS news or BTS latest news as the members not only entertain their fans through music but through different variety of programs. With shows such as BTS in the Soop and Run BTS, the idols have been able to break the stereotypical image of musicians. They not only sing and dance but they make their fans laugh out loud with their childlike behaviors and melt their hearts with down-to-earth nature.

    If this wasn’t enough, the artists collaborated with LINE to create cute and charming characters under the title BT21 characters. Each character is designed by the idols themselves and represents their artistic side to their audience. Different kinds of items such as stationery, bags, and sleepwear are marketed with famous characters.  Big Hit Entertainment is quite lucky to find such warm and kind-hearted individuals who are not only focused on producing quality work but also to build a loving bond with their fans as a sign of love and respect.