Latest Men’s Fashion Trends to Follow

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends to Follow
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    Mar 21, 2020

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  • When we talk about fashion, the first thing that pops up in our mind is women! The internet is full of blogs and articles on women’s fashion but you really can’t find much about men’s fashions trends. Isn’t it a bit unfair? 

    Men’s fashion is pretty canned, to be honest. Literally every guy you know would own some plain round and V-neck tees, some dark colored denim, a bunch of button-downs and boom! That’s enough clothes for a lifetime, they say. You don’t believe me? Go take a sneak peek at absolutely any guy’s wardrobe and you’ll realize the truth yourself… luckily, 2019 has our back with some fresh and festive fashion trends to offer. If you don’t want to bore others with your clothing or you want to impress a girl, give this blog a read and unveil the fashionista hidden in you! 


    1. T-shirts:

    Tees have been in tradition for more than a hundred years now. Their styles have evolved after going through multiple transformations to finally emerge as one of the most versatile pieces of men’s apparel. It wouldn’t be wrong to call t-shirts the ultimate style statement. They have taken the throne in the fashion industry as well as every dude’s closet. 

    The different types of t-shirts include crew necks, V-necks, polo tees, the henleys and of course the scoop neck style. All of these are wonderful in their own way however, the henleys and V-necks are super in and trendy nowadays. Considering the current weather conditions, they have come out as the coolest pieces of garments and super trendy too, at the same time. Hence, if you’re looking for some really chic shirts, go buy a bunch of henleys or V-necks and dump the old fashioned crew neck ones. Don’t know where to find them in just the right prices? Head over to and shop your heart out with their new men’s clothing collection. 


    Aren’t they just too adorable? But the heat…if you think you have to drop the idea of wearing a button-down shirt just because of the heat, you need to reconsider things! When you pick a button-down shirt for summers, make sure you don’t buy anything that’s made out of 100% cotton. It absorbs moisture and locks it in, eventually causing your body temperature to increase. It will most probably result in super sweaty underarms and back. You definitely don’t want that in your office or even a night-out with friends. Therefore, instead of that, go with light and natural fabrics such as chambray, light cotton, and linen- their lightweight texture lets your body breathe by passing through the air. I’m telling you all of this because skipping button-downs this summer is a no-no. Slim-fit button-down shirts are all you need this season to flatter girls! 

    Plaid pants:

    If you want to make an impression everywhere you go, plaid pants are all you need. They are this season’s favourite way to add a bit of a statement-making edge to your attire. The television is full of celebrities all glammed up in plaid pants and dress shirts, pleasing all the girls around. Moreover, the best part of these pants is that they can be as exciting or just as subtle as you want them to be so you know you don’t have a limited number of options. Enjoy the broad spectrum of outfits you can create with plaid pants! Check out for latest designs of plaid pants and much more. Pick your favourite styles and order them right from your bed if you want them to be delivered to your doorstep without even having to step out of your comfort zone. 

    Ripped jeans:

    If you don’t already have a pair of ripped jeans in your closet, believe me, you’re missing on a lot! It has been the most hit piece of apparel among both men and women lately. Ripped jeans are something you can wear anytime, anywhere- going for a friends night out? A pair of ripped jeans. Going for a picnic? Ripped jeans. Going out on a date? Ripped jeans for sure! In short, regardless of the occasion, you can rock this pair of jeans whenever you feel like doing so. Oh and not to mention the best part, the torn and ripped areas lets air get through to your legs which is definitely a lifesaver in this heat wave. If you want to be a little too extra, fold them a bit from the bottom and tuck your shirt in for a full glam look. 


    1. Sling bags:

    Yes, you read it right. I’m talking about bags. With all the other new trends, men’s bags are here to astound you too! Up till now, guys usually only carried laptop bags or small backpacks for their books but guess what? Now they’re going to carry them for the sake of fashion. If you want to look cool, get a sling bag as soon as possible and leave everyone in awe! You can sling it on the front if you’re feeling a bit insecure about your belongings and want to keep an eye on them but if you are carefree, you can sling it back and look even more stylish and fashionable. 

    Can’t find a good sling bag? Open and click on your favorite bag to instantly add it to your wardrobe. 

        2. Backpacks:

    It’s pretty difficult to believe that, just a few years ago the only people who were backpacks were either gap-toothed school-going teenagers who needed something to stash their books and Pokemon cards in or, well, backpackers. They were quite too functional to be considered fashionable. However, these days, things have changed, including fashion standards. Nowadays, every dude carrying a backpack, “cool” and “fashionable”. And hello, who doesn’t want these compliments? This bag has practically become the gold standard. Fashionistas who would’ve turned their heads and scoffed at the idea of carrying a backpack just a few years back, now carry them proudly while walking different ramps all around the world. 

    Final Thoughts 

    It’s high time we start paying attention to men’s fashion trends as well. If you agree and liked this blog, start following these trends as soon as possible and stand out in every upcoming event. If you also hate going out in this scorching heat like most of the people, just open and order your favorite clothes at the best prices.