Makeup Mistakes We All Make and How to Avoid Them

Makeup Mistakes We All Make and How to Avoid Them
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    Apr 15, 2020

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  • Makeup is an art! It definitely has the power to transform a person completely. Back in the days, when women didn’t have access to all the beauty products that we have now, they used to make beauty products at home. Now with so much invention all around, even makeup products are coming with something new every day. Women of all ages do makeup so that they could enhance their features and add more depth to their beauty. Every person has their own way of putting makeup, but there are certain mistakes that we all make while putting on makeup. Here we have highlighted some of the common mistakes that women make which messes up their entire look. So keep on reading to avoid those mistakes, and level up your makeup game. 


    Putting powder on your face after you have done your makeup is one of the very crucial steps as it holds your makeup in place, and also gives you a finished look. However, some women don’t realize how much powder to put on their faces. If you are putting too much powder on your face then you will end up looking very cakey. Over powdering will make your face flat and it will also affect the natural radiance of your look. 

    You should always choose a light powder and apply it to places where your face gets oily the most. It will do the trick for you. 

    Drawing Exaggerated Brows

    The brows have definitely transformed from thin line-like brows to thick brows with much shape and definition. But it doesn’t mean that you have to get yourself the darkest brow pencil and then fill your brows with it, as it will make you look very weird. You can take a spooly brush and then brush your brows upwards. Fill the brows carefully, and apply a brow gel to set everything in place. 

    Remember one thing, always get a brow shade that is one shade lighter than your hair. Always focus on the outer half of the brows. 

    Choosing the Wrong Concealer 

    Believe me, if you have applied a wrong shade of concealer under your eyes then your entire makeup will fall apart. It is a very common mistake that women make and it just messes the entire makeup look. You will be bringing unnecessary attention to your eyes and it will simply look very odd. You should always test the concealer at the back of your hand so that you know it matches with your skin color. Now some people also have the habit of going too light with the concealer shade, which is a big no-no. 

    Apply the concealer going from outside to the inner corners and make sure that you are properly blending it on your face so that there are no lines. 

    Bad Contouring

    Having a method that can hide all the face fat is certainly a blessing in disguise. Contouring is what makes your face looks slim and provides its definition. You get to hide your double chin and make your face more chiseled with the contouring. However, bad contouring and bronzing can result in more destruction than good contouring can do good. Always start working from behind the ear and then all the way till your jawline. You should put a crème contour or a liquid contour, but always make sure that you are starting with a little amount. Contouring and bronzing can always be build-up, but if you start from applying too much then you will certainly be in deep waters, ladies! 

    Putting on Too Much Blush

    Nothing will ever make you look crazier than a dozen of blush on your cheeks. It wouldn’t even matter how perfectly you have done your makeup, but the overdone blush will certainly make you look like a pastry shop that has to be avoided, at all cost. Another important thing is that you need to put blushes according to your skin tones. If you are someone having fair complexion then you can go with pink and rosy tones blush while plum or berry looks best on darker skin tones. 

    You should always use the old smile technique and swirl the brush on the apples of your cheeks that will give your entire face a nice flush of color. Make sure that your blush is blended and doesn’t stand out from the rest of the makeup. 

    Not Applying Primer

    Ladies, if you are making this mistake then you need to stop ASAP! Primer helps your makeup in more than one way than you can imagine. It is the base for your makeup that helps it to stick to your face without any shine or oiliness. You shouldn’t skip primer, and should always apply it before the foundation. You will be able to see the difference if you are going without a primer as your makeup will get extremely oily and your makeup will fall out of the place. 

    There is a lot of variation available in primers, and always select a primer that is according to your skin type. A primer that matches your skin type will help your makeup and you will be able to apply all your beauty products smoothly on your face. Luckily, all thanks to online shopping in Pakistan, they are easily available in different online stores. 

    Wearing Wrong Shade of Foundation

    Your foundation should act like it is a layer of your skin on your face, not something artificial. Remember that the foundation is the base of your entire makeup and if you are doing it wrong then your makeup will never be right. The best way to test a foundation is on the jaw and in the daylight. If the foundation disappears on your skin, then it is the right shade and if it doesn’t then you need to keep on looking for one. 

    Many women go for a lighter shade of foundation because they want to give their face that light glow, which is completely wrong. If you go for a shade lighter than your skin tone then your face will start to look cakey and it goes the same if you choose a darker shade. Always get a shade that matches your skin tone and blend it till your neck so that your face doesn’t look different. 

    Applying Foundation on Dry or Flaky Skin

    Yes, this is another mistake that you shouldn’t be making. If you are thinking that your dry skin will be moisturized by your foundation then you are wrong. Foundation doesn’t moisturize the skin and you need to apply a moisturizer before applying foundation on your face. Moreover, you can even exfoliate your skin before the makeup application. It will give you amazing results and your makeup will also stay longer. 

    Makeup Application in the Wrong Lighting

    Now how would you put your makeup right, if you can’t see it in its real glory? You need to make sure that you are getting the right amount of light or more specifically natural lighting when applying makeup. If you are trying makeup in unnatural lighting then you will see how your makeup looks extremely unflattering. The worst scenario is when the unnatural lighting makes your makeup look nice, but when you go out, you realize it is a complete mess. 

    Moreover, never do your makeup in yellow or darker lighting as it will not give you the right illumination you need to apply the makeup.

    Not Blending it Well

    Now the makeup experts have created a general thumb of rule when it comes to blending. It is that you should always blend till your hand hurts. In order to achieve the perfect makeup look, you should always blend your makeup well. If you are applying a very nude or neutral shade for your blush, even then you need to blend it really well. Makeup that isn’t blended well would never look good and you will end up with marks or lines on your face. 

    Chunky Mascara

    Nothing can steal away from your makeup look as much as a chunky eyelash could! You should always take the excess out of your mascara when you are applying it to your lashes. Getting too much product on your lashes will make them look chunky or spidery-lashes that will take away your makeup look. So just get rid of the excess product and then apply. 

    Unwanted Shimmer

    Last but not least, you need to go easy on that shimmery highlighter and eyeshadow. Adding a little hint of glow works wonder for your makeup, but if you are adding a lot of it then it will look very unflattering. Some women don’t even realize and yet they go over the top with the shimmer that makes the face look very fake. It should always be avoided and more neutral shimmery shades should be used. 

    Final Word 

    Moreover, getting the right and quality products also make a difference when applying makeup. You can check out various beauty products on and also benefit from the amazing offers and discounts, we have in store for you. 

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