Styling Blunders Every Man Must Avoid

Styling Blunders Every Man Must Avoid
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    Feb 11, 2020

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  • Style is something very personal, it has nothing to do with the fashion. You see, fashion gets over too quickly, but style remains forever.” – Raplh Lauren

    The style is something sustainable and it actually never changes nor gets old. It is an inevitable and powerful source to define your personality wherever you go. Talking about the man, from their period of being a teenager to a mature adult, they have always been given lessons on how to look decent and amazing. But still, there are many men who actually fails in the styling department and due to their lack of knowledge in it faces styling disasters every now and then.

    It is common than man is not into fashion and styling fads just like women, instead, they are sometimes not aware of even minor concept of styling. There was a time when wearing a pink color for men was not less than committing a sin. But in today’s modish era, colors are no more leading the styling market, instead, now it is more about looks and how carefully you are able to carry that.

    There is no logic behind wearing branded clothes as they will increase your value and add style to your personality. Even unbranded apparel worn with decency can increase charismatic looks, in fact, if you lack in real essence of styling than even in branded clothes your personality will not mark any statement. Let us discuss some common styling blunders and error that the majority of men makes when getting dressed up.

    “Fashion is not essentially about the labels nor about the brands. It is basically something else that evokes within you.” – Ralph Lauren

    White Socks with Dress Shoes

    One of the most common mistakes made by guys is wearing white socks with dress shoes. It is completely not understand how a white sock can ever go perfect with a dress shoe? At many workplaces, it is actually considered to be offensive to wear white socks. Even if you are attending any formal or casual occasion where you want to be the center of attraction than always avoid wearing a pair of white socks. They go perfect with white suiting with white formal shoes.

    Get a pair of black or navy blue or brown pair of socks that go brilliant with any formal shoe with perfection. By the way, you can wear black shoes with white socks only if you are planning to try moonwalk.

    Trousers That Are Too Long or Too Short

    Baggy trousers or pants are never in fashion, they actually look absurd and simply sucks out the styling appeal from you. By wearing long trousers you can achieve only two things, one is you will look short whereas the other one is that you will look sloppy, hence murder of your personality at once. Similarly, wearing such pants that are short looks also silly. If your socks are clearly visible below your trousers hemline, then yeah it is too short for you.

    Another thing is to avoid wearing sagging pants. Like seriously, no one is interested to see your boxers whenever you bent down. We recommend you to wear a suitable trouser as per your length that barely glides the tops of your shoes.

    Square Toe Dress Shoes

    These sort of shoes are actually never acceptable, but God knows how they are still able to find their way to the shoe racks even now. They simply destroy your styling sense. They are big, awkward, outdated and will definitely make you look like a man from 1986!

    For a timeless and classic apparel look, get your hands on the classic rounded or a soberly pointed toe shoe and get rid of that dreaded square toe shoes right away. Oh yes, do not opt for overly pointed toe shoes because they will make you look like an elf.

    Sleeveless or Short Sleeved Shirts with a Tie

    Being honest, we never understood from where this fad originated, but for sure the person who started this must be ashamed of this act. Ties look decent on a full-sleeved shirt and not on a short sleeved or a sleeveless shirt. Basically, it is an insult of a tie which is a symbol of sophistication being infused with chopped looking shirts. It is better to kill yourself than wearing this sort of dress that can actually demolish your image and styling sense.

    Oversized Suit Jacket

    This is agreeable to find a perfectly fitting jacket right from the shelf is nearly impossible. Everyone has different shoulder lengths like some have shorter shoulders with longer arms whereas some have wider shoulders with shorter arms. Purchasing the suiting cloth and then getting it to a tailor to sew it as per your size also takes efforts.

    What we recommend you is that purchase such a jacket that has sleeves just above your wrist bone, where you can see the ½ inch of the shirt cuffs peeking outside. Well, you can ask the outlet to alter the sleeves as per your size and trust us it will not cost much to you. Actually, sometimes alteration is even free of cost at many retail outlets.

    Shiny Polyester Shirts Are a Big No

    Back in the 2000s there was a trend to wear shiny polyester shirts with cartoon prints on it, but now it is an old school thing. The world has changed and so the fashion and styling industry. Wearing a polyester material shirt that looks like it has been covered with a thin film of oil is now considered as awkward by every mean.

    Now the styling concept says to better understand the fabric of the clothing and recognize the quality. Shirts that are made of high-quality material look better and last a longer period of time as compared to synthetic fabrics or polyester shirts as they look rough and outdated.

    Baggy Dressing Shirts

    The real motive of a dress shirt is to fit as per your body and allowing you to move freely, gracefully. But if you are wearing a shirt that looks like a rectangular box is hanging to your upper body, then this is bizarre to look. By wearing a baggy shirt you will look fatter, shabbier and frumpier.

    You need to make sure that the collar of your shirt is not more than two fingers space, the shoulders of the shirt cleanly hit the edge of your own shoulders and the excess fabric is neatly tucked in the trousers, not bulging out weirdly.

    Visible Undershirt

    As same as your underwear, your undershirt should also not be visible at all. Majority of the men leave their shirt’s first button open and by wearing a u-shaped undershirt, it can be easily seen peeking from inside. Make sure to wear a v-shaped undershirt so that the inner shirt can remain hidden easily.

    Curling, Limp Collars

    Make sure to iron the collar of your shirt properly. A curled up and limping collar gives an impact of having a baggy shirt, not as per your size of neck size. Make sure to neatly tuck your collar with crisp looks. A straight and flat lying collar add charismatic appeal to your personality. We recommend to dry clean your shirt instead of washing them in the machine, through this way your shirts life expectancy will increase and they will look fresh every time.

    Another thing, avoid wearing popping collars at any cost, unless and until you are not being featured in any pop music video.

    The Philosophy of a Perfect Tie

    To avoid looking immature and amateurish, make sure to tie you tie to a perfect length, not too short nor too long. The ideal tie length should be in between your belt, i.e. the tip of your tie must lie in between the top and bottom of your belt buckle.

    Wide ties are now out of fashion and to avoid looking like a person from the 1900s, get a tie that is utmost 2.25 inch to 3.25 inch wide. Give yourself a charming appeal with the perfect tie.

    Wearing a tie bar is definitely classy and stylish, but to wear a perfect one is a difficult task. A perfect tie bar should not expand beyond your tie’s width and then try to get a 1.5-inch tie bar for yourself. Place your tie bar in between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

    Sneakers with Dress Pants

    For God’s sake, be stylish, not cringe-worthy to watch. Wearing sneakers on your dress pants will neither make you look formal (due to sneakers) nor casual (due to dress pants), instead you will look something different, which will look more like a piece of ridicule to many.

    When you are wearing sneakers, make sure to get proper jeans pants for yourself, whereas when wearing a dress pant, make sure to go with a proper dress shoe.

    Excessive Accessories and Hair Product Usage

    A professional attire doesn’t include wearing a lot of accessories and making yourself look like a swagger. Restrain yourself from wearing a lot of jewelry pieces and accessories and giving yourself a deadly look. The same goes for hairs, after using a lot of hair gel, hair spray, and many more, you will just make your hairs look more greasy and oily for no reason.

    Remember, only if you are being featured in any gangster type pop music video or a cool youth swag icon, only then get yourself as many accessories and jewelry you want with a lot of hair product used.

    Choosing Jeans Color

    Jeans pants not just come in one color i.e. blue. It comes in a wide range of colors, but wearing all those colors is professional? Nope, not at all. To ensure a classy look with sophistication, get yourself basic as well as dark color jeans. Light color jeans get dirty easily and you are never happy about washing your jeans every day.

    Don’t get yellow, pink, red, purple, green-colored jeans, instead get sophisticated ones like blue, black, grey, navy blue, etc.

    It is a reality that trends keep on changing, but these are a few styling tips that are timeless – they will remain forever. Just with a little attentive mind, thoughtful shopping, and understanding the style, you can easily avoid making mistakes when it comes to looking ravishing with an attitude to maintain. If you don’t have a lot of time to go and wander around the malls to shop, is offering exciting online shopping services, while providing free shipping. Search for Men’s Fashion category and discover wonderful styling solutions for yourself. Farosh ensures 100% buyer satisfaction so, get registered on the site and avail exciting discounts and vouchers. Once you get your hands on quality products, we can guarantee you that your confidence in yourself with tremendous styling concepts will surely boost.