The Dos and Don’ts of Your Everyday Styling Game

The Dos and Don’ts of Your Everyday Styling Game
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    Jan 20, 2020

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  • Fashions and styles come and go like seasons. After every couple of months, one fashion fades and the other takes over, just as the leaves of the trees fall off during autumn and newer ones come over in spring. Your style game is like fashion too and of course, you do not want to put up an autumn on your styling sense. However, there are a few basic rules in fashion that have been the norms, no matter what the fashion is. These norms are considered so basic that if you go against them in any time or era, it will be considered a fashion disaster. Following is a quick review for you to know what you can and cannot do at all in the light of these basic rules.

    THE DO's

    • Know the accessorizing sense. Identify what piece of accessory goes with which outfit. If your outfit has thick prints, you do not need any heavy accessories with it. Heavier pieces can go with minimal prints. Similarly, accessories in one of the wrists are fine, be it a watch, a bracelet or bangles. The other wrist would perfectly look fine without anything on it.
    • Same is the rule that goes with makeup. Nude lips with bold eye makeup or bold lip color with minimal eye makeup. Going over the board at both the points would only make it look as if you are going to a Halloween party, and not every day is Halloween, right?
    • Stripes look great. Any outfit looks stylish that has stripes on it. However, one simple reminder can make the stripes look more in your favor. If you are short, go for the vertical stripes in your outfit, and if you are tall, use horizontal ones to balance it out.


    • One great mistake that most of the girls do is going to the extremes in accessorizing. If you are going for the longer earrings dangling down your ears, you can skip your neckline accessories, or at least keep it minimal. Similar rules applied to accessorizingyour wrists and hands as well. Either go for a bracelet or rings in your fingers, but not both. At the end of the day, you accessorize to look better and not worse.
    • No matter how trending the belted tunics are, do not go for one if you are shorter than normal. Short heights only look shorter with belts. It, kind of,divides your body into two parts, making you look shorter than you actually are.
    • Dressing according to occasion and event is extremely important. No matter how beautiful or expensive your dress is, if you wear something too blingy to a casual brunch or a book launch event, you would totally fail it. Make sure what you wear and how you accessorize suits the occasion. Do not wear heels on the beach, or the long earrings when you go to watch a movie with your friends.
    • Knowing the on-going fashion and trends is also important. I still see the girls with pencil sharp eyebrows. I mean seriously? Please get over the plucking craze. See the bloggers who are going mad using the eyebrow kits to have the perfectly shaped thick eyebrows. Yes, there was a time when thin sharp eyebrows were preferred, but now is not that time, please.
    • Yes, the highlighter is all the talk of the town now. But you must keep the shine under check. Do not overdo it as it will only make you look like a clown and nothing else.

    Final Word 

    These are the basic rules that are standard and are constant since the beginning of times. Follow them and you shall definitely stand out among the crowd for being stylish, modern, yet appropriate. Farosh bring the quality beauty products that will add more value to your makeup.