Trends to Keep an Eye On in the Coming Wedding Season

Trends to Keep an Eye On in the Coming Wedding Season
  • Weddings are fun, no matter what kind it is. Pakistan is a country that is very rich in designs, themes, and food when it comes to the season of wedding bells. Many couples opt for destination weddings, while some prefer to keep the bar low by hosting an intimate one. Many brides want to host larger-than-life weddings, as it is their first and hopefully the last. What can we say? It is a sweet ritual of unification between two souls. It has to be celebrated. Sometimes in Pakistan, what the couple wants is sidelined by what the family wants. Well, that is a well-known trait of the desi culture. The couple is often happy with hosting one of the best intimate weddings, but “Ghar walay” wants big parties and wedding trends to be followed, no matter the cost.


    Heavily influenced by the US, Pakistanis believe in breaking traditional wedding rituals and go for a modern angrezon wali vibe. Then there are young couples who are music freaks and turn the wedding hall into one fun concert venue while the ones who are in love with nature, won’t mind spending millions for the sake of having unique outdoor wedding ideas. The wedding season gets crazier with every passing year. As people have gained awareness about dramatic climate change and how to make the environment healthier, eco-friendly weddings are riding the wave these days. It is absolute madness out there. So, with the bell ringing everywhere, I decided to rope in some of the best trends that you can follow for your wedding. Make sure to read the blog till the very end, and discover some interesting ideas.


    Destination Weddings

    Tying the knot is easy but planning a destination wedding is not. However, it is one of the most famous trends right now. I am not lying when I say, every e-invite I receive or come across one is an invite to some tropical destination to celebrate the union of two individuals. Such kinds of weddings take a lot of time and energy to be prepared. Setting a budget, booking a hotel, choosing the right kind of venue, and coordinating with the foreign wedding planner are some of the responsibilities that can be quite exhausting for the newlyweds and their families. People who don’t want to go through such hassles often opt for intimate weddings. However, people still opt for them as they can be less expensive than planned locally. As the guests pay for their own accommodations and the couple gets a uniquely designed event. Lastly, the pictures seem flawless with vivid skies, open sea, or nature in the background. Weddings like these can be hosted at destinations that are located within the country too; it doesn’t have to be international. In the end, it all depends on your budget.


    Winter Outdoor Weddings

    Winters are the choice of many couples when it comes to celebrating their union. They prefer cold weather for multiple reasons. The outdoor setup gives a beautiful feel with fairy lights and heaters seated in the surroundings. Most importantly, winter, allow the makeup of the bride to stay in place. She can enjoy a quick dance without stressing about getting sweaty or having the hairspray meltdown on her pretty face. Apart from this, the look of an outdoor wedding in winter has a much more exuberant vibe. Needless to say, you receive extra space for energetic dances and a natural ambiance for an excellent photoshoot. Day open-air events can be easily labeled as eco-friendly weddings as you make the most of the sunlight throughout the event.


    Concert-Like Weddings

    Beating out and Breaking Traditional Wedding rituals, there are couples who are music enthusiasts. Since they love music a bit too much, they plan weddings that look like concerts. Such styles of events have been trending all over. Some couples would dedicate one night to melodious qawalis and others opt to invite more than one singer to entertain their guests. By adding smoke guns and disco lights, the wedding venue turns into a full-fledged party site. It is not surprising, as music and weddings go hand in hand in the desi culture, however, some may go overboard with the whole thing.


    Intimate Weddings

    While social media is known to be quite problematic and the reason for getting affected by the evil eye, many youngsters don’t believe in making things public. No matter what big parties and wedding trends are. The guest lists are limited to a certain number of people, who are immediate family and no unnecessary activities are added. Even couples nowadays believe in creating an intimate look for their special event, as they think it is more critical for those to participate who genuinely care about their happiness. Hosting such an event can save you cost as it allows you to shorten your guest list and book smaller wedding halls. Along with maintaining privacy, it also gives you space to decorate the area by yourself, then hires some overpriced wedding planners.


    Larger-Than-Life Weddings

    It is quite easy to host a wedding, according to Islam, all you need is for the couple to get together with their respective immediate family members and an Imam, who completes the ceremony according to the religious guidelines. But people these days, host weddings to compete with their relatives or the whole society. Unfortunately, people are obsessed with putting out all of their life's hard earnings over an event. Even though, many people may not remember the event after the last bite of their Shahi Tukra. Desi families love to plan extravagant weddings that are larger-than-life and outdoor wedding ideas.

    Luxurious venues with Belgium chandeliers hanging from the roof, a buffet of more than 20 dishes, and performances by International artists are some of the important aspects of fancy weddings. Often, it is the elderly’s idea to opt for such lavish gatherings as they strongly believe, if the event isn’t done on a larger level, they won’t be allowed to co-exist in society. The younger generation actually prefers to follow minimalism but however, but they cave into their elder’s wishes.


    Celebration Comes to an End

    As much fun as I had writing this blog, I hope you had fun reading it. The whole idea of hosting a wedding is to cherish the memories made while dancing with loved ones and feasting on delicious food. But it all comes down to one thing. Whether you host eco-friendly weddings or intimate weddings, it is important that you understand the concept of marriage before tying the knot with someone. Because saying “I do” isn’t dancing to the tunes or gobbling down some large feast. It is about living together till the end of time and being there for each other unconditionally.