Walk Around Like a FEMME FATALE With These Cool Tips!

Walk Around Like a FEMME FATALE With These Cool Tips!
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    Mar 22, 2020

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  • If you are a working woman, college girl, stay-at-home mom or if you just love to party then this is the answer to all your prayer. Guidelines for survival! 

    Women need more appreciation for the struggle they go through in their daily routine whether it is home or workplace. According to a recent survey it has come to the surface that women tend to work way harder than men.  Right ladies? Now in this ruthless world, a girl got to take stand for herself and treat herself every now and then.

    Life can be very frustrating and exhausting and severe OCD can be triggered without proper management and due to the shortage of time it can be very hard to take care of everything, here are some tips to keep you updated.

    If you are a college girl or working women you need to have a cool yet spacious Bag pack with built-in charger and hands-free port, so you don’t have to carry everything around in an unorganized manner. This is a customized, water-resistant bag for an organized workaholic like you.   This would make you feel more comfortable and confident because this bag will contain everything you need at all times. The second most important thing is a Makeup travel bag so your cosmetics don’t get messed up and be easily accessible in times of emergency!  This will help you in staying organized and ready to roll. 

    Self-obsession is a disease, but it’s too late to cure it so better embrace it. Pakistan’s summers can be the real enemy of your classy look, what you need is to have all in one light weighted Makeup palette, so no matter, if you are indoors or outdoors this all in one palette, will be there for your rescue with a cool Double sided LED makeup mirror

    We function when are cellphones function; our notes, books, other work-related stuff, and almost everything exists in this little device, when we are out of home and see the low battery sign our palpitation increases, to avoid getting a panic attack all we need is a handy little device; a friend in need Power bank, which is a friend indeed. And if you happen to own your personal car then Dual USB car charger is heaven on earth! 

    Secondly but most importantly safety for a Pakistani girl could be really tricky, we do not have 911 or fast rescue services available, a girl got to be her own soldier you should be strong and sharp enough to handle any situation, sharp as a knife that would not kill anyone but is enough for wounding or at least scaring the enemy for which a Folding Pocket Knife would do the trick, this little survival package does not even need much space, it should be hidden but easily accessible like your cellphone or it could be hanged with your keys, phone case or inside your shoe, girls have an advantage that they have many secret compartments where no one would dare to look, anything could be hidden in your Body-Shaper which would also make you look slim. Two birds’ one stone. HA! It is comfortable to wear and will keep you in shape with a boost in self-confidence.

    Self-assurance and strength both are linked with your health; if your fitness is compromised then you can NOT feel healthy and confident, a tingling feeling of fear and de-motivation will cast your shadow and follow you everywhere you go, what you need is to stay in shape, yes gym-ing is great but who got time for that in such hectic routines, what we need is a hassle-free solution; a YouTube tutorial for yoga and aerobics and a Non-slippery Yoga Mat and WOLLAH! You are good to go.  However music will definitely help you to create your own pace and mood, it would boost up your motivational plus energy levels; high quality yet easily Portable Speakers would do the trick, this would ensure you have a good time along with improving your health. However too much workout could be risky for beginners, you need to keep yourself hydrated and monitor yourself in order to avoid any miss happening. A sophisticated Wrist Band to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure would be very valuable for a beginner so that you can take breaks in between or manage your workout hours accordingly. On a totally unrelated note which has nothing to do with self-care but is linked with the people who you care about; while your workouts, do not forget to smell good so others can feel fresh as you do, a very simple solution for this is wearing Underarm scented pads so you would not get embarrassed in front your loved ones. Nonetheless, whether you are using these pads or not you MUST, ALWAYS need to have deodorant on you that would ensure a nice aroma around you which you could also enjoy, whether you are at home or at work. An economical deal is available at an online shopping store farosh.pk from where you can avail Pack of 6, multi fragrance body spray at much lower rates than the market as they happen to have great deals on their website for their customers.

    Another basic essential is oxygen and water, thankfully oxygen is in the air however shortage of water can be really problematic mainly outdoors or in the month of Ramadan when all shops are closed. Staying hydrated should be our first priority especially for the sake of flawless skin for which we MUST have a reusable and elegant Water bottle with us all the time. Compromise on skin care is a BIG NO ladies! 

    Last but not the least, after slaying all day with your chic outlook, do NOT forget to take that makeup off, according to scientific research women who sleep with their makeup on are more prone towards acne on their skin, your face also needs easing at night; do give a shot to this new Facial cleanser and makeup remover after a rough day. This would not only allow your pores to adjust, but also help your facial muscles to relax a bit.

    Another, great life hack is to keep your lady friends happy and close to you, someday you might not have the energy to give much time to your girl gang and contribute in daily gossip sessions but before you sleep you can use an e-commerce platform to order a delicate yet cute; Best friend charm bracelet or an elegant set of Earrings to treat your girls right, these nice little gestures and surprises are what makes friendships stronger!

    Final Word 

    At last, You are a human too and also need to relax and have a little me time because after all being a woman who got everything figured out is not easy, treat yourself with hot soapy bath alongside some scented candles and your favorite novel and also, maybe with a few chocolates for the inner child inside you. This tip is not for your outlook but for your soul. Because after all that you go through, you deserve it!