Want To Achieve That Perfect Makeup Look This Summer? Read this!

Want To Achieve That Perfect Makeup Look This Summer? Read this!
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    Mar 19, 2019

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  • Summer is known to be one of the most celebrated seasons of the year in most of the countries, however, many of the people in Pakistan will beg to differ as summers are extremely hot in here. You can go out for those amazing beach trips, family picnics and wear fewer layers of clothes, but when it comes to makeup it’s a big no-no. Hot weather is all about melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and sticky lipstick, if not done well. Wearing makeup in the hot and scorching heat of summer is not easy as it gets smudged and oily very easily. You can find a lot of products in different online shops in Pakistan, but how to use them is one of the most critical parts. 

    We have asked the top makeup artists to share their secrets and tips in how to maintain that full face makeup without it, getting out of places. Even when the weather is working against you, you will have your makeup fresh and intact. Here are a few tips to help you keep your makeup dewy and glam. 

    Start with a moisturizer

    The worst mistake that you can make while applying makeup in the summers is to not use a moisturizer first. The way you care for your skin is very important as well as the makeup that you apply to it. You should always use an oil-free or gel-based moisturizer in the morning that will not make your skin to be oily. You can find these moisturizers in stores or on online shopping sites in Pakistan like farosh.pk to help you prep for the makeup before. 

    Use Sunscreen and UV Protection

    Apart from hydrating the skin, you would also want to be properly protected from the sun, which can be only done if you are wearing a nice sunscreen every single day. Majorly, when people apply makeup they don’t feel the need of applying sunscreen or any other form of UV protection, which is very necessary to not just make the makeup smoother but also to protect your skin from the rays of the sun. You can easily find the different sunscreens in the various online shopping stores in Pakistan, and it is recommended that you apply sunscreen every two hours. It can be hard though when you are out and you don’t want to use your hands, however, this is an easy trick that will solve this problem for you:

    • Use dish soap to clean the old liquid foundation compact and the cushion. Let it dry 
    • Soak the cushion with your favorite sunscreen and put it inside the compact
    • When you want to reapply, you can dip the sponge applicator into the cushion and then dab it on your face

    Get a powerhouse makeup primer

    This is something that you can never regret, it will take only seconds for you to apply the primer that will be serving as the base, and it will go after the moisturizer, but before the face makeup. Primers are one of the essential things for your makeup and more specifically in summer because it is the thing that holds your makeup together. There is a myth that primers are usually heavy, which is not the case. You can browse through various e-commerce sites in Pakistan that have a wide range of primers and can select from the ones that best matches your skin needs. The primer will not feel like an extra layer, but it will hold the makeup and would refrain it from smudging. Primers are also good for skin in general, as it hides imperfections like pores and wrinkles on your face. 

    Be a Bronzer Goddess

    In Pakistan, there are usually people going for fairer items and majorly people think that bronzer will make them look dull. It is not the case at all. The bronzer has an effective result of making your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter and it will add life to your face without making it completely flat. To make the result even better, you can apply the bronzer just to the high points of your face like the forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose which is usually where the light hits your face. If you are covering every nook and cranny then it will certainly give a fake and baked look. You can check out online shopping sites that have a lot of variety in terms of bronzing products.

    However, powder bronzers are easier to apply and you can even find more shades in it. You will have to blend them on your face to match your overall makeup. You can even put a little bit of bronzer on your neck and earlobes to blend in if you have shorter hair or wearing your hair up. 

    Go for less makeup

    If you don’t want your makeup to crease or to the cake then you will have to go with, ‘less is more’. You can go for a tinted moisturizer that you can easily find on any online shopping sites in Pakistan and a concealer. Makeup tends to move a lot when it is hot, and the best way that you could avoid your makeup from going here to there is to wear less of it. 

    Skip the shimmer

    There wouldn’t be anyone who would say that they don’t like a nice and dewy glow on their face, but one should remember that there is a difference between a healthy radiance and an over the top shine. You need to avoid any cream foundation or anything that is very luminous because the humidity will make that extra shine to come on your face with the sweat and you wouldn’t want that extra sparkle to put on your face.

    Choose sheer shades

    Rich and deep colors have been the most favorite, but they would have a heavy look in summer. You would need to lighten up your look so always go for sheer shades when it comes to eye colors or lip colors. You would need to use a lip-liner pre-application because you need that extra definition when going for a nude shade to keep that plump on your lips. Sheer colors are very subtle and you can go overboard with them too. 

    Make your eyeshadow stay

    For long-lasting shadow, you should avoid using any eye cream on the lids and should use a smooth on eye primer. The eye primers are made specifically to hold on the shadow in place without giving it a heavier or greasy look, which is the last thing you would want on your eyes. The eye primer will minimize the creasing and will be serving as a base for the shadow to cling on while it will last longer. If you want to make your shadow more long lasting then you should apply a layer of powder after you have applied the primer. You can even use a regular pencil or cream liner, and then apply a small angled brush to press the dark shadow over the liner to make it more long-lasting.

    Let go of the powder blush

    Blush adds balance to the face and it brings that healthiness look on your face too, but if you have too much powder formula going on your face, then it will definitely give it a cakey look. Stains usually have great longevity in the hot weather and you wouldn’t want blush patches to be on your face. You can use a gel or blush stain then add a bit of the cream blush on it to give it the perfect look. It will give you the natural look and the vibrancy in your cheeks. If you want to make it more lasting, then dust a powder brush on it lightly.

    Go for waterproof products

    One of the most important thing that you could save yourself from smudging is to use waterproof products. You wouldn’t have to worry about the raccoon eyes, you would want to go for the waterproof mascara that will not allow the product to be smeared. You can go for investing in a waterproof mascara or even a waterproof liner so even if your face gets a bit sweaty at times, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting dark and black lines all over your face. 

    Finish with a setting spray

    Now a lot of the people think that this step isn’t necessary after all that we have done, but it is one way to seal your makeup on the place. Regardless, of night and day whenever you have applied makeup, you would want to end it while spritzing some setting spray. You will definitely notice your makeup lasting longer throughout even on the hottest of days. 

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    Final Word 

    Makeup can certainly have a power in it to make the person even more appealing. However, it can only be done right if you are doing all the required steps and then using the right products for the summer weather. You can find different variety of makeup products on farosh.pk and apply them with these simple tips to make your makeup more long-lasting.