Best Kitchen Knives to buy in 2023

Best Kitchen Knives to buy in 2023
  • A woman’s kitchen is incomplete without the best kitchen knives. If you are a man reading this, you might wonder why investing in knife sets is important. The thing is, using a premium-quality of knife not only minimizes the prep time but also allows you to dice, slice and carve effortlessly. When it comes to choosing the right kind of knife, three of the most important factors, that should be taken into consideration are, its durability, hardness, and material. Mostly, chefs prefer a stainless kitchen knife, as it is easy to maintain and provides efficient toughness.

    The popular one, that people often lean towards buying even though it’s extremely expensive, is the Sautoku knife, also known as a Japanese knife. Since cooking is a daily activity and keeping the fact in mind that women cook more than twice a day, it is essential to get them the right tools. Believe it or not, it could be an ideal anniversary gift too. Allow us to take you on a short but sharp ride, where you can learn about different ones and which knife sets for you will be a blessing to use. The best knife sets for the kitchen to use in 2023 are:

    • Classic Kitchen Knife
    • Santoku Knife
    • Professional Kitchen Knife
    • Chef’s Knife
    • Crafts Man Knife

     Classic Kitchen Knife

    A classic kitchen knife satisfies every home cook and chef in the kitchen. As it is extremely sharp and can easily, dice, slice, and chop edibles. It glides effortlessly through, fish, herbs, veggies, and meat, saving the need to spend long hours in the kitchen. Built with an ergonomic design and safeguard, it is one of the best chef knives to invest your money in. Manufactured with stainless steel it is easy to maintain with simple knife sharpening tools. Some of these in the market are made with Precision Edge Technology that makes the blade 20% sharper than the usual one. The all-purpose knife comes in different sizes of the blade, but the 8-inch one is recommended by professionals.


     Santoku Knife

    Santoku Knife also known as the Japanese knife is one of the popular choices among the best kitchen knives in the world. However, it is commonly used by professional chefs as it is quite expensive. Founded in Japan it has a blade size of 5 and 8 inches long. The name “ Santoku” is a Japanese term for “three uses”,  indicating that it is an all-purpose knife.  It has a flat edge and a sheepsfoot blade. Made from stainless steel, the knife allows you to cut edibles without lifting the knuckles from the chopping board. With its unique features, it proves to be a better gift idea than diamonds.

     Professional Kitchen Knife

     A professional kitchen knife is sturdy, durable, and has a better blade than Western-styled knives. A classic western-styled knife has a sharpened blade up to 25 inches while the professional ones are sharpened up to 15% making it extremely challenging to handle. The well-balanced cutting tool, has a narrow blade compared to other knives, proving it to be an ideal pick for slicing. Although, it weighs heavier compared to the other options in the market. If you are a cooking enthusiast, then this one is definitely worth replacing your old dull Knife sets for kitchen with block. Generally, it is used by professional chefs who have expertise in handling it without getting wounded.

     Chef’s Knife

    Another popular pick in online kitchen shopping in Pakistan is the chef’s knife. Similar to other knives, it can slice, and dice, and is a good fit for other purposes as well. It is popular due to its D-shaped Pakkawood handle, which makes it user-friendly for left-handed individuals as well. Originating in Japan, the knife comes with a blade of 6 inches, which glides smoothly through all kinds of edibles, including vegetables and meat. The Pakkawood handle, fits into the hand accurately, giving a steady grip to the cook without any hassle. This knife is famous among professionals and as well as home cooks, for being an extremely lightweight cutting tool.


     Crafts Man Knife

    This one is sort of a unique one and is not exactly count as a typical choice among the best kitchen knives in Pakistan. It is not only used for chopping and other typical cutting errands in the kitchen. It also holds expertise in boning and fileting with its sharp tip. Moreover, the craftsman knife is tagged as a top performer in the kitchen as it slices neatly with its classic hollow-edge design. Similar to the majority of famous knives, it is made from durable stainless steel. Coming in different sizes of blades, the unique chopping tool is lightweight and easy to handle while working on the eatables in the kitchen.

     A Buyer's Guide to Kitchen Knives

    Before we wrap up this finely-chopped blog on the best kitchen knives, here are some of the basic things you should consider while buying a kitchen knife.

     Choose Wisely Between German and Japanese Knives

    While both kinds are unique and special in their own way, you should consider their pros and cons before purchasing them. German knives are ideally the right pick for heavy tasks such as working on a fillet of chicken or chopping. However, Japanese ones are the perfect pick for delicate tasks such as slicing cucumbers. Even though Japanese knives are durable, they tend to chip or crack easily.

     Pay Close Attention to the Handles

    Knife handles are made from different materials. Some are made from wood and plastic. The one that is ideal for selection is the one made from metal. Choosing the right handle is essential as it affects the following factors in a knife:

    • Price
    • Grip
    • Weight

     Understand the Technicalities of Tangs and Bolsters

    Tangs are technically the back blade that runs all the way through the handle to provide you with a well-balanced and durable chopping tool. A full-tang knife is often recommended as it turns out to have a longer life than one with a partial tang. Bolsters, also play a meaningful part, as they act as a small bridge between the blade and the handle. While increasing the comfort, it gives a firm grip to the chef.

     Some Perfectly Sliced Words for You

     We hope today’s blog was helpful for you and allowed you to decide which one of the best kitchen knives is an ideal pick for your kitchen. The knives described above are popular for their durability, and versatility. However, the price tag might be a challenge for some, but how can one curate a fancy meal without using fancier equipment right?