11 Reasons Online Book Shopping is a Great Idea

11 Reasons Online Book Shopping is a Great Idea
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    Jan 10, 2020

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  • Book reading is a constructive hobby. It nourishes your cognitive abilities and feeds your thought process. A well-read person is better than a person who remains deprived of this pleasure. Reading not only adds to your knowledge but helps you spend a good leisurely time as well. It is a great escape from reality, yet a great way to understand the reality as well. Those who are the real bookworms would know what fun it is to browse the stores to find a long-awaited book or to end up spotting a book incidentally that you find yourself falling in love with later.

    With the increasing trend of online shopping, book shopping from e-stores is also now being preferred by many readers. There are several reasons why shopping for books from online retailers is a great idea, some of them being.

    Targeted Browsing 

    Online book browsing definitely saves time. You cannot browse as many books in a brick and mortar environment as you can sitting online. Since you do not need to walk down the aisles looking for your genre, and can easily get to it through easy navigations enabled, this saves a lot of time and energy. Instead of tiring yourself in walking from one end of a store to the other, you can conveniently go on browsing as much as you want.

    Online reviews from other readers

    Getting access to the reviews of other readers at the time of buying a book is a great advantage that online option has blessed us with. These reviews provide a more realistic picture of what to expect from the contents of a book.

    Price comparisons

    Different retailers and publishers list different prices. You can easily look through this difference online and choose a copy of your choice. Low priced editions are also sometimes available if the authors have allowed them, so the readers who are on a budget can also enjoy it.


    Living in Pakistan, you know it is a struggle to look for the books you want. With the limited readership we have here, the stocks are limited too. New releases take seemingly decades to reach our country. In situations like these, the option to order online is a blessing.

    Preparing your online TBR lists

    While shopping only, you can go on creating your own To-Be-Read lists as well. You keep on finding the books that you think you would be interested in, but you do not always have the budget to buy them all right away, so you can create your own wish lists or the TBR lists to get back to them later. This is not possible in a brick and mortar environment. You cannot separate the books you like for your next visit.

    Easier browsing through categories

    God bless the people who misplace books from the shelves in stores. I hate it when I find a contemporary romance in the non-fiction section. I don’t understand why is it so difficult for the people to put the books back in their own slots instead of just putting them anywhere. This is one problem that you do not have to deal with when shopping online, thankfully.

    Deals and Discounts

    Online stores and retailers keep offering deals and discounts as well. Buyers can enjoy these deals whenever they shop online for the books. Such sales and promotions are often missed in the conventional stores, but since you have the option to be notified of these deals through online subscription, that’s sorted out too!

    Peaceful, focused and enjoyable browsing

    Shopping online for books is an ideal option for people like me who are easily distracted and annoyed. You can shop online from the comfort of your own without having to be disturbed by the kids of other visitors in the stores that you usually come across. One can easily and peacefully go through the blurbs, reviews,and other details before making a final choice to purchase.

    More stock

    Conventional stores have a limited space issue, because of which you do not get to enjoy a too wide stock. Secondly, spotting a new addition in any particular section might not be easy in a brick and mortar environment. This,however, is convenient when you shop online. Not only they have the option to enlist as many books on a website as they possibly want to, but it is easier for you as well to look for a specific book or the new additions into particular sections and genres.

    Related Searches Options

    Related Searches is another feature that readers absolutely love. You search online for one book of your choice and end up adding 15 more to your Wishlist. This is because the “Related Options” keep getting visible and you keep adding them to your Wishlist and TBRs.

    Getting to Know other Readers

    One great thing about online book shopping, that I personally love as well is an opportunity to know other readers from all over the world. From social media platforms and websites like Goodreads, one can get in touch to hundreds and thousands of readers from all over the globe. Talking to other readers can be an enlightening experience. You get to know about other books, discuss your favorite ones and be motivated to try other genres that you do not otherwise try.

    Final Word 

    Aren’t these reasons enough for you to start shopping online for the books? For the real bookworms, these are all the concerns that have been rightly addressed by the online book retailers. So, start your book haul today!