12 back to school essentials your child needs this year

12 back to school essentials your child needs this year
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    Apr 17, 2020

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  • It is pretty hard to believe it’s already time to send your kids back to school. The summer break went away in the blink of an eye. You will start hearing the school bell ring even before you know it and so you need to be prepared. 

    If you want your kids to be organized, you need to be organized yourself first. Before sending your child back to school, make sure you enlist all the essentials you need and then check them twice. No risks when it comes to children! Whether you are buying new supplies and starting from scratch or sorting out last year’s stationery and accessories, use the lists you have made to be sure your child has everything he needs or may need later on. If you are short of time and can’t make a list or search all the items in stores and then buy them, just check out the school and stationery section at farosh.pk and get your child’s stationery delivered at your doorstep. As far as the list is concerned, don’t worry we have you covered! Here are some of the basic essentials to get you started: 


    Schoolbag is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “back to school”. It is something every student needs no matter what. Your child’s school bag is not only needed to keep his books safe and secure but it also reflects upon his personality and tells about his background on his first day of school. Therefore, make sure you get the right bag for him. To help you navigate through the school bag shopping process, we have listed some of the types of bags that might help you choose what is best for your little scholar! 

    • Travel backpack school bag:

    This is the trendiest or what teenagers like to say “IN” style nowadays. This bag is pretty spacious which is why you can put as many books or products in it as you want. Also, it is multi-purpose so you can even use it for travelling and all, and save up your money. Other than that, since it is made up of elastic material, it is very long-lasting and durable. This bag is best for kids who go to tuitions or academies after school and need to carry a lot of stuff with them. 

    Casual backpack:

    This one is for the popular and cool kids! These few cool kids in school always carry cool bags that they are really proud of. A casual backpack is definitely their favourite type of bag as it somehow makes them look cool even in uniform and they get to flaunt their “I don’t care” attitude!  All backpacks are easy to carry but this one is lightweight as well. This is one of the most frequently bought types and is therefore available in a wide range of colors and designs. They usually have a lot of pockets and compartments and so you can keep your things in a much-organized way. It is perfect for your child if he is cool yet organized. Get it for your champ from farosh.pk and let him enjoy a stress-free school year. 

    Waterproof school bag:

    These bags are not very common as they are only available in a limited number of styles which kids don’t really prefer. However, children usually play in rain and dirt which greatly damages their books so if you want you kiddo’s books to be safe even on a rainy day, a waterproof bag is all you need. You can easily get them through online shopping in Pakistan. 

    • Trolley school bags:

    These bags are the most famous amongst kids. Whoever has this bag is considered ‘elite’ in primary school. It is inspired by the recent innovation in air luggage. There is a trolley attached with the school bag and all your kid needs to do is pull out that trolley and stroll around. No more hassle of carrying heavy bags on shoulders! 

    Lunch boxes:

    Food is your child’s best friend. Healthy food is not only necessary for your child’s fitness but also for his mental growth. Fresh and healthy lunch at school keeps your kid active all day long but for his lunch to stay fresh till break time, you need a good lunch box. From keeping hot foods hot and cold food cold to fitting multiple containers to minimizing spill and crumbs, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying a lunch box for your baby. Make sure you buy something that is easy to carry, waterproof and spill-free. Here are some of the different options available in the market to give you an idea of what you can probably get: 

    • Freezable bags:

    Just like a transportable ice pack in the form of a bag, freezable bags are best for park outings or days when you want to pack something that needs to stay cold for a long time. They are normally lined with gel like an ice pack and include an outer section, usually a small pocket for utensils and towels. Just keep the intact bag in the freezer overnight, and it will be ready to pack up your food the next morning! 

    • Bento boxes:

    Usually made up of plastic or steel, bento boxes are ideal for younger kids and toddlers. Instead of fishing for every item in different containers or boxes, they can easily see their entire lunch in front of them. It is also very easy to carry since it is just one box with several compartments rather than different boxes. You can just simply place it in your child’s school bag. Apart from that, older kids can also benefit from this type of lunch boxes as it is perfect to separate juicy fruits and vegetables from dry snacks. Some of the bento boxes are only designed for snacks while others have larger compartments to accommodate main courses. You can easily get it according to your diet routine from farosh.pk. 

    Thermo lunch box:

    During winters, hot lunch is a blessing. Thermo lunch boxes help in keeping your child’s food warm until it’s time to eat. While you are preparing his food and packing it, fill the lunch box with hot water. Once the metal interior is hot enough, pour out the water and pop the food inside and pack up the lunch box. Easy peasy, right? Avail the opportunity of online shopping in Pakistan and get a colorful thermo lunch box delivered to your house without making any efforts! 

    Water bottles:

    One of the most important things is to keep your child hydrated all day long. And most of the teachers don’t allow kids to go for water breaks every now and then and it is therefore very important to send your child with a water bottle. Make sure you buy the one that doesn’t spill and can easily fit in a backpack. It’s always good to get an insulated bottle so that the cold water stays cold. There are a billion designs and colors of water bottles available in the market. You can even get personalized styles from some stores. Get your child his favorite colours and design so that he’s motivated to drink water out of it. 

    An umbrella:

    You think that doesn’t make sense in a back to school list? Well, schools open in August which is, in most cities, the peak season for rains. You need to ensure that your lovely little professor doesn’t catch flu or fever from seasonal rain and so, a small umbrella is really important. Check out farosh.pk for breezy colours and prints in small-sized umbrellas, manufactured especially for your kiddo! 


    As mentioned above, schools open in the extreme rainy season and you need to make sure your child is safe by all means. Get your hands on a nice raincoat for your baby and keep the bacteria and diseases at bay! 

    School supplies and stationery:

    Every New Year, we stack up stationary for our kids. Sometimes, the list feels so long it horrifies us when we think about the expenses. Most schools nowadays offer pre-order stationery or just hand you a list and tell you where you can get that pack from. Both the options are quite expensive  and so, here is a list that can help you out in digging out just the basic items needed for your child and saving money:  

    • Pencils:

    Make sure you get good quality pencils for your child especially if he is still learning to write. It will help in improving his handwriting as well as writing speed.

    • Pencil sharpeners:

    It is pretty difficult to write with an unsharpened lead. Make sure your child has a pencil sharpener handy so that he can keep his pencils sharpened all the time. 

    • Erasers:

    Kids make a lot of mistakes. While you are there to correct them in their lives, get them an eraser to correct the ones they make on paper! Erasers are generally very cheap so go for the one that is comparatively expensive so that the quality is not compromised. 

    • Pencil box:

    Children tend to lose their stationery items every day. Get them a good quality pencil box to keep their stationery in place and organized. 

    • A pair of scissors:

    They might need them! Make sure they have everything and don’t have to ask anyone for anything. 

    • Glue stick:

    At the primary level, there is a lot of pasting work that needs to be done. Make sure your kiddo is well equipped! 

    • Colored pencils, crayons, and markers:

    Let your child discover his creative side and play with colors. Apart from that, kids always need to color something or the other.

    • Notebooks:

    Even today, when computers have taken over classrooms, notebooks hold their own importance. 

             These are the basic must-have stationery items that your child needs. Get them from any local store or just order them online at the best prices from farosh.pk. 

    Personal hygiene must-haves:

    Personal hygiene is something not most parents think about when jotting down back to school items they need. They are super important and should be there in every child’s backpack. Here is what you are going to need:

    • Hand sanitizer:

    Keep the germs and bacteria at bay! Also, it is necessary to use it after they have their lunch so that their hands don’t smell. Find it here.

    • Tissues:

    You gotta stay clean! 

    • Napkin:

    I am sure you don’t want ketchup stains on your child’s uniform. 

    • Chap Stick:

    Dry and patchy lips are a major problem especially during winters. Make sure your little one doesn’t have to go through that pain. 

    • A cologne or deodorant:

    Kids play a lot during break time and then the next class stinks real badly. Try to develop a habit of using cologne in your child so that he never becomes a cause of someone’s dismay. 

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    Final Word 

    This is it for now. I hope these tips proved helpful for you. Don’t forget to check out farosh.pk for absolutely amazing school supplies and save your time and energy by ordering everything online!