13 Ways to Keep Your House more Organized and Decluttered

13 Ways to Keep Your House more Organized and Decluttered
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    Apr 10, 2020

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  • Have you lately been experiencing from the irksome curse of not finding your things at their designated place? When you are looking for one thing, means looking everywhere in order to finally find the thing you’ve been looking for? Does it take you hours to fish out everything to wear with their correct pairs? All these things are signs from above, asking you to get your things together, and organized, and take care of all that clutter.

    We understand that no one has enough time to invest an entire day or two to reorganize their house, and we’re not suggesting that. It’s a slow process, starting from one room to another. Might even take several trips to the store, or some DIY projects to finally get the house completely in order. It also takes developing some habits in yourself and in your kids to not only organize the house once but keep it organized for as long as possible. It’s a fun process and in the end, everything is orderly and your life much less stressful.

     Let’s first answer important questions first:

    Why do We Need to declutter?

    Clutter can really mess up with many people’s energy. Imagine being really excited to go somewhere and you have just the perfect outfit in mind. A red themed party for example. Yet, just when you are ready to press your clothes for the event, you can’t find them. First, you are hopeful you’ll find it somewhere. Then you started to lose hope when you couldn’t find it anywhere, then your energy starts to deplete and all that excitement you felt would be replaced with this sinking feeling.  In other situations, there are certain mental conditions that lead people to hoard when they are unable to part from their possessions. Too many things in the house can lead to molds and dust and can pose health risks to the habitants of the house.

    What Even Is Clutter?

    Anything that you keep in your house and yet it doesn’t add value in your life and is not used by you for a long time, is a clutter. Decluttering is the process of making room in the house for things that are of value to you and matters a great deal in your day-to-day life.

    Good Reasons To Spend So Much Time In Decluttering and Organizing?

    Organizing and decluttering is strangely therapeutic. It relieves stress and gives you a sense of control and charge, even if you have been struggling in other areas of your life. It also saves time and allows you to keep your favorite things close by. Sometimes others need the things you have, but never want or need. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to purge and clean-up before moving to a new house for a fresh start. The reason could be anything.

    How To Get Rid Of The Clutter And Start Organizing?

    The first step to organizing is to de-clutter. There’s no point in putting things you don’t need in perfect order. Make two different boxes, one for throwing away and one for giving away. There are several things at our homes that are in perfectly good condition, some are even new. However, we hardly use them and it’s better to give it away to someone who needs it.  

    Now that we’ve learned about the importance of decluttering and organizing, let’s learn about all the ways we can do it:

    1.    Make Use of the Space under the Bed

    One of the best storage spaces is under the bed. We should however make this clear that storing things properly and keeping the dust away from under the bed remains a priority. Use storage items to turn the space under the bed into a makeshift drawer. Use cubbies, bags, or baskets and store things that you use near the bed and use frequently such as linens or extra pillows. This will save you several trips when you are changing bedsheets and allow you to keep the area under the bed clean as you’ll be reaching towards it frequently.

    2.    Wardrobe Cleansing

    Wardrobe cleaning is a thing that must happen every season. Since Pakistan mostly ever seems to have two seasons, we suggest doing it twice during the summers, and once before the beginning of winter. Get rid of clothes that you won’t be wearing the next year, before packing everything up and changing your wardrobe. Clothes that do not fit you anymore or are extremely worn-out. If you are having a hard time deciding, try to remember the last time you wear it, if you haven't in the last two months then you are not likely to wear it in the future either.

    3.    Fold/Roll/Hang Your Clothes

    The worst thing that we do to our wardrobes is to feed it with unfolded clothes. Most kids are guilty of this. The best thing is to teach the kids early on to fold their clothes and place them neatly in the wardrobes. Or better yet, purchase clothes hangers and hand all the clothes with their pairs, so when you need them, you can find them in an instant. It’s best to fold the sweaters as to not ruin their shapes. Towels should be rolled before putting them away. It makes more space and it is easier to find what you are looking for.  The closet would also look more tidy and neat and you’ll never have to face any embarrassment when you end up opening your closet in front of someone.   

    4.    Trust a Basket

    You don’t necessarily need to have a big wardrobe and furniture to contain the chaos in your room. A big beautiful jute basket will look just as good, and make cleaning your room much easier. You can toss all your throw pillows, extra blankets, duvet, and other paraphernalia around your room in it when you are not using it. Grab it in a second when you need them. It is especially a good idea for the kind of people who are losing their things all the time and tend to be more comfortable when they have their things everywhere when working or studying. Go for a deep basket and place it at the foot of your bed.

    5.    Invest Your Time or Money on a Shoe Storage

    Space always runs out for shoe lovers, regardless of the fact that you might have tons of designated shelves and boxes for them. This is why decluttering and refreshing your wardrobe is important. If you’re still short of space and want to maximize then make sure you have placed them right. Certain tricks such as placing shoe heel to toe can create more space and will also prevent damage to your shoes that often comes from storing shoes in clusters. Another way you can maximize space is by adding another shelf in your closet if you own a high closet. Or you can purchase cubbies or shoe organizers to store your shoes neatly. Just make sure they are not piled or strewn around the house.

    6.    Follow a strict rule of one-in, one-out

    Practice and execute this rule in the house as early as possible so that it prevents clutter and also prevent compulsive buying habits. According to this rule, one thing needs to go out if something new is added to the collection. This rule is applicable to everything. Toys, clothes, shoes, books, etc. It also instills the habit of giving into children, if they are getting something new to play with, then kids who cannot afford it should too.

    7.    Make one Shelf into two

    Shelf risers are the best things in the market. They increase the storage space to double by just adding another layer of space. They literally save the day when your spice cabinet falls short of space or when your dishware has nowhere to go.  These shelf risers are made for all those whose kitchen space is not enough to store everything. Once you get the shelf risers, organize everything nicely. Place sort jars underneath the shelf risers, and the big and tall jars on the shelf risers.  

    8.    Trust the Labeling

    You’ll save so much time, and cooking will be double the fun it is once you start labeling everything. Additionally, there are so many crafty ways you can do it. You’ll never lose anything ever again, or have to spend hours finding it, once everything is clearly labeled. All you’d need to do is open up the cabinet and grab exactly what you need, instead of grabbing everything before eventually finding the thing you need.

    9.    Store Pans Smartly

    For some reason, the cabinet where we store our pans is usually overflowing. Here’s a trick, try storing them sideways. In fact, all the things in your kitchen that are capable of being stored horizontally must be stored that way. It goes for lids, pans, cutting boards, serving trays, baking sheets, etc. Here’s another trick which might sound a little unconventional but is super practical, hanging your pans on the wall i.e., if you have a big enough empty wall in the kitchen. It is easy to grab and cook, and it also looks classy and vintage.

    10. Use Trays to Tame the Center Table Clutter

    The center table in our living room takes the worst from every member of the family. It seems like all the bags, wallets, keys, and tea cups end up there. Well for one, make sure everyone takes their cups to the kitchen. As for the other things, invest in a cool looking tray in solid color and place it at the center table. This way, everything goes there and the center table doesn’t appear completely out of sorts and a cluttered mess.

    11. Repurpose Old Glasses as Containers

    If you have a steel glass in your kitchen that you don’t use anymore, repurpose it into a container for spoons and whisks. You can even keep it near the stove and keep all the stirrers and spoons you require when preparing a meal. Or you can purchase one at an affordable rate. Keeping all the spoons and forks and other kitchen cutlery in one place can make a magical difference in the appearance of your kitchen and suddenly everything looks more organized and orderly.

    12. Make Sure Trash has a Place

    Trash only looks good in the trashcan so make sure you place a small indoor dustbin in your room for tissues, receipts, and packets of midnight snacks. Make sure to place it near the place where you lounge the most because those are the spots we get lazy and end up throwing the trash on the floor. We also tend to delay discarding things to another day and somehow that day never comes. Also, make sure the kids in the house know where to throw trash as well.  This little habit of discarding and throwing trash away on the spot can save you from tons of trouble later.

    13. Clothes should not be on the floor

    Another vice most school-going student is a victim of are taking off and throwing shoes, socks, and clothes on the floor. To save yourself the trouble of picking them up later and to prevent giving the house a really bad look, place a laundry basket in the living room or wherever kids change their clothes so the know here to discard their worn and dirty clothes.

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    Final Word 

    The size of the house matters little when you have mastered the art of organizing. In fact, you can make space and keep your house really pretty without spending a fortune. Dwell into DIY projects, get in touch with your crafty side, and prepare everything at home. You can even repurpose so many old items into a classy looking storage area. Use your emptied oil canisters, or even an old step stool to turn it into makeshift furniture. Or you can purchase what you need at affordable prices from Farosh.