13 Ways You Can Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

13 Ways You Can Make Your Living Room Look Bigger
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    Apr 02, 2020

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  • Wish your living room were 50 percent bigger than it is now? Well, we can understand and here you will find a few design tricks that will make your small living room to appear bigger. And the best thing is that you don’t even have to take down a wall. Try for these tips for tweaking your colors, furniture, window treatments and more to make your living room look and feel bigger. These tricks are the best for you to make your living room enhanced in size as well as add more value to the décor

    Using Plenty of Light Colors 

    You have probably read that painting the walls white or any other lighter shade (includes soft grey or subtle taupe) can help to make a room look bigger, and it is without any doubt true. However, you can even make their effect more powerfully by using similarly airy shades for other furnishings as well. 

    The living room that has a white rug, white sofa, white TV console, and white coffee table can help to create a seamless and breezy look. The method doesn’t have to be impractical as it sound while the seating with the removable covers, hard surfaces in white (such as the white laminate media fixtures or the marble-topped tables) and hardy natural fiber rugs in many pale shades will give you a scheme of lighter color that wouldn’t be even impossible to keep clean. 

    In general, choosing the major furnishing in a pale shade that is similar to the wall will help to avoid breaking up the living room, nevertheless, you don’t have to choose everything in white to benefit from this effect. 

    If you think that a white sofa would be too hard to clean or you have kids who would very soon turn it into painting then a mid-tone grey would be an excellent shade for hiding all types of blemishes because it wouldn’t show light or dark flecks.

    Include Hints of Dramatic Black 

    Just because you are using a lot of light colors doesn’t mean that you aren’t supposed to add drama to it. With such a boom in online shopping in Pakistan, you will be able to find so many small elements of black online that will give your living room a strong sense of contrast. Black and white patterns add just the right hint of color to energize a small room, without shrinking it. 

    Adding contrast will create an interplay of depths, with different pieces advancing and receding while it can trick your eye seeing the room as much bigger. 

    Layer a Feature Wall

    While playing with depth, you can add an interesting feature wall. You can add the depth on a wall with a window and layering the dramatic treatment behind a light curtain. You can also put a good wallpaper while it is tucked behind simple white drapes that will make the room appear to be more deeper. 

    Use Soft Sheers

    Soft sheers are a great pick for the windows in the living room. Curtains that are fully opaque allow your eye to take in a hint of view beyond, which makes the room to appear less closed in when the curtains are drawn. 

    If you want privacy in the living room, then you can also layer the sheers behind opaque panels to have both of the options. Choosing similar shades for both will help them blend together visually for a seamless effect that feels big and not busy. 

    Uncover the Windows

    You can even consider leaving the windows uncovered if you don’t want that much of privacy in your living room. It removes one element that breaks up the room while saving a precious inch or three of the space and leave the outside view fully exposed, which draws the eye outward.

    Include Lots of Lighting

    It is a fact that natural light goes a long way toward making a living room look bigger, but the artificial lighting helps too. You can include a lot of light sources that will create a big and bright look during the day and a more selective as well as cozy glow at night. Include lights that have dimmers when possible and try to use lighting at least in three categories such as a table or floor lamps, hanging fixtures, recessed ceiling fixtures or the wall scones. 

    Draw the Eye

    Now here’s a clever trick that sometimes is the best way to make a room seem deeper by drawing the eye completely outside of it. The living room doesn’t include any wall treatment but the eye just can’t help but to land on the fun wallpaper print in the adjacent bedroom or lounge. You can place a feature wall where it could be seen clearly from the living room that will add some interest to both the rooms while making the living space to feel less confined. 

    Using Rugs

    Rugs are great for defining a specific zone as separate from the surrounding, such as anchoring a seating group in an open space. To make a smaller living room appear bigger, you don’t have to break it up so you should use a generous rug that comes close to the borders of the room, adding richness and the drawing the eye in different directions.

    Hang Large Mirrors

    Adding mirrors can seriously fool the eye into making the room appear twice as large, especially if you use one big enough mirror to appear almost like a door or a window into another space. You can look to floor mirrors, oversize walls mirrors or even stretches of mirror tile that will create the illusion to a maximum effect. 

    Use Tables Barely

    Now in a small space, you need to eliminate the furniture as much as you can. One place where you can reduce the bulky furniture more is the coffee table. You can use leggy tables to make the living room look bigger, it will allow you to stretch your legs a bit more too, and it will help in making the room feel bigger. 

    This trick doesn’t only apply to the table but you can apply it to the sofa, chairs and even the side tables. You should use furniture that has long legs and a less bulky silhouette to create the longer sightlines and also giving you more legroom. 

    Skip the Coffee Table Entirely 

    Want to truly go bold? Skip the coffee table and just rely on the side tables and the ledges for setting down the food or drinks. Leaving the table in the center of the seating group can make a living room to look more spacious and it will also create more leg space. In fact, most of the time you only need a good footstool, anyway. 

    Make Open Shelves

    While going with less should always be the goal, but sometimes you just need that extra storage. You can include the open shelving without the closed-in sides to stash more of the décor while you can make it be visually stunning pieces without the boxing in the room. In this way, you wouldn’t feel like you have lost any of the space in the room, while you will also be able to store a lot of your fixtures in your room. Mostly the family picture frames can also be found in the living room, so you can place them in the open shelves too. 

    Include the Multiple Focal Points

    You shouldn’t be scared to include some pieces that add the drama in your living room. You can always go for including the multiple medium strength focal points instead of just one singular feature that encourages the eye to move around the room well and also take it in. Your living room is a style statement of your own personal choices so you should always make it appear to be easy on the eyes.

    Many of the times, you can go to a room and there would be so many fixtures and colors that your eyes would get tired of taking it all in, resulting in you don’t approve of the surrounding. However, times and trends have quite changed and now it is all about being elegant, subtle and adding a hint of class. Natural elements and colors have been taking all over the world and you can use colors like copper, gold or silver that will add that elegance and uniqueness to your living room. 

    Final Word 

    The best thing about these tips is that you don’t have to go overboard with your budget or spending to achieve the look. If you want to buy fixtures or furniture that is all about uniqueness then you should look no more. Farosh.pk has a vast range of home and living options that are available at affordable prices and with the ongoing sales, you can save a lot more on the furniture and home décor. So don’t waste any time and shop for all the things you require to make your living room bigger.