5 Essentials to Keep You, Sane, During Load Shedding!

5 Essentials to Keep You, Sane, During Load Shedding!
  • If you live in Pakistan, you are not alien to the term ‘Load Shedding’. The country fights a severe battle of excessive load on electricity during hot summers. In cities like Karachi and Lahore, people experience power failure for more than 24 hours which can be very frustrating. It is mentally exhausting, as you are stripped from the luxury of having a cold glass of water or enjoying a pleasant breeze from the ceiling fan. Things get more challenging when your emergency light/rechargeable light dies away. A power bank always saves the phone from dying and losing connection with the world. Essentials such as a rechargeable mini water dispenser or portable mini fridge battery always help you out during electrical faults.

     But things get tough when you don’t know what to do throughout the day when your internet device shuts down. A functioning WI-FI router is more important than a portable battery-powered fan. The wise solution to the consistent load-shedding might encourage you to go solar-powered as it is eco-friendly. However, a person wonders how to escape from boredom whenever there is no light in the house. Some opt for games for entertainment, such as board games and while others try to connect complex puzzles to kill time. For today’s blog, I picked out the succeeding essentials that are a must-have when your house experiences a power failure.


    •       Power Banks
    •       Rechargeable Lights
    •       Rechargeable Neck Fans
    •       Generators and UPS
    •       Candles


    Power Banks are Your Knight in Shining Amour

    While facing a power failure, it is crucial to keep your phone active. In case of any kind of emergency, you can contact your family or friends easily. Power banks eliminate the chances of your phone switching off and provide you relief by charging it without the dependency of light. The charging essential is affordable and available in all kinds of ranges in the market. A power bank is recommendable to own and keep with you, not only at home but at work as well.  As advanced technology also saves you from being stranded on a deserted road. It is much more vital than having a Portable Battery Powered Fan at home.


    Rechargeable is Eco-friendly

    Living in Pakistan, it is a given that a power outage might last for more than 24 hours, which is abnormally long. However, when there are problems, there are always solutions available too. Emergency Light/ Rechargeable Light is the smart solution that was introduced in the market to provide sufficient light output to families struggling with endless load shedding. Apart from providing light, it is an eco-friendly option as it reduces carbon print by replacing thousands of batteries. Needless to say, it eradicates the feeling of being in a horror movie.


    Pros of having Rechargeable Neck Fans

    These are super cool inventions that each household should own. When your electronics, the internet device, Air conditioning, and fans give up on you then a portable fan is the only solution you are left with. But with the passing of time, the rechargeable device has taken up a creative face. Such as the new rechargeable neck fans that rest at the back of your neck and offer not one but two fan heads to refresh you from the cold breeze. It is a better and more advantageous gadget compared to a rechargeable mini water dispenser. If you want to keep yourself revitalized during hot summers, then buy one for yourself on Farosh.pk today.


    Nothing can Beat the Importance of Generators and UPS

    In a country where load shedding is common, you should follow two important rules. One, install backups for all electricity-based alarms or go solar-powered. Clearly, installing solar panels is not cost-friendly for everyone, which makes installing generators and UPS your safest choice. Generators are easier to install and can take up loads of electronics, depending on the capacity you choose. However, UPS are known to be the most popular compared to generators as they are cost-effective and easy to maintain. Depending on your budget and requirement you can choose either of the reliable backups for your home. Both of the electrical backups are safe and durable.


    Alight your Worries Away

    At times when your UPS or generator refuses to perform due to a technical error, then you are left with only one option to illuminate your home- CANDLES. The 18th-century light resource might sound outdated but a lot of the time they have turned out to be a savior when your other backups fail to provide you benefits. Needless to say, it is one of the safest options and really cheap. The fun beings, when you bring out all the games for entertainment out of the closet and play till the sun rises high in the sky. This one has to be the most fun way to spend the night while waiting for the light to turn back on. Also, the easy use of a candle makes you choose it over Emergency Light/ Rechargeable Light any day.


    Perks of Power Failure 

    Yes, you read that right. Although losing the light for the whole day can be exhausting, it has some perks too. While having all the essentials such as Portable Battery Powered Fan at home, you can call all your friends at the home and plan out fun activities. Apart from digging out board games, you can do puzzles or have a blast playing charades. If such activities don’t interest you, then painting freely on a canvas can lead you to feel refreshed. The ideal way to beat the hot room temperature would be to have a large bowl of ice cream which will guide you to your happy place. I hope the essentials and tricks to beat boredom during the load-shedding have given you satisfactory answers. Last but not the least, it will be wise of you to buy these electrical backups during winter as you can find a decent discount on Farosh.pk which will be a treat for your wallet.