Avoid these 10 deadly mistakes fresh businessmen often make

Avoid these 10 deadly mistakes fresh businessmen often make
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    Feb 23, 2020

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  • Running a successful business is not a cup of cake as it sounds. And when it comes to online shop, the task becomes even more challenging, adding a lot of chores and technicalities. With the rapid increase in online shopping, the trend of setting an e-commerce store is also hiking.

    To establish an online shop, you have multiple options. You may set an exclusive store of yours, may sell your products on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, or work as a drop shipper.  Despite your online business, you have to put in a lot of effort and take care of several small and large aspects to prosper your online business.

    The boost in online shopping in Pakistan also makes you think that without cyber presence, you cannot succeed? Yes, you are right! If you still have not inaugurated your shop, you are lagging behind most of your competitors. You can quickly establish your online store with Farosh to reach people shopping online.

    But, wait a minute! Don’t blindly rush after store. Don’t you know that many online sellers have made critical blunders – just learn from their mistakes? We are enlisting some critical dimensions for you to consider before jumping into the pool of online selling.

    Mistake #1 Have a Vague Idea of Audience:

    Irrespective of brick and mortar or e-commerce, audience or customer is the focal point of any business. But most of the newbies do not focus on doing homework on audience selection, which is the first aspect to operate. Analyze your audience before stepping into the market. Know who will be your primary and secondary target based upon their demographic and behavioral factors.

    Mistake #2 Opt for too Broad Niche:

    Like a jack of all trades, diving into all niches while selling online may cause complexities for you. Choose your niche precisely; don’t make your store too broad. Go for vertical products to build your strong identity and customer base. It will not only help your customers know what you actually do but will also make your marketing task simpler. If you still wish to expand your product line, you may also opt for options that accompany each other, i.e., jewelry to appraisal.  

    Mistake #3 Neglect the Power of Strength and Weakness:

    In this fast and furious world of e-commerce, setting off your eyes from your key qualities can prove deadly for you. Many others are dealing with the product the same as yours, so how can you sell it better than them. Of course, you have to outperform than your competitors in one way or another, analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Bring out your unique selling point, that stands you out, stick to it and sell with confidence.

    Mistake #4 Underestimating the customer:

    The customer is your real boss; he can raise you or destroy you. Imagine you visit a shop to buy something, but you face shopkeeper’s frowned eyes and harsh tone. Would you buy from him after such a cranky mood? Of course not! And the scenario worsens in online shopping as the user has unlimited options available at the distance of one-click. Keep your tone sweet and crunchy and warmly greet them as soon as they approach you.


    Mistake #5 Underrate Time:

    Time! Time! Time! The online world is the game of time only. Even a micro part of second counts here. You can easily push potential customers back from your shop by underestimating its value. So, try to respond to them as quickly as possible. Better if you make a schedule to response customer queries twice a day. As soon as you remove people’s confusion, more likely they will turn into your valuable customer.


    Mistake #6 Ignore After Sales Service:

    Whether you agree or not, but nothing is more necessary for your business than after sales service. Don’t think that after successful delivery of your order, your journey ends. No, it’s actually the start of your relationship. Available to the consumer in the hour of need. Aside from it, even a small message or thank you notice can make them smile. If they face any complaint, apologize and resolve their complaint. Assure them that they will not suffer trouble again.


    Mistake #7 Just List Their Items Up:

    Stop doing it anymore. People are not buying the product. They are actually looking for what it has to offer them. They are at your store to grab the solution to their problems. So, attract them with the content that they will find catchy. Let them know how your product will offer them optimum results in minimum time. For the ultimate convenience of your and your customer, don’t forget to add a clear description of each product.


    Mistake #8 No Marketing:

    In such hustle bustle who have time to look for your shop when he has so many handy and lucrative options. Scores of people are operating in the same niche, offering the same items. What makes one different from another is how they market their product. Being a business owner marketing is the core of your job. Do regular social media posting, and also utilize other tools to promote your product. Remember that human is greedy by nature. Nothing works better to catch him than playing coupons, promos, buy 1 get 1 free offer.


    Mistake #9 Instantly Give Up:

    It is one of the major mistakes we have observed in new businessmen. Giving up is more common in emotional youth than elders. It demands a plentiful time and effort to establish an online shop. And, needs too long to create brand recognition in the world of online shopping. So, don’t hurry for results, give your full potential consistently to touch the peaks of your profit goal.  


    Mistake #10 Clash of Commitment and Performance:

    Don’t you think that it is worthy of mentioning that if your product doesn't work as it promises it will damage your reputation? Meanwhile, business is solely the game of promise. So, deliver what you say; otherwise, you will not make resale. Yeah, if you want to sell your product only once and have no concern with future sales, we won't stop you from selling the lousy product. Otherwise, no futuristic shop owner will ever like to damage his name.


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