Books that you MUST get for your kids right NOW!

Books that you MUST get for your kids right NOW!
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    Apr 13, 2020

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  • Kids who grow up reading to be better individuals than the ones who don’t. No matter how common internet and e-resources become, the importance of a physical book will never fade away. The habit of reading should be engraved into the children from a very early age. Start reading to them before they even start going to school. Read them aloud and get them acquainted to the concept and habit of reading. There are now soft books available in the markets that are meant for the toddlers. Yes, we all know that toddlers can’t read, but the purpose is just to develop an interest in reading in them from a very early age. Reading helps them understand the world and the things in it. It expands the horizon of their imagination and refines their thought process. 

    Turning your children to be reading-addict stimulates their cognitive abilities. Providing them with books from an early age enables them to recognize pictures, symbols, and letters and thus they turn out to be sharper and more intelligent as adults. Such kids have been found to perform better in the early years of school as well. Moreover, when you make your children read books, their linguistic skills are also improved. It adds to the vocabulary of the kids because these books may go beyond the usual set of words you use or your routine talk with your kids. Read to them in English as well as in your national and native language to help them learn all these languages. It also influences their listening abilities, the ability to decipher situations, and the ability to differentiate between words and expressions. Reading the stories, in particular, does all of these wonders in a higher magnitude. Begin with the stories that are easier for them to grasp and help them in triggering their imaginations. As they grow older, the choice of books should also mature along, gradually moving them to general knowledge and non-fiction. However, the joy of reading fiction is something that can be enjoyed at any age in an individual’s life. 

    Reading also helps in the moral and psychological upbringing of the kids and young individuals. From the moral based stories for the kids to the self-help books meant for teens, such books leave a great influence on a child’s developing mind and the impact remains there in the subconscious. This influence is built into the child’s personality and eventually becomes a part of who he or she turns out to be. There is a reason why all these stories have been created that show that those who lie always suffer and those who are kind to human beings always win in the end. Researches show tremendous results of the self-help books as well. These books work as a guideline to the teenagers, which tend to be the most confusing years of one’s life. 

    Following are few of the many obvious benefits of making your children read books:

    Reading adds to General Knowledge

    When you read to your children, and when they are able to read themselves, it keeps on adding to their general knowledge. Such kids turn into more successful individuals in the longer run. Everyone can memorize the course at school. It is the children who have general knowledge that excels in school and other such competitive environments. 

    Readers become better writers as well 

    When a person starts reading from an early age, he or she eventually develops better writing style as well. With the extensive reading comes an ability to better express oneself in writing. From vocabulary to sentence creation, from scenario building to having a flow in one’s writing, all these aspects are clearly reflected when an avid writer sits down to write. From writing essays and exam papers from the early school years to the researches and term papers in university, the writing of the reader will always stand out. 

    Readers are more intelligent

    Reading stimulates the cognitive abilities of a child. It clearly helps in brain development. It boosts brain activity and works as a mental exercise. It also brings focus, which prepares a child’s brain to be able to pay attention to everything that he or she gets the exposure of. Readers are better observant and hence learn from everything around. They can clearly differentiate between objects, phenomenon, situations, and people and therefore are regarded as geniuses. 

    So with these positive potential differences that reading to your children can make, why not start reading to them today. You can shop now at, which is the new online shopping portal in Pakistan that offers free home delivery. The site has a great collection of books and magazines for the young as well as older readers. has sorted some for you to begin with, the details and links to which are as follows:

    • First Book of Nursery Rhymes

    This one is a must-have if you have a toddler. Regardless of the fact that your toddler cannot read as yet, you still should get this book right away. Sing the rhymes to your kids so their learning starts right away. Give them the book in their hands to get them acquainted with what it is. Even learning to turn a page can do wonders in creating reading habits in later years of that kid. This book is not just lightweight to facilitate easy handling for the kids but also has high-quality graphics and printing which makes the images in it attractive to the young ones. 

    This is from where you can buy it

    For buying the book. Click here 

    • Where’s Santa? By Chuck Whelon

    This one is a comic book meant for young readers as soon as they are able to read themselves. This book is about the adventures of Santa and has been written to entertain and engage the young readers. Chuck Whelon is an author who has written and created several books of comics and puzzles for young readers. It is currently available at a discounted price, so the chance should not be missed out. 

    Buy it here now 

    • Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

    This book comes when your child is ready to get started with the actual fiction reading. This book, although meant for the young readers, is still regarded as one of the most enduring works of the author. This is a classic tale that teaches the readers a lesson of courage and strength. It teaches the young minds how to face both the victory and the loss and how to win both the situations for the victory of your inner self. 

    Here is the link to buy it from 

    For buying the book. Click here 

    Grammar Smart: The Savvy Student’s Guide to Perfect Usage

    Along with the resources on “Reading for Pleasure”, also get some handy material that prepares your kids for their school as well. This book on Grammar is great for early school learners as it guides the readers on all the basic rules of grammar in the light of examples. Unlike other books of Grammar, this one explains everything in the simplest of styles that makes it really understandable for young readers. 

    Order it right now from here.


    • Fatima Jinnah: Mother of the Nation by M. Reza Pirbhai

    Non-fiction must always be there in your reading material. Get this amazing book on Fatima Jinnah and get to know your national leaders better. This book has no age confines and everyone in the family, including both the children as well as parents, can read it for the enlightening knowledge on the life of the mother of the nation. 

    Buy it here.

    Buy these books today as has some amazing discount deals going on, on the websites. So fill your carts before these offers run out. Happy Reading!