Car Polishing or Waxing: Same or Different?

Car Polishing or Waxing: Same or Different?
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    Mar 20, 2020

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  • A lot of people think that keeping your car sparkling clean is easy and quick. Just grab a sponge a little bit of dishwashing soap and a towel, and that's it. This simple car washing and cleaning strategy are okay, but sometimes your car requires more to maintain and enhance its look color appearance finish and shine.

    Then comes the people who assume that car polishing is same as car waxing and use them interchangeably while this is not the actual reality. They are two totally different things and should not be intermixed. Both of these are necessary for the maintenance of the look, paint, and finish of your car equally.

    After washing a car, maintaining the car's shine is a top priority for the owner. Usually, people get confused when deciding whether you need to polish or wax your car or perhaps do both and the sequence to follow. Whether to polish first or apply the wax before polishing? In order to obtain maximum results from the products used, car polishing and waxing require a stepwise approach in sequence. If you do it randomly, you might end up with scratched or dull car paint without shine. It can lose its original look, color, appearance, and finish. So, each and every step should be followed in sequence; otherwise, it will lose its purpose. For instance, everybody here knows that polishing a car before washing is a total waste of time and money. Same goes for car polishing and car waxing. There is no other way around. 

    The following steps need to be followed in order to polish and wax your car:

    1.   Wash your car properly so that no dirt remains on its surface.
    2.   Dry it thoroughly and completely and make sure no dust particle is left.
    3.   Apply a small amount of polish on a sponge covered with terry cloth and start working in round motions if working with hand or machine.
    4.   Do not put too much pressure, be moderate.
    5.   Keep rubbing until the polish disappears from the surface of the car.
    6.   Once it is complete, use a microfiber cloth to remove any residue on the car's exterior.
    7.   In the end, apply wax on an applicator and rub it on the surface of the car gently.

    Most of the people wonder about the differences between polishing and waxing your car? Heres a car polish and wax guide that will reveal to you the benefits of both the products on the look, appearance, shine, and finish of your car.

    Car Polish

    Car polishing products contain abrasives in order to even out the car surface and any imperfections. These products are formulated to remove minute damages on the top coat of the car which includes oxidation, dirt, bird feces, dust particles, leaves, and branch scratches and swirls that build up over time, but the car polish does not make your car shiny or glossy.

    It affects the top layer of the car and makes it thinner so too much polishing can have a negative impact on car paint and destroy it. So, polishing is recommended bi-annually or quarterly, depending on the weather and environmental conditions. 

    Polish is available in the market in three forms: cream, spray, and liquid. It depends on your need and preferences. It is quite easy to work with liquid or spray polishes compared to cream because liquid and spray can be readily and evenly spread out on the surface of the car and disappears without much effort. On the other hand, some people believe that cream polish provides better results as compared to other forms, especially if weather conditions are hotter.

    Another thing to consider while choosing the right polish is the levels of abrasiveness. There are different products that contain different level of abrasiveness. Too harsh products can have a negative impact.  But again it all depends on your need and condition of your car. Organic products that do not contain any ingredients that chemically abrade paint are safer to use. They also provide you better results, and in addition to that, they protect the environment and your health too.

    Polish should be applied before wax because it helps to restore paint that has lost its original look due to oxidation, dust, minor scratches, and swirls. Make sure that you apply the polish gently and in circular motions. Do not use hefty amounts of polish, assuming better results. Use gloves while polishing and make sure to wear a mask because chemicals can be harmful to your health.

    Car Wax

    Car wax is used to protect and enhance the look and life of a car's paint coating. It is best to apply wax after washing, cleaning, and polishing your car to add shine to the car paint. Half of which is achieved by polishing the car which cleans the surface by removing dirt, filling swirls and scratches.  But wax is gentler and does not have a negative impact of car's paint, instead of removing a top coat of paint like polish, car wax smooth's out the top coat of the paint, protects the paint from sun/UV rays, acidic rainwater, and adds shine. 

    The primary purpose of car wax is to form a protective layer on the surface of your car and protect it from contamination, damages, sun rays, and different weather and environmental conditions. The main ingredient in a car wax is carnauba wax which is considered excellent because of its benefits

    •   It is water resistant and does not wash away with heavy rain;
    •   It can withstand high temperatures and will not melt due to high temperature and will remain on car's surface to protect it from UV rays; and
    •   It gives your car a glossy and shiny finish when combined with other ingredients.

    Final Thoughts

     Hope that this article was helpful in understanding the difference between car polishing and car waxing and their particular importance. When was the last time that you polished or waxed your car? Can't Remember? It is never too late. You only have to visit and order the tools and products from a wide range offered online that is required for polishing and waxing your car now and get them delivered quickly. Do not delay because the scorching sun is damaging the paint of your car. Do it now before it is too late.