Guide on How To Decorate Small Spaces in your House or Room

Guide on How To Decorate Small Spaces in your House or Room
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    Feb 29, 2020

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  • With each passing time, more and more people are migrating to metropolitan cities. It is the reason why apartments, small and medium-sized housing communities system can be seen in one of the biggest cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. However, urban dwellers surely know how to make even the small spaces creative and aesthetic. If you don’t have a huge house, it doesn’t mean that you can’t show your style in it. It is a fact that decorating a smaller space requires as much creativity as a larger one and a good eye for what will go with space and what won’t. In fact, with the boom of online shopping in Pakistan, it has become even easier to get the furniture and fixtures of your choice very feasible.

    The focus will be naturally going to be a bit different, but still, the general rules of design and creativity are going to be the same. So whether you are planning to decorate your entire apartment or your own room, we have some of the best tips on how you can use the small space to your liking and make it a piece of art. The best thing is that you will be able to get the fixtures or the furniture you require through different e-commerce sites in Pakistan. So follow these tips below to decorate the small space and make your home or room shine.

    Focus on Lighting

    Have you ever wondered why you get that perfect light in your bathroom? Well, the answer to that is because small room reflects the light well and it falls on the right angles. With the addition to the natural light through the windows, you can use additional lighting that will make space look more spacious and illuminated. If you don’t have enough room to have big lights or table lamps then you can always go for string light or pendant lighting that won’t take much space and lightens the space too. You can even go for small hanging bulbs that can be found on with a broad variety to choose from.

    Keeping Bigger Items on the Perimeter

    There is certainly no need for you to ditch the large furniture if you are decorating a small space, however, you will be required to be more strategic about the placement of the larger fixtures or furniture. Always go for maintaining the depth of the space by placing large furniture like couches, bookcases or bed against the wall rather than on the middle of the floor.

    Go for Multipurpose or Folding Furniture

    Furniture that is multifunctional will not only save you money but also space. There are a lot of ingenious furniture and fixtures can be found on various e-commerce sites in Pakistan that will serve you with multi-purpose use and also be easy to fold it up when they are not being in use. Desks, tables, and even beds come in styles that are easily be put away like on you can find a foldable sofa or sofa cum bed that will make more room and are easy to move around. Likewise, you can find various furniture that has different purposes where the side tables can be converted into desks.

    Using Mirrors

    Mirrors are used to make an area seem big, as it gives the illusion of more space and room. Mirrors serve for both the purpose i.e. the additional light and as well as the feeling of the additional space due to the refection of natural and the non-natural lighting. The mirrors are even practical and then they even add to that aesthetic feel. You can find great designs or mirror frames on online shopping sites in Pakistan that will provide you value for money. You can even create a wall of mirrors with big and smaller mirrors giving the space more artistry feel.

    Getting Rid of Extra Stuff

    Now, this could be a tough decision if you are a hoarder, but the benefit that comes with small spaces is that it allows you to think that what are the things you don’t require and are completely useless. In turn, you will be getting rid of all the stuff that just sits there and it has no purpose in your house or room. If it is difficult to make a decision then you can always ask other members of the house to help you choose from the stuff you want to get rid of.

    Avoid the Clutter

    Remember that when you are decorating a smaller space, it is better to keep in mind that less is more. You would want to keep the general stuff that you own at a minimum level since you don’t have a lot of room to work with on the first place. Make sure that you are leaving plenty of open space in your house as well as your room, for the ease of movement and for maintaining the utility too. The rule applies to all the areas like the floor to the countertops, make space between the furniture items.

    Show Creativity with Storage

    You can find a lot of amazing storage options that are beautiful pieces of décor and even serve the purpose of storing items.  There are a lot of online shopping sites in Pakistan like that offers you such products or trunks with beautiful designs that can also be used as seating fixtures. You should find ways that will store your items without you have to shove it all in the closet.

    Going for Bold Options

    Small spaces have the biggest benefit that it allows you to go with bold colors, textures, and even prints. But make sure that you are mixing the bold options with neutrals too so that it doesn’t make your house or room too overwhelming. If you don’t want to go too bold then you can always go for using colors or patterns in smaller ways like an accent on the wall or getting some pillows, even some picture frames. You can even put some bright colored wallpaper and buy a dark colored couch that you always wanted to have. As long as you are putting some color or pattern in the house or room that is balancing it all, then there is no need to fear anything.

    Use Large Rugs

    When you are decorating a smaller space, the trick is all about to make the eye into seeing more than what there is. When you will use larger rugs in smaller spaces, you start to see and think – small. Decorating with larger rugs will also give you a feel of grandeur and you will start to feel that the room is larger. However, the shape of the space and the furniture will ultimately decide the best rug size to purchase, but you can always go for bigger ones.

    Don’t Neglect the Vertical Space

    You should not neglect the vertical space i.e. the walls. You can play around with the walls with taller items that affix your walls with shelving or other decoration items providing that vertical depth with addition to the spaciousness, you want to create. You can go for beautiful vases, paintings or even if you want to go for hanging drapes, make sure to the install the rod only 2 inches below the ceiling that will give it the illusion of extra depth and height.

    Brighten the Space with Plants and Flowers

    Adding greenery and more color to space will give it a breath of life and you style it in any way that you like, as long as you don’t overcrowd it. If you wouldn’t be able to care for real-life plants then you can always go for artificial plants that can be found in various stores or on any online shopping site in Pakistan. The fake ones are as great as the real ones, and you won’t have to worry about watering them all the time.

    Look Out for Symmetry

    Symmetry is something which attracts almost everyone, in terms of faces, nature and even in homes. If you want to have various seating fixtures in your house or room then you can always go for adding the storage cabinets and make them cooler by placing pieces in front of each other in every room. It will make the room and the house to feel cleaner and that would be pleasing to the eye too.

    Divide and Rule

    You can always divide the small space without having to make it feel very tight by using sheer and light colored curtains, room dividers or even open shelves that will create more space with making the clutter all around. All of the options will make the light to shine through space, which is very important to make the smaller spaces as airy and open as possible. The dividers can also act as the dramatic designs and that will add a very different flair to your house or your room.

    While you are decorating a smaller space, it isn’t that you try to make everything work even if it doesn’t look right. Your goal should be to get the best fixture and décor that will brighten up space and bring it to life. Check out from where you can get creative home décor and furniture products to make your room or house more stylish and chic.