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Home is where your comfort is!
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    Apr 06, 2020

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  • With the mornings getting brighter and days longer and hotter, we know summer is here in full swing. Along with staying fresh and hydrated yourself, you need to keep your homes clean and tidy too! Of course, who doesn’t like a clean house after coming home from super tiring work? 

    Doing housework- cleaning and doing dishes especially, in this scorching heat is one big task. No normal human being can manage cleaning the house and do all the office work on time, simultaneously. You either end up doing nothing at all or compromising in the quality of your work- be it the office work or household chores. In this point of time in such fast-paced and technology-driven life, no one gets much time for manually investing time and energy in household chores. Why burden yourself with such efforts when you can save your time and energy with technology? Let’s make things a bit easier for ourselves and step into the electronic world!

    Here is a list of six electronic appliances that you can get your hands on to make summers a bit less harsh on yourself: 

    Vacuum cleaner:

    Everyone knows summer is full of sandstorms and strong winds that make everything littered with dust. When you’re super tired and want to get rid of all that dirt around you but also don’t feel like picking up a broom and sweeping, that’s where vacuum cleaners step in. Here, they play the walloping role in cleaning up all the mess in a single go! Where having a broom in your hand makes you look untidy along with the terrain around, such appliances cut down the mental and physical stress. Obviously, who wants to sweat and sweep all day long in such rugged weather conditions? 

    With the trend of online shopping in Pakistan increasing day by day, you don’t even need to go out in this unbearable heat and stroll different aisles of departmental stores looking for vacuum cleaners, just order them online and relax! 

    Microwave Oven:

    A microwave oven is an electric appliance and an unconventional form of cooking. Most of the times, it’s simply called a microwave or micro, this type of oven uses electromagnetic waves to cook or heat up already cooked foods. Apart from that, it is also a very quick way of defrosting frozen items such as meats. See, how much effort is saved just by making such a small investment! Now quickly rush to your nearest store and get your hands on a microwave. In fact, since online shopping in Pakistan is the new trend, just purchase it online so you don’t have any hassles to go through. Life made simple with just one click! 

    Automatic washing machine:

    No wonder every household has a washing machine nowadays but that requires too much manual labor that nobody is willing for, anymore. The world has taken a step forward and we need to update our lifestyles accordingly. Get yourself an automatic washing machine in which all you have to do is put your dirty clothes in and then take out your nicely washed, clean clothes. Isn’t that just super amazing? Since most of the women now have jobs and are always on the go, washing clothes seems like a really huge burden; however, not when you own a good automatic washing machine! 

    If you want to make your summers peaceful, you need to buy it as soon as possible. 

    A dehumidifier:

    Every now and then, the heat comes in with a great amount of humidity that is quite tough to beat! One of the main reasons of perspiring and feeling sticky during extreme summers is humidity. If you hate that sensation like every other normal human being, then perhaps, you ought to buy a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier draws in the air and eliminates water from it, leaving behind fresh air that will surely not make you feel sticky and sweaty. 

    The Dehumidifier will certainly result in a less hot room. This is because it chills the air, which then fails to hold water! Say goodbye to the sweaty, sticky feeling in this summer season with a Dehumidifier!

    Iced tea makers:

    Yes, you read it right. Iced tea makers might seem insignificant but they are super essential during summers. Along with keeping your homes cool, you need to keep your bodies cool and minds clear too, and for that, all we need is a devilishly cold drink! Of course, you can opt for a soda but drinking that alone during the whole summer season would totally ruin your health. Hence, you need to go for something that is a bit healthy such as iced tea. 

    Iced tea makers make the whole procedure of making ice-cold tea way too easy. All you have to do is add ice, water, and a tea bag or loose tea in the tea maker and see it work its magic. While some local iced tea makers need an electrical plug to work, imported ones work like an infuser. You don’t even need electrical connections to operate them. However, such iced tea makers are not very easily available in the market but with the trend of online shopping in Pakistan, you don’t need to worry! Buy them from any online store and make your summers a whole lot better!

    Inverter Air Conditioners:

    I know air conditioners are really common and you must be thinking how and why they still found their way in this list. Well, I’m not talking about simple air conditioners here. I am talking about the ones with inverters which most of people are not aware of, yet. With the electricity rates skyrocketing day by day, not everyone can afford air conditioning and therefore, our engineers have come up with inverter split-type air conditioners. They consume less electricity as they are energy efficient. Other than that, most of them also keep viruses and bacteria at bay. How cool is that? No more worrying about dengue viruses! 

    If you are worried about where to find them, you know online shopping in Pakistan is one of the coolest things nowadays so why not try that? Invest in a good inverter air conditioner and spend the rest of your summer in peace! 

    Hopefully, this list will help you in fighting the abnormally hot weather that has been getting on our nerves lately.