How to kill sticky, searing, and soaring summers with quick tricks?

How to kill sticky, searing, and soaring summers with quick tricks?
  • Summers are here again with scorching heating, blazing sun and excess of sweat. It gives us plentiful reasons to hate it, making our days pretty boring than its predecessors. We keep oscillating between lightheadedness, fury and mood swings, hate to work out and roam around until there is some pleasant breeze. Here we are going to tell you some tips to ease your life this summer.

    Keep distance from conventional shops

    It is a common perception that people love going out during summer. But, the massive traffic, the crowd in bazaars, and shopping malls overpopulated with masses turn summer evening into a mess. So, why not to avoid the worst odor of sweat, when you have the opportunity of online shopping. In Pakistan, there is a number of stores providing excellent online shopping experience. From shoes to clothes to household stuff and electronics you have an enormous variety to choose from. And now there are also stores that allow you to buy groceries and fruits online. Avail the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of hassle-free shopping.

    Plan short or long  trips

    Summers are hot and itchy, but they are also attractive, combining the vibrant shades of spring killing the frozen life of the Winter. No other season is better than outing, isn’t it Add pleasant vibes to Summer 2019, by roaming around. Can’t go on long journeys often? Look around your office and home. You will surely find recreational parks, grounds, rivers or sea-side where you can leave your all stress. Visit at least once a week your favorite place to enjoy the cold breeze that freshens you up. Cheer your life up by arranging friends and family trips at some weekend. Outings allow us to take a fresh start, improving human’s physical and mental health to perform better.

    Consume lots of water

    Water, water, water but you can’t consume that much water. We all know the importance of staying hydrated during summers. The excess of sweat and blazing sun drains our energy out and require us to take as much water as I could. Keep a water bottle with you all the time to beat the heat. But, drinking a lot of water sounds terrible to many of us, especially to youth. Add Tang, Jaam-e-Shireen or some other instant flavor to enhance the taste. You can also keep lemon water or fresh juice. Prevent the dehydration by having fruits and vegetables rich in water. Strawberries, watermelon, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber magically work if you aren't much into drinks.

    Intake less caffeine

    Maybe your moms and granny often tell you to leave caffeine. But, who put ears to home people? Caffeine sucks your body water out quickly, increasing the chances of dehydration during summertimes. To avoid flaky skin and dried out feeling, cut down your cups of coffee, tea, and cigarettes. Manage your crave with water and juices. It may make you feel down in the start, but the continuous effort will leave healthy impacts on your mind and body. Remember that most of the drinks including cola and energy liquors also contain a significant amount of caffeine taking you away from your cut caffeine goal.

    Have some workout

    Whether it is summer or winter workout is essential for an active life. Don’t break your workout habit due to extensive temperature, either keep it intact or make it minimal but do it. You can enjoy a jog or a walk if you feel comfortable to go out daily. If not, you may buy some gym machines for home. Many e-commerce platforms offering a vast variety of fitness machines including dumbbells, punching bags, ab rollers, and benches at pocket-friendly rates. Buy some exercise machine online or visit a local store to enjoy a workout at the comfort of your home. Don’t let your workout habit break. You can also easily do crunches and pushups without investing in any application.

    Let your skin glow

    Keep care of your hygiene, wash your face regularly with a good face wash. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and antioxidants, too. It isn’t the talk; it’s your appearance that leaves the first impression on others. Don’t let summers ruin your impression with dull skin. It is the season when pimples break out most affecting your appearance. Block acne by regularly applying gram flour and aloe vera on your face. You can either make their face mask by mixing adding honey or can use each ingredient individually.

    Wear summer friendly clothes

    Your dressing matters most. Go with what you are most comfortable carrying, at least at home. Use light stuff, and cool colors during hot climate. Avoid black as it is highly radiation absorber. Shorts are trendy this season among boys and men. Whereas, girls can wear capris, trousers and wide pants to look chic and comfortable simultaneously. Further, wearing sunglasses during summer saves you from sun rays but also makes you look cool.

    Final word

    Though sticky and hot, summer is the best time to nourish your health and skin. The longest season has so much to offer you from Vitamin D to fruits. It also gives the best option to look fashionable with minimal efforts. All you need is to opt for the routine that matches the sky-rocketing temperature. Happy summers ahead!

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