List of Countries Where Pakistani Passport Holders Can go Without a VISA

List of Countries Where Pakistani Passport Holders Can go Without a VISA
  • A Pakistani Passport holds 106hrank according to Guide Passport Ranking Index in 2022. Having a place above Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, and below UAE, the most powerful passport in the world. The Pakistani travel book allows you to explore one-of-a-kind cities and islands without the hassle of a Visa. Travelling needs a lot of preparation before you head to the airport for your flight. Apart from packing up the right clothes for the destination, there is a lot of paperwork to be taken care of. The most prominent one is getting a visa for the destination you are planning to fly to. Owning the official travel book of Pakistan relieves you of such responsibility for certain countries.

     You must be wondering which countries are eligible to enter without official consent. Before we dig into the list, you should remember a few important points before booking a flight. Even though you don’t need to arrange a visa to enter the selected countries, it is essential that your Pakistani passport renewal date has at least 6 months’ time before expiring. Even when you are applying for an umrah visa, you won’t be able to acquire one if the renewal date is less than 6 months. The same rules are put on when you are planning to register for a Canadian work visa or a Canadian student visa. Keeping such facts in mind, you can make the journey pleasant and stress-free.


    Top 11 Countries You Can Visit Visa-Free with a Pakistani Passport

     Without much further ado let’s get into the whirlpool of fantastic countries, with mind-blowing landscapes and fun activities to keep you busy throughout the planned vacation. The following countries are eligible for you to visit without a visa, courtesy of the Paki passport.


    •       Cook Islands
    •       Qatar
    •       Tanzania
    •       Dominica
    •       Palau
    •       Trinidad and Tobago
    •       Mauritania
    •       Montserrat
    •       Samoa
    •       Niue
    •       Vanuatu


    The Top 6 Must-Visit Locations

    Cook Islands

    If you want to spend your vacations on the beach with green-colored water and beautiful landscape but your budget restricts you and also, the visa process. Then the Cook Islands is the ideal pick for you this season. The island associated with New Zealand is a set of 15 islands. Accepting the News Zealand dollar and Cooks Island Dollar, the island country is popular among tourists for its picturesque views and calm environment. The multiple islands are known for their scuba diving and snorkeling sites. It is beautiful and a tropical treat for travelers who might want to never return home, and probably apply for a passport to stay there forever.


    Courtesy of the Pakistani travel book you can explore Qatar’s magnificent beauty without worrying about the process of acquiring a visa. The 106th-ranked passbook allows you to enter the middle-eastern country and enjoy skyscrapers and other modernly designed structures in the city. Apart from malls, the city is known for the Museum of Islamic Art and Souq Waqif Area. Similar to UAE, you will find delicious food such as Harees, Kabsa, and Qatari Machbous in the Arab country. If you are someone who is an amateur in traveling and doesn’t own an official Pakistani travel book yet, then visit the passport office and get one, without stressing over your budget, as the Pakistani passport fee is nominal.


    One of the largest countries in east Africa, Tanzania is known for attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro and Wildlife. You don’t need a green card on your travel documents to gain visa-free entry into the rich cultured country. The Swahili-speaking nationals are known to be soft-spoken and welcome tourists in large numbers every year due to the popularity of Serengeti National Park, which exhibits popular animals, including lions, buffalos, elephants, leopards, and Rhinos. 


    If you are a nature lover, then Dominica is the place you want to be. Being a Pakistani, gain benefits by visiting the beautiful country and exploring gorgeous waterfalls, humungous mountains, and tropical rainforests. You can even take a peaceful boat ride along the Indian river. Even though the passport of Pakistan is not the strongest passport in the world, it does provide its citizens with the best.


    An independent state since 1990, Palau ranks 4th smallest population in the world, and the country is strictly known for dive sites. The unique location is a natural spa and welcomes tourists who have an interest in natural beauty. Its beauty will definitely leave you wondering how to apply for a passport and make it your personal getaway.

    Trinidad and Tobago

    Dual-islands located near Venezuela are the birthplace of Limbo, with music styles such as Calypso, Raspo, and Parang. The tropical islands have gained popularity as exceptional sites for scuba diving and snorkeling. Both islands are deeply impacted by African and Indian Cultures. Other activities you can enjoy, are the Ziplines through the green forests and exuberant carnivals.

    The Remaining 5 Inessential Destinations

    The countries mentioned above, are the ones that are must-haves to visit if you have a Pakistani Passport to attain visa-free travel. Plus, these are an ideal selection to enjoy a nice vacation with your friends or spouse. However, there are a few countries on the list that doesn’t really have much to offer for tourism purpose but has their significance in their own special way. Starting off with Mauritania, which is located in Africa.


    Mauritania is not ideally popular for vacations but is known for its natural resources. It was the last country to abolish slavery back in the day. In today’s time, the location receives visits from mineralogists. A huge area of Mauritania is known to be covered by the Sahara Desert. Following Mauritania, comes Montserrat, a Caribbean Island, that is known to be a volcanic landscape. Samoa is popular because of the fact that famous Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson is a national of the independent state. Last but not the least, Niue and Vanuatu are the last two countries on the list, that grants free visa to Pakistanis.