List of Top Songs and Singers in 2022

List of Top Songs and Singers in 2022
  • Music is a universal language that each soul can listen to and feel without any translation required. It helps in soothing your anxiety and boosts your mood. If you are a melomaniac then you know what I am talking about.

    Who doesn’t just love bobbing their heads to catchy and mood-lifting beats without a care in the world?

    Every one of us has an activity that we like to do while listening to our favorite top 10 latest songs saved on our playlists. Such as driving, painting or simply just laying on our bed while lost in our precious thoughts. There are multiple trending songs in the world that are in foreign languages and yet they are able to communicate emotions to their listener.

    Let it be Korean, Balochi, Punjabi, or Hindi, the music bonds everyone together, regardless of what country they belong to.

    As it is popularly said, music doesn’t know boundaries. And it is very true. There are multiple songs in the top songs 2022 playlist that is from Pakistan but gained insane popularity across India and vice versa. While both South Asian countries are heavily influenced by each other, the music from the west also holds a wide range of audiophiles in both countries.

    Without wasting a minute, allow me to share the most popular new songs on the 2022 list.

    Bad Decision by BTS feat Snoop Dogg

    I am going to start with the most trending song and an obvious choice. Bad Decision has been topping the charts since its recent release. The song finally makes the dream collaboration between Snoop Dogg and BTS a reality.

    Fans are thrilled for the vocal line Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V of the famous K-pop band to join hands with Snoop Dogg in order to produce this masterpiece. The song is produced by Benny Blanco which is another reason why this song is one of the top 10 latest songs in 2022. English is a foreign language to the Butter-famed idols but yet they manage to nail the song, keeping in sync with the rhythm.

    The fame of BTS or Snoop Dogg isn’t hidden, as they are highly popular for their talent among their fans, and needless to say, that makes them one of the top singers of 2022.

    Pasoori by Shai Gill & Ali Sethi

    Another masterpiece was released in 2022 by Coke studio 14 Pakistan that not only took the nation by storm but also its neighboring country India. Its insane popularity led it to be labeled on the Punjabi song trending List today on YouTube even after months of its release.

    The song is in pure Punjabi and fans had issues initially understanding the context of the popular melody but that didn't stop it from going viral. Soon after its release, translations were uploaded by different users to help fans in understanding the meanings of the lyrics, which allowed them to enjoy the catchy beats of the track more.  

    It became one of the most trending songs in the world as it hit one million views within 10 days of its release and it was the first Pakistani song to feature on Spotify. This was Shai Gill’s debut song, making her a social media star overnight whereas Ali Sethi, has worked on other songs in the past but those were not as catchy as Pasoori.

    Both the singers did an incredible job at the vocals, conveying the exact emotion that the song needed to portray.

    ONE Kiss by Dua Lipa

    Produced by Scottish Dj Calvin Harris, One kiss is playing in every club and party these days with Dua Lipa’s voice cooing on the vocals. The singer is a proud owner of three Grammy Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, and many other accolades.

    The song tops on the top songs 2022 playlist as fans love grooving to its fast-paced beats. The sound is quite popular on Tiktok, as you can see multiple celebrity’s edits on the popular track. Dua Lipa is popular among her fans for having a mezzo-soprano voice and a signature disco-pop sound.

    Christmas Tree By V aka Kim Taehyung of BTS

    Despite being a member of the popular K-pop band BTS, the members do release their own singles from time to time. Kim Taehyung’s singles have proved to be record breakers in the past.

    His new single was no surprise but a perfect gift to his fans who have been waiting for him to release another masterpiece.

    He recorded the song out of loyalty to his best friend Chooi Woo-Shik, for his upcoming series “Our Beloved Summer” which turned out to be the most successful Korean OST to date. The record earned 3rd biggest sales in the US after Nicki Minaj and BTS. It was marked as one of the most popular new songs on the 2022 list. The guy is more than a pretty face. He is a dedicated hard-working musician who believes in perfection.

    His previous singles such as Snow Flower, Singularity, and Winter Bear have also proven to be record breakers. Just like his child-like laughter, his smooth yet husky vocals release dopamine which leads listeners to be on cloud 9.

    Kana Yaari by Kaifi Khalil, Wahab Ali Bugti and Eva B

    Another precious gem was released by Coke Studio Pakistan this season, that holds a melody and vibes on its own. The trio Kaifi Khalil, Wahab Ali Bugti, and Eva B created this stunning success, which no other artist has ever accomplished.

    It would be unfair to compare this track to the infamous Pasoori, as both the songs serve different vibes and are also sung in totally different languages. While Pasoori is a Punjabi song trending on the List today on YouTube, the latter is a Balochi song and also one of the most trending songs in the world currently. Both the songs hold somewhat similar meanings but separate vibes, Pasoori is a tale about a heart-torn lover who is waiting for his or her companion to return. While Kana Yaari explains how everyone’s motive is to betray as there is no existence of love in today’s world.

    The Coke Studio gem was placed on the top songs 2022 playlist by dedicated fans.

    Each of the artists who are part of the song deserves individual attention, starting from Kaifi Khalil who is a Balochi singer and a music composer, who resides in Karachi. He belongs to a family of musicians and is known for fusing traditional Balochi music with modern chords.

    Wahab Ali Bugti is a talented Balochi folk singer who rose to fame with this enchanting tune. Eva B is a Pakistani rapper and singer, who is bilingual in Urdu and Balochi. The talented rapper got popular with the fame of the track while having a veil over her face, as a result of belonging to a conservative family. But her traditionalist mindset of the family did not stop her from standing up for herself as she was motivated to make her name after being influenced by the works of world-famous rappers like Eminem and Queen Latifah.

    The pair of the trio proved to be a tremendous creation of a talented symphony.

    More Promising Symphonies in 2022

    I have mentioned the most popular songs and singers of 2022 so far. But the year has not ended yet, and we may receive some other unpredictable gems from the hard-working singers out there.

    For us, as a listener, music is a way to release stress and lose our souls in capturing tunes but for the melody creators, it is a challenge every day to create something catchy and soulful for their audience and make it capable of riding high on the competitive music charts. With August ending, let’s see what the remaining months of 2022 have in store for us not only from Pakistan but from all the corners of the world.