Most popular bikes in Pakistan

Most popular bikes in Pakistan
  • Not everyone likes to cruise around in cars, although these are the most popular way to commute and have a massive variety of prices and designs. But people who are bike fanatics prefer buying a raging two-wheeled monster rather than a four-door automobile. When in conversation with a motorcycle lover, you will hear them say quotes such as “You don’t stop riding when you get old, you get old when you stop riding” cheesy right? However, these enthusiasts love the thrills while riding against the winds. From a heavy motorbike to a dirt bike, their choice will always remain limited to the 2-wheeled monster. People often take part in bike race rallies too, which drives a much larger audience who are there to support them and watch the electrifying ride. This is how people worldwide love motorcycles and cherish each ride they make on them.

    But in Pakistan, bikes or motorcycles, whatever you like to call them, are commonly used for different reasons. In Pakistan, the usage of motorcycles goes beyond passion and craze. It is more of an oppressed choice rather than a preferred selection. Most of the population chooses to ride a motorcycle due to factors such as affordability, ease of usage, easy maintenance, and good fuel average. Not that Pakistani men don’t enjoy a thrilling competitive race but with the fuel prices high and a low income, men have no option but to choose the two-wheeled ride over the four-doored one. Due to the high demand, there are a lot of brands that manufacture economical models for the massive population.

    Honda 70 price in Pakistan starts at PKR 99,000 which targets the middle class while the United 70 price in Pakistan leads up to PKR 65,000 for the comfort of a lower-middle-class family. On the other hand, the nation also possesses individuals who enjoy thrilling rides, for such an audience, the market has options like Yamaha YBR 125 prices in Pakistan starting at PKR 232,000. As mentioned earlier, bikes in Pakistan are more used for the daily commute instead of as practicing a hobby. Keeping the economical factor and purchasing power of the population, bikes such as Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan have proved to be an ideal choice for many biker consumers. Without much delay, let’s explore some of the following best options available in the market along with their price range.


    •       Honda CD 70
    •       United 70 CC
    •       Honda CG 125
    •       Yamaha YBR 125
    •       Suzuki Gixxer 150


    Honda CD 70

    One of the common bikes bought across all households in Pakistan, Honda CD 70 carries the feature of being affordable and easy to repair. With an engine of 4-Stroke OHC single cylinder and a petrol capacity of 8.5 liters is the best economical option in the market currently. Due to its popular demand, the bike has a higher resale value compared to its competitors. It is a good budget-friendly option compared to a Yamaha YBR 125 price in Pakistan.


    United 70 CC

    Another reasonable gem among the list of economical bike rides is the United 70 CC. It is the second most popular after Honda CD 70 among the lower middle class and offers a comfortable ride for a family of three or more, despite being a safety hazard. It also supports the engine type 4-stroke OHC with a 4-speed transmission and holds a larger engine size which is 78 CC. It accelerates quickly and is more powerful than the affordable Honda series. The United 70 price in Pakistan is tagged as low as PKR 50,000, however, the only setback is the poor fuel competence.


    Honda CG 125

    Honda CG 125 is another family-friendly option in the market. The 125 CC has a massive audience reach and comes in 3 variants. Cheaper than the Suzuki 150 price in Pakistan, the CG 125 variant is lightweight but generates a powerful performance. It is more famous as a family ride and one of the best 125 cc options in the marketplace. The other variant, CG 125SE, owns the same engine type but comes with a 5-speed transmission along with a feature of self-start. CB 125 F is the third type which has a semi-sports shape but offers the same features as CG 125 SE. The Honda 125 price in Pakistan is priced at 159,500 which makes it an ideal purchase judged by the Yamaha YBR 125 price in Pakistan.


    Yamaha YBR 125

    A treat for the sports bike enthusiast with a slightly flexible budget offers 4 variants for its consumers. While supporting a sporty look and strong modern engine, the new and improved design has made it high in demand compared to Honda CG 125. In an attempt to gain its audience back, Honda released its third variant CB 125F but it didn’t make much difference. People remained sincere about Yamaha YBR 125 as it comes with some of the best features such as a fuel indicator, gear indicator, disc brake, 18-inch alloy rims, air scoop, and self-start. All four variants have a similar engine but have a difference in body types. The Yamaha YBR 125 price in Pakistan might be slightly expensive and comparing its cost to the Honda cd 70 price in Pakistan would be unfair, because of the various features it offers. Needless to say, it is worth each penny for a true motorcycle fanatic.


    Suzuki Gixxer 150

    The Suzuki Gixxer 150 CC is the dream type of many sporting bike fans. Suzuki 150 price in Pakistan, targets the higher middle class and discourages people with a restricted budget to purchase it. The sporty motorcycle is an ideal purchase for those who like possessing a sporting bike that consumes less fuel. With prices of petrol going sky high, it is a relevant demand. The bike has a 4 Stroke 1-cylinder OHC 154.9 CC engine type and offers special features such as 17-inch tubeless tires, 160 mm high ground clearance, and an EI fuel system. Priced at PKR 599,000 it is not a wise selection for those who have a budget strength of Honda 70 price in Pakistan.


    A Smooth End to a Bumpy Ride

    Over time, not only men are seen commuting on bikes or motorcycles, in Pakistan. With women empowerment taking over the country, numerous women are also spotted on these high-speed 2 wheeled monsters. Although, these days scooties are trending heavily in the market and come in various colors due to a huge chunk of the audience being women. Vespa is one of the most famous brands in the country. The price range starts at PKR 80,000 which is slightly more than an average scooty price in Pakistan but cheaper than the Honda cd 70 price in Pakistan.

    Other famous brands of scooties include United, which offers key features such as disc brake, Led lights, windshield, fully automatic, and theft-lock. Similar to Vespa, it comes in different pastel colors and starts as low as PKR 50,000. The highlighted feature of a scooty is that it allows women to sit on it comfortably and is lightweight. And on that note, it is a wrap for today. I hope you found this blog informative and found the ideal type of bike for yourself.