Social Media Influencers’ Impact on Our Youth and Society

Social Media Influencers’ Impact on Our Youth and Society
  • Living in 2022 and not owning a social media account is impossible. We are super active on top social media platforms in Pakistan. Some of us want to learn new things while others want to find hacks for daily routine activities. Then there are those people who create content to gain engagement and earn fame for themselves. In today’s modern time, we call them “Influencers”. So, who are influencers and why do they have an impact on our society and youth in particular? Influencers are people who inspire people by making video content on different aspects of life. If you look at the channels of top YouTubers in Pakistan you will notice, they are not popular faces like Elon Musk and Imran Khan.

    In fact, they are just regular next-door people, whom we might see and interact with daily.  Each of them has different niches, and they talk about and engage with their followers regularly. Any influencer account can easily attain more than 1 million followers, which means everyone is watching them. From a teenager to a full-grown adult, the main concern rises how do social media influencers affect your life? Do people watch videos of any famous TikToker in Pakistan and manage to learn something useful or is it just wasting their time? Most importantly, are social media influencers harmful to society? This is how social media influencers and celebrities in Pakistan influence our society and youth.


    1.      Social Media keeps the Youth Actively Up to Date

    2.      Influencers Spread Awareness about Good, Bad, and the Ugly

    3.      People Gain Opportunities to Promote Their Businesses

    4.      The Internet Provides Hacks for a Smarter Lifestyle

    5.      Digital Platform Discovers New Talent


    Social Media keeps the Youth Actively Up to Date          

    Learning from books and newspapers is now labeled as an old-school way of educating oneself. Gen Z prefers to gain information about new things through top social media platforms in Pakistan such as Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter. They tend to follow accounts that provide information on their favorite topics such as fashion, travel, and food. Following these accounts, keep them in know-how regarding all the latest trends in their chosen area. Many also acquire the opportunity to learn new techniques by watching a 15-second video and mastering the skills in Nano seconds.


    Influencers Spread Awareness about Good, Bad, and the Ugly

    How do social media influencers affect your life? The question might have crossed your mind multiple times. In an attempt to help society, many influencers make encouraging, well-researched, and focused videos on social issues, that need to be dealt with in Pakistan desperately. They prefer to educate their followers by discussing sensitive topics such as child abuse, rape, and domestic violence. Over time, many have managed to earn a strong voice on the digital platform, to whom many listen and follow. The reason why their motivating speech creates an impact is that they talk in a conversational tone with their viewers, making the content relatable. They share their personal stories or someone they know, which achieves a strong hold on the attention of their viewer. With minimum time, they give out the most crucial information, which most top YouTubers in Pakistan fail to do so.


    People Gain Opportunities to Promote Their Businesses

    Influencers are commoners just like us, they also need to work and earn money. A hectic routine of creating engaging content on different topics, editing, adding interesting captions, and uploading videos, doesn’t leave them much time for an office job. But with a following of more than 2 million, they secure their place in the corporate market as the most efficient way of promoting people’s businesses. Due to the incredible fame of influencers, people gain chances to promote their businesses. Needless to say, in today’s marketing world, influencers have replaced celebrities, as the audience connects more with a famous TikToker in Pakistan rather than with Mahira Khan, as the influencer has more relatable characteristics compared to a renowned celebrity.


    The Internet Provides Hacks for a Smarter Lifestyle

    Let it be Instagram or Tiktok, the short videos help people find useful solutions to their day-to-day tasks. Whether it is a gaming or makeup hack, the platform smartly helps people in solving their daily problems. Such videos allow them to save time and energy as well. By watching these videos, often students find creative ways to do their school projects in an efficient manner. The most popular types in these kinds of videos are DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, which not only depict an easy way of doing a certain activity but also, share unique ideas. Do such videos scrap the questions such as are social media influencers are harmful to society ? It certainly does.


    Digital Platform Discovers New Talent

    In the 2000s, reality shows were a way of discovering new talents. People would practice and participate in these shows in an attempt to gain the fame they deserved. Fast forward to 2022, we still have reality shows but their credibility is doubtful. As many believe, these shows are scripted and the results are often compromised. But on social media, no talent remains hidden as the videos posted by many users are genuine and viewed by millions who act as better judges than a celebrity on TV. It is no hidden fact, out of all the top social media platforms in Pakistan, Tiktok is one of the most popular platforms to reveal many unique talents, who later on receive chances to perform in their choice of field.


    Social Media Influencers – Impact on Youth in a Negative Way

    The age of social media has two sides, Good and Bad. Mostly, the digital platform has played a positive impact on our youth and society. But it can be dangerous and threatening too if used in the wrong way. While it provides information on important topics and promotes small businesses as well as multinationals, it can have a devious effect on young minds. Since the videos are less than a minute, students often tend to ignore their school work and spend more than 70% time following their favorite and famous TikToker in Pakistan. Moreover, influencers add filters that promote false beauty standards, which has the potential to cause insecurities, in youngsters. With that said, it is advisable for parents to monitor their children’s online activity and limit their hours for the betterment of their promising future. So far, it seems the rise of social media is stable and it doesn't seem to fade away any time soon.