Top 10 Travel Essentials You Need to Have for All Your Vacations

Top 10 Travel Essentials You Need to Have for All Your Vacations
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    Mar 26, 2020

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  • The thing about traveling is, we aim to leave our home behind to explore a new world, but at the same time take all of our home with is. In all that enthusiasm about packing everything, most non-frequent travelers forget the important things. By the time they realize they need for those things, they are already miles from home with not the kind of money they can be spent like back home.

    For your convenience, consider this blog as a friendly reminder to pack all the things that you’ll need during your trip. Matter of fact, pack these things before you start overloading your luggage with shoes and clothes and unnecessary things. If you are traveling for the first time in a while, let us tell you some things. Don’t pack that hairdryer, you’ll get it in your hotel room. Don’t pack that clothing iron either if you are living in four-star or a five-star hotel, you’ll get it in your room.  What you won’t get in your room, and might have a very hard time without in a foreign city, are the following:


    • Wheeled Luggage:


    Wheeled luggage will make your life so easy, that you would thank your lucky stars every moment of your trip for this choice. First off, wheeled luggage will let your shoulders off the hook and prevent it from carrying all that heavy burden. It will also make it easy for you to maneuver it across subways, train stations, and airports. If you are on rough terrain, again, the 360-degree rotating wheels will carry its burden itself, allowing you to brave the landscape like a champ. You’ll be easily able to look around and pay more attention to your surroundings without fussing with your paraphernalia. 

    If you are looking for wheeled luggage, check out this trolley travel bag


    • Water Bottle


    One of the most essential items that you need to take to your trip is a high-quality water bottle. It has more than one benefit and some of them include saving you from dehydration, saving a large amount of your money from buying water bottles, and also saving the earth from all those disposable plastic bottles. Don’t leave that kind of carbon footprint around and invest in a steel water bottle that will provide you cold water long after you filled it. Also, plane rides can get pretty dry on the throat, so make sure to pack this essential item. For a large range of variety of water bottles to choose from, check out Farosh’s collection.  


    • Tote Bag/ Backpack/ Day Bag


    You’ll forever regret if you don't take a tote bag with you. You cannot take your suitcase along with you everywhere, and, you’ll need a bag to carry along some snacks, water, important documents with you, and of course a map. A backpack or a tote bag is a perfect accessory to take traveling. Those traveling with kids would find a backpack even more lifesaving.  The basics you can carry in your backpack can save you from some of the worst mishaps. Another plus of day bags is that they are easy to carry too.  You don’t have one? Check out Farosh’s large range of collection to pick one that catches your eyes.

    Eye Mask

    A long plane ride? Don’t worry, with a good eye mask, you can catch up on all your lost sleep. You can even sleep through all the fussing children with a good enough eye mask that will block all the light. When you land in a new place, you are normally short on time and want to explore the new place as soon as you can, if you end up reaching your destination at daytime then you might want to sleep on the plane. These eye masks right here, are exactly what you need for a sound sleep. 

    Power Bank

    There’s no panic like the panic you feel when you are in a new place, alone, don’t know the language, and your phone runs out of battery. This can happen to the best of us, no amount of preparation can save you from having a dead phone in your life, it happens and it happens frequently. Good thing, technology has gifted us with power banks. They can be bought at super cheap rates for short term use or higher rates for the long run. Just charge your phone and your power bank before heading out of your hotel room, take both and spend the day trouble-free without the fear of the phone battery running out looming over your head.

    Check out these power banks and pick one for your safe travels.


    Face Essentials for During the Flight 


    The last thing you want during traveling is to have your skin break out due to the tiredness of traveling and change of weather. During flights, the air can become dry as well and affect your skin adversely. Two of the smartest things to do for your skin while traveling is to cleanse and moisturize it. Grab some bag friendly, travel-size toiletries that will suit your skin and keep it healthy and moisturized during the flight. Grab some makeup wipes as well so that you can easily wipe it off at your seat before hitting the sack. A bottle of rose water is also perfect to spray on your face and keep it refreshing.


    You just cannot travel without your headphones, they are your protective shield and keep you away from people when you don’t want to talk or keep the outside noise away as you listen to what you want to listen. Heads are even more needed when you are traveling solo, and just relaxing by the beach, or taking a walk all by yourself. Headphones are even more needed when you are stuck on a place ride for hours, with someone particularly chatty, it is the best way to ask someone to stay quiet without being outright rude. You can travel in peace as well as in style with some of these economical headphones, so even if you lose them, do not worry.

    Adapter Plug/ Multiple switches 

    One of the most important things, yet the one most easily forgotten is an adapter plug. If you are taking your electric equipment with you, which is highly likely that you are. Maybe you might never need them, but f you do end up needing them and you don’t have it, then you are toast. Due to the need for voltage convertor, your device charger, laptop charger, hair straightener/curler, and cellphone charger just won’t work. You might even need three-pin or two-pin in case there aren’t enough power sources in your hotel room. Get yours here and put them in your hand-carry so that you don’t lose them. The best thing about adapters and three-pins is that you don’t need to show any brand loyalty to them, they also come super cheap. Again, even if you lose them in some other part of the world, you won’t find yourself shedding tears over them.


    If you are a bibliophile and think that you’ll be too busy traveling to read a book and leave it behind, then you are making a mistake. Traveling is the best time to read because nowhere else you get enough time and relaxation to complete a book in peace. Imagine the flight, where you don’t have to worry about work, or food, or anything else. Just pick up your book and start reading in complete peace. Even if there’s a flight delay, you won’t be suffering as much as others around you because you’ll be too absorbed in your book. 

    If you are traveling solo, then take even more books along with you. Grab your breakfast, head to a beautiful location and start reading. That’s what vacation traveling is all about, to have nothing to worry about and read your books in peace. Here’s a tip, read a novel based on the very city you’re visiting and your fun will be double fold. Get your favorite books from Farosh at super affordable rates. 

    Bidet Spray

    If you are traveling towards the west then be prepared, their toilets are a lot different than us, and you might not find any water in the stalls at all. You must carry a bidet spray with you to avoid any cultural shocks.  

    Final Word 

    Traveling is fun, but sometimes lack of preparation and not bringing all the essentials can also make it slightly chaotic and worrisome. Prepare a list of all the things you need to pack when you have time on your hand and do it around people who have traveled before so that they can give you more practical advice. Don’t forget to add all the above-mentioned items on your list. Visit and you’ll find every essential travel item at the most reasonable rates. Pack smartly and travel safely.