Travel Essentials- A guide to pack for your vacation!

Travel Essentials- A guide to pack for your vacation!
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    Jan 08, 2020

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  • Planning a vacation with family or friends? Travelling to somewhere adventurous? Well, that must be fun, but one thing that is so critical while you travel is how you pack for it. If you do not pack and pack enough for it, your vacation might get ruined and obviously, you do not want that to happen. So, to really make the most of your vacation and travel, make sure you do not miss out on anything that you may need while you are away from home. The reason packing for travel is so difficult is because you are going away from home and everything that you may need may not be readily available there. So, you try to make sure that you have it with you, but at the same time, you cannot afford a truck full of luggage to go along, so you have to keep it minimal as well. Now this trade-off is kind of tricky and you have got to be very specific in what you can pick with yourself and what not. Here is a quick guide of what you must take along when you leave for a vacation for a couple of days.


    Your Regular Medication

    If you are on any kind of medication, do not forget them on your vacation trip. Even if it is the kind of dose you do not take regularly, but only upon certain symptoms (like the people with migraine problem do), you should still keep them with yourself, in case you might need it.


    Universal Plug Adapter

    You will of course need to charge your phone and your gadgets and you do not want to cry later if your charger doesn’t work in the sockets available. Therefore, always carry a universal plug adapter with yourself, especially on your international trips.


    A Torch

    A torch is hands down one of the most essential things to carry while travelling. If you are travelling alone, or with friends or family, in your own car, in a bus or a plane, you must have a torch with yourself in case you are stuck in somewhere dark. Carry it with yourself like you carry your phone along. Do not forget that you are not in the comfort of your own home while you travel, so you must have your required items ready with you all the time.


    Reusable Water Bottle

    Make sure you constantly have your water supply with you, especially if you are travelling somewhere in mountains, glaciers, deserts or on highways. Hotels, restaurants or stores are not always available in these areas and might be after significant distances. Hence, you must have a bottle of your own with you.


    Face Wipes

    Trust me, you will need them. It may not be possible to carry your liquid face washes everywhere, but these wipes are handy and easier to keep in your bag. Just wiping the dust off your face also gives a refreshed feel. So, do carry them with you and you can thank me later for this advice.


    Sun Block

    Oh yes, sunblocks are life. Not only are they my favorite personally, but they are really essential too. You might have heard a lot already about the importance of sun blocks in my previous blogs, but I would still add them here. Do not forget your sunblock while you are on vacation, because you would not want to come back home looking like a completely different person.


    Beauty Essentials

    Remember you cannot take along all your makeup kits, no matter how much you want to. So, the best idea is to sort out the things that you are most likely to wear. Pick up just two to three lip colors that you wear mostly, along with the foundation and other items that you use in routine, and you are good for your vacation. Leave the rest at home because you are not going to need your contour palettes on your vacation anyway.


    A Backpack

    The backpack is, of course, mandatory. Because where else are you going to keep all your travel essentials listed above?

    I think that covers pretty much everything that you need to take along on your vacation. Since the weather is not too pleasant around here in the big cities of Pakistan, we hope you are already packing for your vacation. Happy traveling!

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