Try These Easy And Quick Hairstyles With Just Your Straightener

Try These Easy And Quick Hairstyles With Just Your Straightener
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    Apr 07, 2020

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  • Ladies, trust us when we say your hair straightener does a lot more than just straightening. It has the potential of doing a lot more than just making your hair straight. The multiple hairstyles you can make with the amazing hair styling tool are sure going to have you flaunt your glam game. 

    Hot irons have the capability of doing so much more than just making your hair dead straight because let’s be honest it does get boring at times. The straightener that you have at your home is a multi-use tool with which you can create a lot of hairstyles that are not just easy, but quick too. So, don’t worry if you are running late for your morning meeting or your dinner because your straightener will glam your hair in no time with these hairstyles. Moreover, with the help of online shopping in Pakistan, you can find myriad of hair straighteners that come with the different price range and have various features too. Here are a list of all these quick and easy hairstyles you can make with your hair straightener:

    Layered and Luscious Curls

    You can add volume to the ends of your hair by using the hair straightener at just the roots. Twist the ends of the hair between the two clamps of the straightener that will curl the bottom of your hair. This is a stress-free hairstyle and the best part is that it wouldn’t take much time and you will not end up with a poker straight ends that are quite passe. 

    Subtle and Dreamy Waves

    Doesn’t waves add more volume to your hair? Now, this is a very easy hairstyle and all you have to do is just straighten your hair, while just twisting and rotating the straightener in one direction as you reach to the middle of your hair length. You will keep twisting in the same way until your hair starts to have waves in them. It will add some gorgeous waves and more importantly, you will get some serious volume. It is a great hairstyle for a casual lunch with your girlies or a formal meeting with your boss. 

    Crimped Waves

    This hairstyle is considered to be super glamorous and you can easily achieve it. Start by taking thin sections of your hair, one by one and making multiple braids in your hair. After you are done, glide the straightener slowly down each of these braids and once they all have been heated up, open them one after the another. The heat on the braids will result in a crimped look that will stay for a long period of time. You can give the final finish to your hair with a hairspray and you are all set, ladies. 

    Quiff with a Ponytail

    If you are all about being chic then this hairstyle is the one for you. You can blow dry your hair and then gather it into a pony, making sure that you have let your front flicks loose. Neat the pony using a straightener and twist the mid-length onwards. You will finish this up by twisting the straightener as you work on the flick. Moreover, for the quiff, you will start rotating the heating tool from the roots. Once you have styled the flick, the way you like it then you can use bobby pins and hairspray to keep it all in place. 

    Wavy Bombshell

    A great hairstyle for anyone who has long hair. It is very easy and after you are done straightening your hair on the top part, you can start creating waves in the mid-length onwards. You can gently twist the straightener from where you want your waves to start and wrap the remaining length around the straightener. Your waves will start to appear automatically, as you glide it towards downwards. 

    Pony Up, Girl

    This is undoubted, a true classic. After you are done straightening your hair, take the hair at the crown of your head and then start to backcomb, section by section. You can secure the volumized part by bobby pins on the top. Tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail and divide it into 4-5 parts. Start from the bottommost section, the one which is closest to the nape of your neck, and straighten them all one by one. The textured top of the head and the sleek pony is surely a fun hairdo to flaunt. 

    Side Swept Hair

    A perfect hairstyle for your special night outs. You can place your blow-dried hair on one side and then use bobby pins to help secure your tresses that way only. Afterward, create gorgeous waves on the side by placing parts of your hair between your favorite hair straightener. Twist the hair as you proceed towards the ends. Do the same for your entire hair on the side and then use some hairspray to get that sheen and set your entire look. 

    Mermaid Curls

    Now, this is a stunning hairdo that will go with both your Pakistani and western avatar. Divide your hair into 4 sections; 2 in the front and 2 at the back. Use a straightener section by section and slowly rotate the clamps starting at the very roots. You can work your way downwards and watch your shiny curls appear. It is a bit time-consuming hairstyle when compared to the other ones, but you will see how gorgeous the outcomes of all your hard work will be. 

    Twists and Turns

    We call it easy peezy, lemon squeezy! This is the perfect messy hairstyle with braided hair that is quite easy to do. Start by making a loose braid and tug it at a few pieces of it to give it some volume. As you are doing that, make sure that you are also pulling out some hair strands. The hair falling out of the braid is what you will have to use the straightener for. After the stray strands are in between the clamps of the rod, twist and turn the iron in different directions. If you find that some hair is looking too unruly then you can always place them in the braid with the help of pins. 

    Bouncy Hair

    Want to go for a neat and defined look? Here’s how you do it – start using your fingers to twist a thin section of the hair, all the way to the ends. Press it with hot straightener slowly. Once you’re done, loosed the twisted strands and your waves are all ready. Do this for your entire hair and flaunt your perfect bouncy waves, anywhere you go. 

    Grungy Bends

    Want to look like you have put the minimal effort? Then go with this one! Take large, random vertical sections of your hair and place the hair straightener, clamping diagonally across the hair.  When you have clamped your hair then turn the hair styler 180 degrees straight and leave it for a second, then bring it down the hair while turning it again 180 degrees straight for a second. Repeat the entire thing for all your hairs till the way down leaving the ends for a more grungy look. You can add for some essential oil or hairspray that will give you a shiny or a matte finish, respectively. 

    Soft Retro Curls

    Now this one just never gets old. You can start by taking the horizontal sections, the size depends on how big you want your curl to be. Roll the hair around your two fingers from end to top and then tuck the end bit of hair in-between your fingers while pulling it out. Clamp it with the hair straightener and then pin it while it cools down. You will repeat it for your entire hair and then un-pin. Brush through with your fingers and enjoy your retro soft curls. 

    Bangs with Messy Bun

    A great hairstyle when you are running late or want to do errands, but in style. You can start by making a messy up-do with all your hair in a such a way that you let the ends of your tresses out of the bun on your forehead. Using a straightener, you will flatten the ends of the hair and then spread them out evenly on your forehead. Voila! You have faux bags ready.

    Beach Waves

    Beachy waves are a classic and chic hairstyle that is very easy to do. Just wrap your hair around the iron plates in section and wait for 3-4 seconds before you let your hair go. You will continue it all the way to the ends and cover all the sections of your hair. Make sure that you are using medium heat on the hair iron. 

    Final Word 

    All these above hairstyles are easy for anyone to make and you don’t have to be perfect for the first time that you try. You can try making these hairstyles when you are bored at home and have nothing to do, so just practice on them. Furthermore, for keeping your hair healthy with all these heat products, make sure you are applying a heat protectant lotion before using any of the tools. Additionally, using quality heating tools also make a difference so make sure to buy quality hair tools. You can check for various brands hair tools that are available at great deals.