5 Best Pakistani Books You Must Read

5 Best Pakistani Books You Must Read
  • Pakistan is famous for many things and literature is one of them. Currently, the country has been struggling with political tension but literature is one thing that hasn’t been much affected. However, it did find some inspiring stories to vocalize and bring attention to. The current times have seen many aspiring writers come up with unique perspectives on various different elements of life. Whether it’s about a popular political figure or a story about three adults battling with childhood trauma, the youthful writers had penned down some of the best Pakistani books. If you are a bookworm, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we look over the popular books by young Pakistani writers that are changing how the world looks at things and implementing positive mindsets. Without much further ado, here are the top books that you must read in 2023.

    5 Best Books to Read in 2023

    The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon – Safinah Danish Elahi

    Safinah Danish Elahi is a popular figure in the world of Pakistani Literature. A lawyer, poet, and writer, she is also the founder of a publishing house. Her poetry collection has received positive reviews from critics. Along with these achievements, one of the novels has been used for the TV serial Daur. Her latest book takes her readers to the world of three adults, who are battling with emotional baggage from their childhood. The novel is set in a setting of Karachi's elite surroundings as her characters take the readers on a journey of self-discovery, healing, loss, and love.

    D generation – H. Mehdi Leghari

    If you are someone who is interested in reading a brutally honest tale of the clash between old and new social order in the Southern Punjab of Pakistan, then this book is for you. The book beautifully narrates, how patriarchy, misogyny, and religious extremism have torn the country into pieces. It displays a sketch of a loveless world and how we as a nation have caused degeneration. The author has a clear vision of who his audience is and what kind of reality they want to live in. It is labeled as one of the best Pakistani Literature Books as it has 4.2 ratings on Goodreads and is available for sale on Amazon.

    And Still, the Earth Turns – Muhammad Ali Bundial

    Making his winning debut with I Dream of Rain, a loveable yet complex father-son relationship, award-winning novelist Muhammad Ali Bandial comes back to take his readers to a world where love goes beyond time and distance. With Lahore in the backdrop, the story revolves around a couple, Qasim and Asma, who struggle to reunite after a calamitous explosion, taking them apart. From Lahore to the rugged mountains of Swat, the novel tugs on the emotions of the readers in a beautiful manner.

    Imran Khan: Myth of the Pakistani Middle Class – Nadeem Farooq Paracha

    As mentioned earlier, with the rise of political tension in the country, a lot has changed except for literature. If anything, the literature expert, Nadeem Farooq Paracha, takes up popular political figure, Imran Khan as inspiration and pens a book about his rise and fall. Through the book, he dissects the dynamics of his core constituency- the urban middle class. Further down, his novel exposes the complications Pakistani politics and society is facing.

    Someone Like Her – Awais Khan

    Known for popular Pakistani English novels such as No Honor and In the Company of Strangers, makes come back with another legendary literary art. Set in the warm atmosphere of Multan, the book is about a depiction of resilience and rebelliousness in the face of hardship. Some Like Her narrates a story of a woman, who goes through various challenges while trying to rebuild her life. As Pakistan literature continues to bloom, this book received positive applauses from its readers, making it one of the best works of Awais Khan.

    The Future of Pakistani Literary Art

    As Pakistan literature is flourishing, it is evident that future writers have more to offer. In the past, we have seen the best Pakistani books on Malala Yousufzai and other notable personalities. Writers such as Nadeem Farooq and Mohsin Hamid, have narrated stories where book lovers have stayed for months. The current literature scene in Pakistan, strongly depicts, that the quality of work is all set to flourish further and create an international market for the aspiring writers of our country. On that note, wrapping up today’s blog, we hope that you received good recommendations for your reading pleasure and that you will enjoy the ride whether it’s from Lahore to Swat or in the warm environment of Multan