A Pakistani photographer calls out PM Imran Khan for stealing his work

A Pakistani photographer calls out PM Imran Khan for stealing his work
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    Dec 10, 2020

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  • Apart from being the PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan is a Pakistani celebrity well-known for his cricket and staunch personality. He has always been a goodwill ambassador to Pakistan in various fields. Yesterday, he tweeted Pakistan to be a safe place for tourism by attaching some attractive snaps of a valley in Gilgit Baltistan. 

    Though the tweet got a very overwhelming response from the worldwide followers of PM, IK on Twitter. In the tweet, PM IK declared Gilgit Baltistan as one of his favorite places in the world. Meanwhile, the real photographer of the snaps shared by PM IK appeared on the screen and quoted Khan’s tweet as:

    Thank you, sir @ImranKhanPTI for sharing my picture but it would have been great if my watermark has not been cropped and credits may have been given to me

    Though Asmar didn’t show any aggressive behavior for stealing his work but got his stance recorded too. He thanked the PM IK and said it would have been great if the watermarks were not removed from my hard-captured pictures in GB. 

    After quoting Imran khan’s tweet, Asmar’s tweet also got a very overwhelming response where people were arguing Asmar to think it an omen for him. As a public figure and PM of a state shared his snaps on his Twitter wall. They advised Asmar to be happy with the Khan

    Where there is praise, there is a critique too. Some of the Twitter engagements on the photographer’s tweet were totally against PM Ik as well. As people asked the photographer to launch a copyright stake on Imran Khan as he has stolen his hard-captured work. 

    In his tweet, one of Asmar’s followers advised the IK’s Social Media team to take care of such issues. ObaidUllah Rahimi, called plagiarism to be a crime and a serious ethical offense. 

    One of the Twitter users took the matter too seriously and criticized PM, IK in a very sarcastic way. A particular Twitter user said,

    “They are experts at taking ownership of others’ quality work”. It was a political attack that is associated with the PTI’s government placing inauguration slates on the plans of PMLN started in the PMLN’s tenure. 

    Though the photographer who claimed his snaps to be shared by PM IK. But, remained humble and modest throughout his Twitter engagements. He was just lamenting on the issue of watermark removal from his hard-captured snaps in GB.