An unpaid employee hugs and kisses his boss after testing positive with COVID-19

An unpaid employee hugs and kisses his boss after testing positive with COVID-19
  • A former unpaid employee of KMC kissed his boss, after testing positive with COVID-19 and called it revenge.

    Till now there used to happen a lot of incidents when the employees were not treated properly and paid on time. But it was the unique incidence of its type when the former employee kissed his boss after testing positive. Keeping in mind, the COVID-19 patient is not thought to be lesser than a time bomb nowadays.

    The former employee of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation had been suspended from his job without pay. At the time of working with KMC, the concerned person was offering his services as Assistant Director of Land Landhi. His name has been marked to be Shahzad Anwar.
    Meanwhile, the news tells, he was suspended due to frequent complaints of his engagement in corrupt practices. Behind the story, there are different assumptions associated.

    Some reports tell the matter of his complaints proven but his previous salaries were still suspended at the time of incidence just because of Anwar’s not reporting to the HRM department about his suspension.

    With the intent of getting revenge on the Director of the HRM department, Anwar got into the head office of KMC and gave a sweet smacker on his cheek.

    After this revengeful task, he announced himself tested positive with COVID-19. The news tells that it was no lesser than a time-bomb on the Director of HRM.
    This absurd attempt of getting revenge was found much sarcastic on different social media and electronic channels. Many people said it to be a very insane approach of revenge by the former employee of KMC.

    COVID-19, a weapon of revenge, the former employee of KMC proved!
    It was not just a call of bewilderment for Director HRM when Anwar broke the news of testing positive with COVID-19. This news also triggered a situation of chaos in the entire KMC staff. Including the high-rank officers, Anwar has already met with most of the staff at KMC. This news literally caused chaos in the entire KMC.

    Farooqi, the former boss of Anwar announced to proceed a legal assessment on his nonsense behavior toward the KMC employees.
    Anwar didn’t only take revenge but he would face a legal assessment on this non-sense behavior, Farooqi announced. He said that he was going to knock on the legal door against Anwar in the court.

    Though the matter was full of amusement for many of us, it still raised a question on our seriousness towards the Pandemic. This fatal disease has already collapsed millions of lives throughout the world and we were taking it as light as we must not.