Angelina Jolie Paid a Visit to Flood Victims in Pakistan

Angelina Jolie Paid a Visit to Flood Victims in Pakistan
  • With 1/3 of the country submerged in the water and an extreme lack of necessities such as food, clean water, and medicines our so-called celebrities had the heart to travel for leisure and not-so-important events overseas, rather than staying back and lending a helpful shoulder to the flood-affected communities. A celebrity job is not only meant to entertain you through movies and dramas, they are the most influential personalities in society that should practice humanitarian work to encourage regular citizens to come forward and contribute. However, in Pakistan, it is done reversibly. The ordinary citizens are working hard towards providing aid to the flood victims while our celebs are busy dancing to the tunes of shame in some foreign country. And our political leaders have played no vital role so far.

    Meanwhile, the international star, Angelina Jolie arrived in Pakistan last month to help the millions of homeless people which should put our superstars to shame. Her trip to the South-Asian country made headlines in the newspaper that read “Angelina Jolie Pakistan 2022 Visit” which focused on the absence of our celebs and governmental officials from the picture. No matter what Angelina Jolie's origin country is, she attempted to visit the survivors and comforted them with her warm personality. If you are wondering How many times has Angelina Jolie visited Pakistan? Then this was not the first time the humble humanitarian visited a distressed country. She visited Pakistan for the first time in 2005 to relieve the earthquake victims and in 2010 for the devastating floods crisis. The recent trip of the American actress is the third visit to be precise.


    Concerns Angelina About Pakistan and Climate Change

    Her visit did rose questions such as why did Angelina Jolie come to Pakistan? Is Angelina Jolie working in any Pakistani movie? But the reality is it was certainly not because she is working in a Pakistani movie. The modest personality shared with the media that the reason behind her trip was to highlight the threat of climate change and encourage the international community to support the struggling country. She arrived in Dadu, Sindh, and expressed her opinions about the daunting scenarios she faced. She visited the flood victims and showed them dedicated empathy. Angelina Jolie's role for flood victims was a ray of hope that they might get assistance and receive the basic needs they require desperately. The Special Envoy to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees met with the executives in Islamabad where she also paid a visit to IRC’s Crisis Response Operations and had a meeting with organizations that are working day and night to help the displaced people. While recalling her visit, Angelina stated the following,

    “The devastation in Sindh has been shocking, in all my life, I have never seen anything like this. Families are sleeping under open skies and have lost everything in these floods” She further added “Climate change is not only real, and it is not only coming, it is very much here. The real tragedy is that Pakistan contributes less than one percent of the world’s carbon footprint, and yet millions have been displaced or lost loved ones.” She concluded by saying “It is time for the world to wake up to the crisis and take action on climate change- we cannot ignore the consequences any longer”.

    Even though Angelina Jolie's origin country is not Pakistan, one can still feel the truthiness of the pain behind her words. It is quite evident that the role of Angelina Jolie for flood victims is not for show and she genuinely wants to make a difference and gather international help for the submerged country. Questions like why did Angelina Jolie come to Pakistan?” are irrelevant as she came to the country as a helpful hand and a humanitarian who understands the impact of such disasters on the victims. The flood has affected more than 30 million people while damaging more than 36 million acres of crops which you can easily say, is the damage worth $10 Billion.


    The Minimum Role of our Celebrities and Political Leaders

    With the headline “Angelina Jolie Pakistan 2022 Visit” trending all over social media, it forced our nation to question the absence of our Pakistani celebrities and political leaders from the flood relief camps. Our precious Pakistani celebrities flying away overseas to celebrate some awards instead of visiting the flood victims indicates why our country lacks in development. It is due to the minimum efforts made by our politicians and so-called famous figures who flee the country whenever it is in distress. This year's floods have been labeled the most devastating ones, yet we don’t see our famous artists or political personalities boarding boats and reaching out to the victims.

    Visiting a few places wrapped in a black Shawl and uploading some pictures on social media with the caption “Heart Wrenching” is not enough to prove that their concerns are more genuine compared to Angelina Jolie’s about Pakistan. No matter How many times has Angelina Jolie visited Pakistan it is quite easy to make out that it is genuinely out of love and care for the struggling humankind and not fame. However popular artists such as Abrar-Ul-Haque came forward and did contribute to the charitable work.


    Other International Celebrities Who Visited the Flood Victims of Pakistan

    Mufti Menk a well-known name in the Islamic community, visited Pakistan to grant help to the displaced victims. Devastated by the sight, Menk shared the videos and the affected areas on his social media and expressed that his intention behind visiting Pakistan is to help out and create awareness for millions of victims. The renowned religious scholar encouraged everyone to donate and work with any trustworthy charity to make it easy for the struggling population. He also apologized for not attending any unrelated meetups as he wanted to invest his time and efforts in the purpose he was here for.

     Similar to the role of Angelina Jolie for flood victims, he expressed concerns about the severity of the disaster while belonging to a different origin like Angelina Jolie's origin country. Apart from Mufti Menk, Dubai-based Youtuber Khalid Al Ameri also paid a visit to the flooded country in an attempt to build mindfulness worldwide. Just as overwhelmed by the damages, in the series of videos he expressed how daunting it is to see entire communities completely vanish in a few weeks. He emphasized receiving help internationally to restore the damages which look irreversible currently.


    The End note

    With these international celebrities’ worriedness and the thoughts of Angelina Jolie about Pakistan, it is visible that international celebs are more invested in taking care of Pakistan compared to our countrymen, which is quite heart-breaking and disappointing. Hopefully, our so-called superstars had a great time dancing and socializing at the bizarre awards while the nation suffered greatly from the after-effects of the flash floods. I guess you need to be human to feel the pain and hear the cries of the millions of homeless sufferers along with naïve babies stranded without necessities. I guess the only humans that exist are the ones that reside outside Pakistan.