Animal lovers it’s THE time of the year to be hyped up! Are you ready?

Animal lovers it’s THE time of the year to be hyped up! Are you ready?
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    Mar 28, 2020

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  • It’s time that you have been waiting for so long, the best thing about Eid-ul-Adha is that it is so much different from Eid-ul-Fitar, for starters you don’t have to get dressed and sit around all day waiting for guests to show up let’s; be honest it can be pretty annoying! Secondly, the best part is that you get to do the one thing you love the most without feeling guilty is hanging ALL day and night out with friends and family looking after your cow and goats which automatically just makes your day!

    Midnight bonfire, roasting marshmallows, playing cards, giggling and laughing with your loved ones is what makes Eid so much special not to forget all the spicy gossips! OF COURSE! If you recall correctly, you might still remember some flashbacks from your past; every street or tent had a cow that was “Geet” from Jab we met, that was fond of running away whilst providing entertainment for all.  

    One thing that was always missing in our times was a fast internet connection, back then we didn’t have everything so easy and at our doorstep. If you wanted something you had to spend days convincing your elders to actually go to the market and get it. Well now that is not the case, anything you want will be at your DOORSTEP! Yes, that’s true with online shopping service in Pakistan, everything has become so much easier, and you don’t have to waste so much time and energy, anything you want is just a click away. 

    The thought of going to cattle market makes you nostalgic, and we know it, we care about your sentiments; getting ready early in the morning so you don’t miss the chance when your dad goes for cattle shopping had its own pleasure. So why is that changed now? Why can’t we still have that kind of fun that would actually feed your soul! If life is giving your lemons why not make lemonade out of it and enjoy the journey! It DOES NOT matter if growing up has turned you into a responsible adult who is always a bit too careful, you still can have fun and re-live your childhood memories. So pack your bags because you are going to cattle market this Eid. Just like old times!

    However, you need to be prepared for what is to come, your first step should be to order Face Masks in BULK, and so you and your friends do not get dust allergies. It is essential to cover your face and nose especially; which would also help you out in order to avoid the unpleasant smell.

    Health can NOT be compromised at any cost; praised be to whoever discovered and introduced Disposable gloves, you truly are a marvel! This great little piece of plastic would not let you face any sorts of inconvenience in this entire trip and also let hands be safe, you can touch whatever and whichever cow you want and not be afraid to catch any cooties!  And still, if you are a bit too sensitive then DO NOT forget to carry a hand sanitizer or even Baby wipes in your to-go bag, with these tools you are almost ready to have some fun and embrace your guilty pleasure. 

    But WAIT, aren’t you forgetting something REALLY important; don’t forget to put on your leather Cowboy boots! You don’t want to ruin your delicate footwear at a cattle market. Do you? And if you STILL don’t have one you can order them online in no time. is one of the most reliable online shopping platforms in Pakistan brings you a verity of things for your day to day use; they LITERALLY got almost everything covered. Anything you need is just a click away. They even have several categories of footwear be it, fancy slippers, cool flip flops or even elegant boots, they have it all! You don’t need to worry about your feet. Farsoh will not disappoint you and will bring you what you need at your doorstep! We cannot see your perfectly fine pair of feet getting dirty. Your boots are at your door! You can clean them and keep them away till the next time of the year, this is long term, investment PEOPLE! Be smart!

    Apart from your feet, you do not want your hair to get all muddy and filled with dandruff, for which you can always keep a hat; before you enter into the cattle market; DO remember to put your hat on so you wouldn’t give others lice the license to make a home in your head. TRUST ME you DO NOT want that! Your cow also might have lice; apparently it is a disease very common in cattle so make sure before bringing them home that they do not have any such diseases or you would not be comfortable enjoying barbeque night, a constant tingling feeling will keep you up at night; in order to avoid that you can give your cow a little treat and bath her with anti-lice shampoo! Happy cow hence happy you! 

    Last but not the least; if you are a morning person will be cattle shopping in sunlight do not forget to put on your cool, new, trendy AND unisex Shades so you are prepared to fight the great battle of “my eyes versus the sun!” Jokes apart, in a perfect universe you might not have to worry about dust getting in your eyes but here in Pakistan we do not have the luxury of having a decent cattle market so we have to bear with the ones we have and cover our eyes; it’s better to be safe than sorry, so cover your eyes and nose which will help you in order to decrease the risk of getting dust allergies and eye infection! You can  order more than one to show your family and friends that you care for them too, don’t be selfish this Eid; giveaway more and more because Farosh got some really amazing deals and sales offers for YOUR convenience, you can also share some cool tips with your loved ones of how to save themselves from insect bites such as rubbing salt on the revealing parts of their body which not everyone can do because some people have sensitive skin so what you recommend them is a Sunblock, which will also do the trick and keep tiny little judgmental pink teeth marks away from your skin, or you can offer them yours because now with the help of our tips you will always be prepared! We like sharing secrets, don’t you?

    If after all this you are thinking about the part where barbeque is mentioned, then we don’t blame you; this is exactly what is great about Eid-ul-Adha it brings friends and family close before and even after the occasion! Barbeque nights with friends are the most memorable ones; decorating your rooftop with Christmas lights, setting up the tables, with some light breezy music, ordering food because even after all the efforts you are putting in for the so-called “barbeque” night, you are still going to order food from your favorite restaurant and your mom is going to say things to you which you will pretend are not hurtful, managing the ventilation system because you love your friends and don’t want them to suffocate, sneaking in “sheesha” while fearing for your life is what used to make this occasion even more exciting!   

    Although, sometimes sadly we lose some of our friends as we mature and face new challenges of life but traditions cannot be forgotten, so don’t get this upset and say YES to barbeque night with your new friends and your brand NEW stainless, steel Barbeque skewers; the ANSWER for your nostalgia! Farosh home delivery service will bring this to you so you can invest your time in planning your barbeque night and making new friends, we wish we could help you in this too but making friends is all on you! The suggestion is to get socialize on the internet; just like online shopping platforms in Pakistan the socializing websites are also doing great and are known to be efficient!

    At the end of the day, do not forget that this occasion is NOT only for you, do not forget the needy the ones who are actually the reason of this sacrifice, the non-Muslim minorities living in Pakistan, show them that you care and want them to be happy in your happiness, the white portion in our flag indicates the rights of the minorities! Make our founder Mr. Jinnah proud of us, convince your elders not to clutter the streets, the blood flowing and other toxic chemicals can be REALLY harmful to you and especially the little one’s health at your home. 

    Final Word 

    Enjoying this occasion has no limits; however don’t be savage towards these helpless, innocent, animals they deserve to be treated in a righteous manner, become an epitome of kindness because that is what ISLAM teaches us, that is what our religion is all about, make sure you hire a professional butcher, your cattle are going to be sacrificed for your sake the least you can do is let them go by easing their pain and not sharping knives in front of them, they cry the night before the sacrifice they feel each other’s pain when they see their fellow cattle helplessly lying on the ground, fighting for one last breath, be a little empathetic show some compassion!  We are humans we have the power over them, don’t steep low for your personal comfort, make some noise for the helpless, and most IMPORTANTLY try not to ruin the streets. Make Pakistan beautiful! Give others a chance to breathe and make yourself useful in order to spread awareness and keep your cattle market shopping to-go bag ready with; one of the greatest and efficient online shopping platform in Pakistan brings you very exciting sales offers and discounts on THIS Eid!