Celebrate your freedom; Log on to farosh.pk & avail exciting offers!

Celebrate your freedom; Log on to farosh.pk & avail exciting offers!
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    Aug 09, 2019

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  • If you are a patriotic Pakistani looking for a reason to party. It is the right time to start the preparations. After a long wait, it is the time of the year when you can revive your old memories and show your enthusiasm. 

    Reminiscing childhood brings back many memories; one of the best ones included fairy lights on almost every house, streets filled with little paper flags, kids running towards parks and other public places, gathering up to get some face paint on their cheeks, bazaar’s and roads blustered with charismatic essence of national songs, the entire city decorated with white and green colors. Everything seemed to be figured out from your rooftop, the air felt fresher than ever, the coffee/tea could just magically brighten your mood and some cookies could make your heart smile, while you sit on your rooftop, sip your tea, wondering if it is going to last forever. The thing that was very amusing and strange at the same time was that on EVERY 14th August; it used to rain, perhaps it was because of the monsoon season or maybe it had something to do with nature, maybe it was nature reminding us to be grateful; for living in one of the best countries in the world, for being alive to see the day that we live in a free, democratic country where we have the privilege to speak our heart out and share our views and opinions easily. Don’t you agree?

    Technology hadn’t created its place in Pakistan back in that time; everything was much easier and there was a unique charm in running your own errands, walking towards the end of the street to a little shop in order to purchase day to day necessities, shopping was a huge task; a few markets used to be situated in the middle of the city, as time passed everything changed; the small shops were demolished a few market places turned into huge buildings and malls, the streets started getting filled with parked cars, the little kids started to disappear and found something more interesting in their MacBook’s screens, the roads started to get really noisy with all the cars and their honking, pollution, and dust became a package deal with oxygen and air. Keeping up with time and technology online shopping platform in Pakistan started to spread its roots slowly and gradually in order to provide a more convenient and trouble-free space for all the citizens all around Pakistan. In your hectic schedules you don’t have to worry for getting stuck in traffic, or getting anxiety attacks for not being able to meet your deadlines because you were trapped at the super-mart, now, all you have to do is to log in to farosh.pk and click for your desired items and your parcel will be delivered to you within a specific period of time. 

     Farosh is one of the greatest online shopping platforms in Pakistan with an efficient and reliable delivery service from where you can get everything weather it is home appliances, tools for automobiles or any day to day use item, Farosh has it all. With 14th August right around the corner; the roads will be blocked, celebrations will begin from 12 midnight and stepping out of the home could be a real challenge so before that happens, start pre-ordering and stock up your desired products at your home. However do not forget and miss out the fireworks which will start at midnight, wish all the Pakistanis living abroad a happy independence day, show them your patriotism and revive the nationalist inside them, it’s nice to share your happiness even if they are far away from you; you can use your cool new Huawei Tablet available at very low and discounted rates with multiple functions and video call them so that they can eye witness how beautifully your country is decorated on this special day. You can take a person out of Pakistan but you can NOT take Pakistan out of a person! Isn’t it true GUYS?

    This year let’s resurrect our culture and tradition, start doing what we are best at and make the city green; with our pride; our Flags! Let's decorate our house and walls with fairy/disco lights and live our childhood again! Purchase green caps and trendy, cool and easily to use Face paints at discounted rates, make this year a great memory but most importantly let’s ACTUALLY make the city green by planting one small plant; every single member of the household will be equivalent to one small plant which wouldn’t cost you much but ensure that Pakistan is a livable place for YOUR next generation, so they can also feel the fresh air so they can also get to live in a country where oxygen and air isn’t polluted; we owe them this much at least! Regardless of age gender or even religion; make a little effort, spread the word, encourage others as well because even a SINGLE drop of water makes ripples throughout the ENTIRE pond. After all these years it is time to pay a little back to our homeland on this Independence Day!

    Official ceremonies do take place; the parade, raising of the national flag at the parliament house followed by 31 gun salute in the capital, government buildings are illuminated with lights and bright colors, national flags are displayed at the major roads and monumental places in Pakistan such as Jinnah's mausoleum in Karachi and Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, all of this is a great depiction of zest and zeal in the Pakistani community worldwide regardless of race or religion. Whereas, public celebrations could be a little too exhausting, so what you can do to make your day off better is to search for “deals” available on online shopping stores and lookup for nearby eateries and bistros for independence day discount. 

    Be it schools, colleges or universities, patriotism for the country can be witnessed everywhere, so make sure that you encourage them as well to make the country green; by planting trees and keeping their cities clean. Motivate people to raise their voice and make a community that would come forward for the cause of installing drums or dustbin on every street corner, you can initiate this by keeping a cute, little Dustbin outside your own house so others can inspire and follow, you can also order in bulk from Farosh which would be a nice little gesture of kindness towards your family, friends and even neighbors!

    Final Word 

    However, do not forget to top up your iTunes or play-list and pay a tribute to our great Pakistani legends and our music industry, their music is a perfect epitome and a reflection of our culture, you can also find a lot of great cultural items on farosh.pk as well in relatively very cheap rates than the market. Enjoy the sale and day to day deals specifically on the special day! Sit back, relax, and ORDER now! 

    Eat green, wear green, and most importantly Bleed green. Happy Independence Day!