Corona spike my return within two weeks, Minister warns

Corona spike my return within two weeks, Minister warns
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    Nov 24, 2020

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  • Like Corona had spiked back the last few months in June, it may again get a spike in the next two weeks if the masses of Pakistan kept ignoring the guidelines, says Asad Umar. Meanwhile, Asad Umar (Planning and Development Minister) is currently working as the chairman of NCOC as well.

    He gave a notion when people could not find beds in hospitals. He again adhered to the current situation with June when the government had lifted the ban on the markets in the holy month of Ramadan. Back in those days, there was a great spike seen in the Covid-19 cases of Pakistan. 

    While the international bodies have also started indicating the very severe conditions in Pakistan if the matter was not looked after carefully, he said. We would be pushed back to the situation like June in the next few weeks if the matter is not taken care of, he predicted. The prediction was all based on the stats and figures collected from the concerned departments of Pakistan. 

    The minister urged the masses of Pakistan not to leave the precautionary measures. He added more to keep wearing masks, use sanitizers, and practice social distancing to retreat this deadly COVID-19. During his press conference, he was accompanied by Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to PM on health. 

    Asad, Chairman NCOC, took the notice of provincial governments to play their due role in controlling the widespread of COVID-19. He said NCOC would take the provincial governments onboard to seek the assistance of the religious leadership. The main purpose of taking the religious leadership onboard would be to convince the people of Pakistan to follow the guidelines set by the Federal and provincial governments. 

     While briefing the reporters on the decision of NCOC, he regarded the decision of closing schools and indoor dining as the core safety step towards the abandonment of COVID-19 in Pakistan.

    Minister presented an insight of Corona cases during his press conference

    Asad regarded the data present on the website of NCOC to be much alarming. According to the site’s data, a total of 41,000 tests have been conducted within the premises of Pakistan in the last few hours. 3009 persons have been detected as patients of the deadly virus. 

    When it is about deaths in Pakistan due to COVID-19, the stats are too alarming and the deadly virus caused 59 deaths during the last 24 hours in Pakistan. Umar, Chairman NCOC, presented all this data concerning the data present on the institute’s official site. 

    With the ever-growing COVID-19 deaths in Pakistan, the count of critical cases is 2000+ which is as alarming as it can cause the scarcity of hospital resources in Pakistan. The limited availability of ventilators in the hospitals of Pakistan is still a question regarding the treatment of critical Corona patients.