Due to PDM rally, Poor groom walks on foot almost for 5 KM

Due to PDM rally, Poor groom walks on foot almost for 5 KM
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    Dec 01, 2020

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  • Though getting married is a big deal, but it is one of the unique struggles that this groom did to get married. Along with the wedding participants, the groom had to go on foot almost for 5 KMs while there was PDM’s rally and baraat got stuck.

    The reports tell that the roads were fully packed with the PDM’s rally and the wedding folk was neither able to move ahead nor have some substitute route for the destination. On this mishap, they were left with no option to keep their vehicles parked nearby and move ahead on foot.

    The level of inconvenience was marked to such a level that the phone services were also suspended just because of the PDM’s rally in Multan. The wedding participants occasionally kept abusing the PDM parties as they caused inconvenience.

    Ahead of the rally, police said that the crossing is closed and they won’t be able to move ahead. After getting the directives from the police, the groom disembarked from the vehicle and advised the other members to march toward the bride’s home.

    As per the directives from the police, the wedding participants parked their vehicles in the nearest stadium where they were present at that time. Aamir is the groom’s name that came in different web news channels.

    Moreover, the groom had managed to come there with a decorated car. Unfortunately, he had to leave his well-decorated car somewhere in the lurch. The story doesn’t end here but who heard about the bad luck of the poor groom even on his big day, also anticipated the bride’s reach out to the car on foot.

    People started commenting on this news when they became aware of it. Some of the people said how the couple would remind their children of such a mishap at their wedding.

    Such odd things keep happening on different wedding occasions. Mostly the epitome of the story is not exactly the couple who is going to be married. Yet, afterpart of the story is missing from the news updates like how they managed to take the bride to that decorated car.

    People of Pakistan showed much interest in the afterpart of the story like they are eager to know about the couple’s departure to their home city (Lodhran).