Gorgeous Mahira Khan Opens about Depression

Gorgeous Mahira Khan Opens about Depression
  • Fans were devastated when they came across the news that read, “ Mahira Khan opens about depression. The renowned actress is known for her extraordinary talent and captivating on-screen presence. Despite hiding her radiant smile and glamorous persona, Mahira has struggled with depression on her own. In this touching article, we delve into Mahira Khan's life story and highlight how brave it was for her to talk about her struggles with mental health. Mahira hopes that by telling her story, she will break the taboo surrounding depression, dispel societal stereotypes, and give hope to countless others who may be secretly struggling with similar issues.

    Shedding light on the hidden battle: Mahira Khan's experience with depression

    Despite having a glamorous public persona, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has experienced mental health struggles. She discussed her struggles with depression in an open interview, as well as the highs and lows she encountered throughout her career. According to her latest interview, it was the year when Raees was all set to release globally. Needless to say, having her first movie with Shahrukh Khan proved to be her biggest achievement. Her family even could not believe that she had managed to bag a project with one of the finest actors in the world. All was well for her, Mahira was happy with her career until, she traveled to the USA for an event and met Ranbir Kapoor. A controversy sparked when pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan were leaked online, while they were smoking cigarettes together on the public streets. Such actions did not sit well with her fans back in her home country. And soon, she faced the worst time of her life. In the recent interview, as Mahira opens up about depression she revealed it was the most challenging part of her life. While recalling the pain, she stated:

    “That (backlash) brought out the anxiety and depression hidden inside me. That was a hard time for me. I felt attacked. The constant backlash… You are getting mean tweets, and comments on their channels (Indian channels). That was a time when my faith broke and I developed severe anxiety, to the point that one day I had a panic attack and fainted. That was the first time I went to therapy. But that didn’t work out, as I went to several therapists... that year was rough. I couldn’t sleep, my hands used to shake.”

    Clearly, the Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan scandal was discussed very harshly all over social media, and the Pakistani actress did receive a lot of hate. Harsh statements drove her to lose her mental health and put herself in a sensitive condition. Even though, this phase has been one of the most painful for her, she still decided to speak about it to empower others to seek help and break the silence surrounding mental health issues.

    Understanding Depression: Exploring the nature and impact of the condition

    The common mental health condition known as depression is characterized by protracted feelings of melancholy, hopelessness, and a lack of interest in activities. It has an emotional and physical impact on people, frequently disrupting daily life and interpersonal relationships. While it is common to feel sad once in a while, depression is more severe and persistent and affects a person's general wellbeing.

    Signs of Depression and How to Fight BackMahira Khan's mental breakdown has been an opportunity for personal development. She admitted that she discovered the most about herself at her lowest points. Mahira has managed to make her way through the darkness and discover resilience and strength within herself with the help of therapy, self-reflection, and the support of loved ones. Which also means, if she can, so can you. If you have no idea what the symptoms of the disease are, then ensure to read this blog till the end. These are the most common signs of depression:


    • Persistently feeling down, anxious, or "empty."
    • Loss of enjoyment or interest in once-enjoyed activities.
    • Alterations in appetite, unrelated to dieting, and weight loss or gain.
    • Sleeping difficulties or excessive sleep.
    • Decline in energy or more extreme fatigue.
    • Problems paying attention, making choices, or thinking clearly.
    • Slow movement or speaking.
    • Sense of guilt or worthlessness.
    • Suicidal or death-related ideas.

    Recognizing the signs
    It takes a lot of courage to recognize the symptoms of mental illness and decide to seek help when one is feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to find joy in daily life. It is clear that anyone can be affected by mental illness, despite success and notoriety. Your willingness to face the challenges head-on is a powerful reminder that asking for help is an essential first step on the road to recovery.

    Seek therapy and counseling
    Mahira Khan found comfort in working with mental health professionals who provided direction and support as she embraced the power of therapy. She discovered the benefits of unraveling her emotions and fears in a safe and non-judgmental environment. She was able to navigate the difficulties of her depression thanks to the insights, coping mechanisms, and skills she developed in therapy, which encouraged others to think about getting help from a professional. As a human, you always need professional guidance when battling serious illnesses such as manic depression. Seeking therapy and counseling can only help you overcome your fears and anxieties.

    Make lifestyle changes
    Believe it or not, making changes to your diet, and having a sleep routine can help lower the signs of depression. Make sure to include healthy foods in your diet, such as fruits and vegetables, to maintain healthy brain activity. Furthermore, exercising is an ideal way to cure extreme mood swings, as it really alters them positively. Try to keep yourself in an environment that is positive and inspirational. In depression, people often lose focus on who they are and what they like, In such circumstances, it is suggested to be around loved ones as much as possible.
    Are you Struggling with Depression?
    If you are struggling with depression or know someone who is likely to be a patient of the illness, it is highly suggested that you seek professional help right away. Depression can be lethal, and it is wise to talk to someone about it before it is too late.