Karachi breaks TEN year record of weather -Winter gets a boom

Karachi breaks TEN year record of weather  -Winter gets a boom
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    Nov 29, 2020

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  • After a 10-year breakthrough, Karachi’s temperature dropped as low as it has been recorded to be 10-degree on Sunday. When it is about the Karachi weather, the inhabitants of Karachi have ever been found eager to enjoy the winter. As the port city has ever been facing the heat waves in summer and no chill even in the winter, Sunday was much blessed.

    Not only about Sunday, but Pakistan Meteorological Department does also predict Karachi to settle for 10/12 degrees Celsius on Monday as well. Running back to the previous stats, PMD dates Karachi to record the minimum temperature on 12-degrees Celsius in 2010 and 7.5 degrees Celsius back in 1986.

    Contrary to this, winter is always much rigorous in other cities of Sindh. While in the interior Sindh, the temperature drops down to such levels as it is recorded to be as low as 3, 4,5 degree Celsius normal in the days of December and January.

    The best thing about Karachi's temperature falling to such a level, people were noticed to be using heaters and bonfires outside in several parts of the city. While Pakistan Meteorological Department released a report on Karachi’s temperature in the previous 10 years while dating back to Karachi to gain temperature of 7.5-degree Celsius in 1986.

    On Sunday, the highest temperature was recorded to be 29.4 degrees Celsius while calculating the humidity index to be 23 to 51.